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From: First Band
Timeline: 1964
................My first Chrstmas of the three years I spent at Parmadale, I learn that each child could circle one item in a catalog of toys and expect to receive that as a Christmas gift from "Santa." We pored over the catalog for at least a week, feverishly making our final selection. Then, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, Santa landed in a helicopter on the school playground. The blades blew the freezing cold and snow in our faces, but who cared? We had a party with Santa in the gym, and, sure enough, we each got a wrapped present tagged with our name. Inside was just what we had circled! This was a great gift for children who had faced so many disappointments in their young lives. My first year? A microscope. My second? A telescope. My third? A chemistry set. No, I didn't become a scientist, but I'll always remember my Christmas gifts at Parmadale.

Post Date: October 10, 2007

From: AnitaLekutis
Timeline: 1960

....................I remember Sister Rosaria's 3rd grade class. Sister always had skits for us to rehearse; she wrote them, herself.  Once it was a dramatization of the poem about the spider and the fly. "Won't you come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly?"  I still remember it. We had costumes and acting and singing; we practiced every day. Sr. Rosaria's 3rd grade class was always a featured entertainment at the Awards Ceremonies. At one of the  ceremonies, I had a speaking part and I won "Highest Average." My prize was a transistor radio. What a clever idea, to have so many pageants and ceremonies, throughout the year. Those ceremonies along with the entertainments we rehearsed, bonded us together and made us so proud of ourselves. Parmadale gave us the gift of culture. We sang, played musical instruments, learned ballroom dancing, recited poetry and acted in short plays. I, personally, would never have experienced any of this, had I never been in Parmadale.

Post Date: October 12, 2007

From: The Boss
Timeline: 1967
................I remember when Parmadale taught us social skills. The idea was to expose us to social life so that when we graduated from Parmadale we would know how to act at public events. Training began with the girls and the boys meeting at the gym, Parmadale had dance instructors come in and teach us popular dance steps like the waltz and fox-trot. In the late sixties the twist would have been a better choice but they meant well. We did actually learn how to Waltz and Fox-trot. After that they took us to a nice restaurant to learn dining skills. They took us in groups of twelve with two or three Nuns to teach us proper etiquette. The restaurant was called the Red Couch Grill on the top floor of the Holiday Inn right across from Lake Erie. Looking back on that today I am not sure I would like to be a chaperone for twelve, thirteen year olds at restaurant. It took some special people to do that job and Parmadale had a lot of dedicated people to guide us through our childhood years. Back then we didn't think so but hindsight is always twenty-twenty. I would like to thank the dedicated employees who worked for and volunteered to help at Parmadale in the mid to late sixties.

Post Date: October 12, 2007

Timeline: 1977



Post Date: October 24, 2007

From: Arnold
Timeline: 1919-1925

..................Hi; Was able to find your site and wondering if there is anyway I could find out if my dad, uncle, and aunt were in the Parmadale Orphanage? Their names are Anthony William Semprich, Stanley (Charles) Anthony Semprich and Jane Marie Semprich. Anywhere from 1919-1929. I cannot find any information on them at all and know they were in orphanages in Cleveland, Ohio where they were born. The ages would have been 6,4, and 2. Really need to find some information on them and was hoping someone would remember them. If you can find any info I would greatly appreciate it very much as I know very little about my dad's childhood. If not could you please direct me somewhere else that might help me.
Thank you so much

Post Date: November 5, 2007

From: Kevin
Timeline: Class of 1969
..................This is Kevin Rooney resident from 1963 to 1969, I started out in cottage 8.  My brother Shea was in 6.  I progressed to 10, 16, then last 18 with Mr. Mike McGraw.  I remember Sr. Mary Rian who was in 8 with me and then when I moved to 10 she did also.  She taught me to dance, she dearly loved Peter, Paul and Mary. But unfortunatley also Lawrence Welk. She was the closest "mother-figure" I ever had, we would dance for what seemed like hours, she helped me to read.  I do believe I loved her as a child would need to love a mother.  I was traumatized when I first had to move to 16 but trauma was the way of my childhood. Though I was not a orphan when I first arrived at Parmadale I did become one by the time I was 10.  I remember Sr. Petra in Cottage 16.(whom we later discovered her real name Norma Gattamer, or something close to that.  She had a poodle named Pierre, Pierre was my key to much freedom.  She would let me take Pierre on walks.  I couldn't wait to get in from school.  I would stay out all afternoon till supper.  We'd go all the way out to "third creek".  Eddie Linetti would go with me sometimes we would build forts in the woods and dream that we would run away and hide out in our fort, nobody would find us.   One evening while we were watching TV I gave Pierre some salt water taffy. We weren't being cruel and didn't know what would happen. That dog chewed on that taffy for what must have been a half hour, he couldn't get it out of his teeth so he just kept chewing and chewing, and rolling over and over, moaning and growling.  I tried to get it out of his teeth and he bit me rather deeply as I recall.  Sr. Petra was furious.  Another Cottage  16 story, Eddie brought (discreetly, without permission I suppose every graduating class thought of themselves as the hero's and lords of Parmadale such would have been exceedingly true of the class of 1969 kids if you are out there and doing well I'd love to hear about it.  My best mates, your names come flooding back to me: Jackie Masterson, David Beckman, Neil Lewis (didn't you have a brother Curtis?) Harry Tillerman, Eddie Linetti, David Vada, Ron Hospodarski (I prided myself on the fact that I was the only one except Ron that could spell his name), Teddy Wrona, Lonnie Banks, Wolfgang Fifer.  I remember some of the girls as well; Annie Davies, Carmen(Sanchez)Lance (I'm sorry Carmen, kids can be so cruel) Bridget Norton, and there was a tall girl Donna H... or D... I don't recall. 

I remember being divided up into teams in the summer.  One year we had names like "The Vikings, The Huns, the Vandals, The Saxons, The Celts.  Another summer it was Indian names. Playing capture the flag, baseball, archery, I hated racing cause Jackie Masterson and Neil Lewis could never be beaten.  I remember the seminarians who were our coaches and mentors, Mr. Jerry Blake, Mr. Paul, Mr. Russ "Muss" Banner.  I remember them all as wonderful and honorable men. 

I remember Euclid Beach Park in the summer and turkey hunts on the morning of Thanksgiving Day.

And most of all I do remember the picture on the photo page.  That was Shea and I in the St. Patrick's Day skit.  We dressed up like a couple of Irish swells, green ties and hats and performed "Its a great day for the Irish"  Whoever posted that picture I thank you and would like to see more pictures because I have none.

Post Date: June 24, 2008

From: AnitaLekutis
Timeline: 1966
................I remember you,Kevin! Kevin Rooney - wow, it's good to hear from you. I was one of the "older" girls in Cottage 9. Neil Lewis' sister, Diane, was in my cottage and so was Cindy Beckman. I remember being in band with Jackie Masterson. He was such a funny guy - we used to get in trouble for talking and laughing. I played the bell lyre and Jackie was right behind me on drums.

PLEASE come to the Annual Parmadale Alumni Reunion. It's at Parmadale on August 17th, 2008. It's free and fun and you needn't RSVP. Mr. John Abraham will be there and maybe some more of your classmates. I know the "older" girls (speaking for Marilyn Novosel and myself) would love to see you there.

Post Date: July 14, 2008

From: Patricia
Timeline: 1960-1964

...................I arrived at Parmadale after having been removed from a foster home deemed not safe. Very few people knew I was coming or to expect me. I was in culture shock for some time before I became acclimated to 'institutional living.' I was assigned to Cottage 9 on the girls side. I strongly suspect Cottage 9 was one of the 'strict' cottages. I was jealous of the girls who lived in Cottage 3 because I thought the Sister there was nice. I was quite the troublemaker (I'd like to apologize to Sr. Mary James, although she had her moments as well)and sometimes as punishment found myself confined to the attic. I'm very sure by the time I graduated from 8th grade there was a collective sigh of relief. I disliked Parmadale very, very, much while I lived there, although I surprised myself when it was time to leave due to 8th grade graduation, when I discovered I felt very safe there and didn't want to leave at all. It wasn't until years later I realized that it was the best place I could have been taken to, given my very neglected background. There was always plenty to eat in our dining room, a clean bed to sleep in (the nun assigned to my cottage was extremely strict about how we made our beds and inspected the finished product each morning before school), a roof over my head, in-house friends (I recall Marlene Vinicky, Sarah Bonner, Auria Rivera, Olga Colon, Pat and Paulette Liss to name some of my cottage mates), skills kids on "the outs" as we called the surrounding areas outside the confines of Parmadale, probably were never privvy to, such as marching in the St. Patrick's Day parade (I played clarinet), singing underneath a shell on Public Square, dancing the Irish Jig in the gym, touring the Ghoulardi set, meeting then popular tv actor Martin Mull when he and other actors were in town filming at Euclid Beach, the annual Euclid Beach outing and sewing our own skirts to wear there, making my Confirmation in the Chapel, buying candy in the building next to the gym and laundry area, swimming in the pool twice daily, where I taught myself to swim using balloons and being so proud that I'd passed my swimming test, which allowed me to be in the deep end of the pool, sled riding on the grounds in the winter, looking through the special Christmas catalog and being allowed to choose one special Christmas present for myself each year (the only one I can recall is a transistor radio, which I loved), playing jacks with my friends in the rec room, sneaking into the bathroom at night with a friend so we could curl each others hair for school the next day. These are some of the memories that are so a part of me, and shaped me into the adult I am. There are so many more. I am a part of Parmadale, and Parmadale is and always will be, a part of me.

Post Date: July 14, 2008

From: Patricia
Timeline: 1960-1964

.....................I'd also like to acknowledge two other girls who were friends in Cottage 9 and were not mentioned in my just posted 'Memories', and they are Bonnie Gunya and also Barbara Draper, the latter of whom left Parmadale with her mom and siblings, and moved to Salt Lake City, UT. Can't believe I remember all of these details, it was so long ago.

Post Date: July 16, 2008

From: Dennis Ellis
Timeline: 1977-1980 1981-1983

..................I spent all of my formative years at Parmadale and can honestly say,I still miss being there. All the people who were such huge parts of my growing up,I wonder if any of them realized the impact they were having. Mr.Ralph Joyce,Mr Dunning,Mr. Weiss,and above all Fr.Seminatore My friends,Dave Feeny,Dave Walters,Bob Bunner,Reggie Peeples. I miss you all. If anybody knows of any other place where we can contact people from Parmadale please post it,or E-mail me

Post Date: July 20, 2008

From: Bridget Norton
Timeline: 1967-1969
......................My name is Bridget Norton. I was a resident of Parmadale from 67 to 69 along with my sisters Polly, Lenny, Cathy, and brothers Harold Davis, and Tommy. Our parents were both deceased by 1967 is how we wound up there. I appreciate the education they gave us and I did enjoy the summer program with Miss Barb, Ms Phillis, and Ms. Lucia. Hiking, cooking out hotdogs over a campfire and marshmellows. Having no parents, we never had visitors and I remember visiting day as the worst of it all. Ms Barb came to my graduation and took me out to lunch that day and I have never forgotten that. Ms Phillis used to take me out once in awhile and she'd take me to some sort of caves and rocks and we'd sit and look out at the lake. I still enjoy doing that type of thing to this day, and I do it quite often. Of course I did not appreciate it as much then as I do now reflecting upon it.
...................Wolfgang Fifer turned me on to this sight. I had not seen Wolfgang in 40 years, and he called me yesterday and told me he was going to be in Charlotte for a min. passing through to Atlanta. I live in Shelby N.C. Of course we had to get together for a little while. I made him dinner, we talked about Parmadale and he showed me this sight.
...................I remember you also Kevin Rooney and would love it if you'd get in touch. I rememember alot of people and wonder how they are all doing. It would be great to have a reunion. MaryLynn Marsich (Zayas)now had a brother Mark, Donna Blackburn, Carmen Sanchez Lance, Linda Lance, Linda Novak, Annie Davies, of course Wolfgang, Ernie Guiton (sp) John Forgus and sister Pat, Karen Mittmen. Oh the memories of scrubbing the basement floor with a toothbrush when we were being punished. Santa Clause landing on the playground in a helecopter bringing us Christmas we had ordered out of Sears cataglog. lol
...................It seemed like a terrible experience at the time, but like I said upon reflection, things could have been alot worse.
Thank you Parmadale.

Post Date: August 21, 2008

Timeline: 1962-1969
................I can't ever recall talking with other kids about how it was that they ended up in Parmadale.  A dog never bites the hand that feeds it. So I don't suppose any of us had the adult understanding that being at Parmadale was a better thing that where we had come from.  But I remember Winter days when I was in Cottage 16, our dining room was on the second floor above the nuns dining room.  On very clear winter nights especially after a good snowfall I would press my face to the window cupping my hands around my eyes to get a clear view of the lights coming up from Parma and on a really clear night I could see a glow coming all the way from downtown Cleveland.  At Christmas time I could see the bright colors from house decorated for Christmas.  I remember imagining that each of those lights were coming from happy homes where the parents were always there for supper, huge Christmas trees in cozy living rooms, and piles of presents.

...............I am in the class of 1969 picture, we owe Brigit Norton our thanks for providing that picture.  I'm on the top row third from the left looking like I just stepped out of a wind tunnel.  Seeing these faces for the first time in 39 years stirs up so many memories.  And yet its like looking into a shattered mirror, each piece of glass shows a reflection, but none of them show an entire picture.  Strangers with familiar faces.

And Bridget if you don't mind I'd like to identify our class for everybody.
TOP ROW left to right. Paul Novesel, Neil Lewis, Kevin Rooney, John Forgus, Edwin Hupp, Domnick Brozinski, Jackie Masterson.
MIDDLE ROW l. to r. JoAnn Boyd, Miles Anthony, Lonnie Banks, John Illius, Wolfgang Fifer, Donna Blackburn, Jimmy Schmak.
FRONT ROW l. to r. Marlynn Marsich, Nancy Ryder, Linda Novak, Carmen Sanchez, Annie Davies, Margie Barren, Bridget Norton. 
.................Bridget actually provided me with those names as well.  One uncertainty is Miles Anthony, or Anthony Miles or is it someone different altogether? Like I said, strangers with familiar faces.  There are actually names that I expected to see and I cannot remember when they would have left PD.  David Beckman, Harry Tillerman, Eddie Linetti, Patrick Mahon and I thought we had an Olsen brother and a Stevenson brother in our class as well but I guess that they got off the ride at a earlier point. I cannot remember the names of the Priests in spite of the fact that I was a very frequent altar boy.  As I recall they never had much one on one contact with the kids.  They were there for mass and confession (that must have been a trip) and then we wouldn't see them again.  This next summer will be the reunion of the class of 1969, only 21 people.  Wonder how many can be found and would want to come.  Write me at   
...........................................................................................................1969 Class Picture Link Click Here

Post Date: August 27, 2008

From: mjmileca1
Timeline: 1966-1970
.................It seems like yesterday that we were in the Dinning Hall.  It was always the morning before Ash Wednesday(?)eating our Pancakes, made by Sister Vernard and her staff.  The pancakes usually were made with Holy Medals and loose change baked into them for a treat on this special occasion.  My other memory is of those purple plumbs that we were served as a desert.  Also, on special occasions we would decorate the Dinning Room chairs with Pillow cases to match the table cloths.  The Sisters had the "Nuns" Dinning Room and no one was allowed in this area.  Normally the second sister(relief sister) assigned as a cottage parent would serve us kids the meals while the main sister would have her meal.  Also, remember Sister Julia who always had a "visor" attached to her head dress when she was in chapel and Sister Gregory who would stop dead in the middle of where ever she was, normally walking across the School Playground, when the bell would ring for the Angelus.  Pat Mann was !
 assigned to manually ring the bells, 6:am, noon & 6:pm.

Post Date: August 27, 2008

From: mjmileca1
Timeline: 1966-1970
......................Please make a correction to the 1969 class picture for one person. The Novesel in the picture is John.  Paul was 2 years younger and in Cottage 10 & 14 with me.

Post Date: August 27, 2008

From: Marilyn Novosel
Timeline: Class of 1967
................This is Marilyn Novosel, formerly identified as First Band in the first post on this forum, ready now to use my real name. (Remember First Band, Second Band, and Third Band?) I played tenor sax in First Band: first chair and only chair! The alto sax players sat to my left. We learned a great deal from Mr. Jack Hearns in Tuesday night band. Does anyone out there remember playing ?Forest Splendor? in concert? We sounded good!
.................The post by mjmilecal regarding John Novosel in the Class of 69 being the guy in the upper left is correct. Paul is two years younger. Does anyone have Paul's graduation photo? BTW?both John and Paul (my brothers) are alive and well.
It is a joy hearing from everyone on this site. Please continue to post your memories!

Post Date: August 28, 2008

From: Dan Pugh
Timeline: 1965-1967
.................At cottage twenty we were the only cottage in 1967 that didn't have nuns running it. We had two laymen as House Fathers, Mr. Abraham and Mr. Basil. They were both very good at their job and very dedicated but it was like living with Felix and Oscar of the movie The Odd Couple. They were both very different. Mr. Abraham was very neat clean and orderly and to the point but soft spoken. Mr. Basil on the other hand was the drill sergeant type and quite loud. I remember one night before graduation in 1967 we all decided we were going to party with the girls. We climbed out of the upstairs bathroom windows onto the roof, down the gutter pipe and over to the girls side. The girls snuck out and met us at the dining hall. One of the Girls worked there and knew that the keys were hidden in a food cart. We got some snack items from the kitchen and went to the School for a party. This party was no different then any teenage kid would have at home lots of people and food and some music, it was just a social event and after several hours of talking and eating we all went back to our Cottages. We had a very large group of boys both from Cottage twenty and eighteen. We were totally unaware that Mr. Basil was on to us. As we approached the French doors in the living room, the cottage was dark but as soon as we started to climb to the roof the whole place lit up. We were caught and Mr. Basil was a little upset with us to say the least. The next day we got a lecture from everyone in authority. The party they described was nothing like the one we attended I wanted to go to their party it sounded much better then ours. Granted the things we did were wrong to go out on our own and have a party in the middle of the night but the people who taught us our Faith, morals, and right from wrong had less faith in their own teaching then we did. We hold the same values today as we did back then and we have the people who taught them to us to thank for that. So I would like to Thank Mr. Abraham and Mr. Basil and a whole list of other folks at Parmadale for those values. They have served us well in our lives since Parmadale.

Post Date: August 28, 2008

From: Greg Olson
Timeline: 1966-1967
......................Boy, it's a long way from the first day I set foot in Parmadale. I can never forget it because it was on my 13th birthday! What a present that was! It was in January and it was bitterly cold and clear that day. I remember the social worker bringing my brothers, Gary and Jeff, and me out to the village. Talk about being depressed! I remember that I didn't say much or talk to really anyone that first day in spite of the fact that the nuns had been advised of the "special occasion" and actually had a birthday cake ready for me and my twin, Gary. Still couldn't make up for the fact that I really felt abandoned on what should have been a pretty special day for a new teenager. But going into Cottage 18 with Sister Mary Henry (boy, that name just popped into my head! Up to now, I probably couldn't have told you who she was!) turned out to be a fairly good experience. I'll recall some of the memories and post them in future postings, but for now let it suffice to say that I vividly remember the evening recollected by Dan Pugh since I was the one who had the keys to the school building doors. Having to ring the Angelis three times a day was one of the duties I got to take care of. If I remember right, Marilyn was one of those girls who participated, wasn't she??? Along with several others. The picture of the school awards for GPA show me, Marilyn, and Bob Stevenson.
.....................I think I may have some old pictures from those days that my mom gave me before she passed away a couple of years ago. I'll see if I can dig them out and send them in for everyone. Until then, just so you know, I'm living in Deer Park, Texas (suburb of Houston), been married for 33 years, have two grown boys, and am partner in a manufacturers rep agency. And before that career started, I actually went back to Parmadale as a summer Coach, ran a "off grounds" camping program that was the brainchild of Father Russ (Muss)Banner, and took over as a cottage parent for Cottage 12 for a time. But that's another story!
....................Till then, everyone stay safe and remember each other fondly. We were once the only family we had!
P.S. to Kevin Rooney - you mentioned several of the seminarians who worked out at the Village as summer coaches like Mr. Jerry Blake, Mr. Russ Banner. Well, I married Jerry Blake's youngest sister. More on that later! See ya!

Post Date: September 1, 2008

From: Greg Olson
Timeline: 1966 - 1967
................Just re-read the post I recently made to the forum and realized that the cottage I worked at later in life was not Cottage 12 but Cottage 16. Sorry about that. I also have been visiting some of the forums regarding Parmadale lately and the stories and the names have brought back a lot of memories; some good, some not so. I was in Cottage 18 and the german shepherd that's been mentioned was named Greta. She was pretty amazing and it always seem unreal that we were allowed to have a dog at the cottage. I remember her getting out at night and chasing skunks around the grounds. Unfortunately, she occasionally caught up with one or two and we'd have to give her baths in tomato juice to kill the smell. Never really seemed to slow her down from going right back after them as soon as she could, though.
................After Parmadale, I spent the next four years of high school at St. Anthony's Boys Home. Quite a few of the guys went there as well. Four years at St. Ed's, a couple at Cleveland State, then I started working and moved to Columbus. My job took me to Marion, Ohio and then to Houston in 1980. Been down here ever since. All the rest of my family is still in the Cleveland area. We get back occasionally to visit; but not as much since my mom died. Didn't really stay in touch with anyone from Parmadale or St Anthony's once I was out. Wanted to put most of that behind me and move on. Though now it's kind of nice to hear from others who were there when I was and who remember what it was like. The first contact I had from anyone was from Wolfgang Fifer a year or so ago. He drops a line every now and again as he travels. As a matter of fact, it was an email from him that turned me on to this site. Thanks, Wolf!
.................Marilyn, I know you moved on after Parmadale and I can remember talking with you on the phone from time to time while I was at St Anthony's. Sounds like you are doing ok these days. I get the feeling that you're probably responsible for this site. If you remember, I was in the band as well; trombone section. We sat just to the right of you at the back of the band room. Some of those memories were actually very good ones!
.................Enough for now. Feel free to email me at anytime. Til later, everyone stay well and stay happy.

Post Date: September 2, 2008

From: Marilyn Novosel
Timeline: 1967
.................Greg! Great to read your posts on this website. Most of the photos here are from my collection, but it was Dan who created the site and put them up here for all to enjoy. He and I connected through another website, which focused on the abuses at Catholic institutions. To provide a little balance, this site was created. Not that people don't have some legitimate grievances from their time spent at Parmadale or elsewhere.
.................Yes, I remember your playing trombone in band. Didn't your brother Gary play trumpet? How is he doing? Yes, I also remember our phone conversations after Parmadale. Big on philosophical themes something about perfection!
.................You were quite the brain, and kept me hopping to win the scholastic cup for 1967. We were always comparing grades and blowing the curve for everyone else. I'll never forget that spelling bee when it was down to the two of us! I missed the word, OXYGEN. And, I have never misspelled it again in my life!
.................As for that late night party alas! I was too much of a goody two-shoes to risk joining in. Since then, though, I've lived my life to have few regrets. Carpe Diem!
Please check out where a few of us also belong to a Parmadale alumni group. It is easy (and free) to join.
All the best!

Post Date: September 2, 2008

Timeline: 1967
......................Now I know where Eddie Linetti (wish I could remember the correct spelling) got the idea for "Raiding the Kitchen".  We were together in Cottage 16 in the summer of 67.  I think he went once on his own just to see if it could be done.  He came back with some goodies and enlisted me.  He had acquired some reason for being in the nuns dining room alone once.  He opened the latch on a window and unhooked the storm screen.  If you recall they were on the groundfloor in the back.  Our dining room was directly above.  Late at night we would go out of our cottage enter the window of the nuns dining room and head into the preists dining room for the real goodies.  Yeah, they had a small bar, on one of our raids we got into their wine.  I think they knew it.  On of our raids we found a bottle of Bay Rum and a bottle of cooking sherry on their cabinet.  We didn't know what they were so we took them too.  You have no idea how bad that stuff tastes.  Unfortunately I had the wise idea to do a little freelancing and took out a couple raids with other kids, swearing them to silence, right.  Eventually someone got careless and the gig was up.   
....................Another scheme of Eddie's (this is my missing complete thought in my first entry).  Not sure how we got away with this one.  But we managed to sneak a hamster, in a cage, into our cottage basement.  We kept on the top of shelf of one of the tall lockers.  We would bring in salad vegetables.  All the kids knew about it, only Sr. Petra didn't.  We must not have been taking very good care of the cage.  The Poodle "finked" (use that word lately) on us.  The dog started going crazy jumping and barking at the locker till she came over and investigated...busted.   
...................Changing the subject a little.  Do we have among us the information to figure out which nuns were in which Cottages and when.  I was in 4 different cottages over the course of nearly 7 years, 8,10,16,18.  I know Petra was in 16 '66 to '67, Rian or Ryan in 8 and maybe 10 when I first arrived.  We had a civilian Mike McGraw (I think) in 18 when I got there and thats about all I can remember.  Was Sr. Allen with the choir and band?  Who was the english teacher we had in the 8th grade.  I remember someone took a real bad dislike to him and filled the sleeves of his coat with Elmers glue.  I remember being terrified of math with Mr. Vynal.  I think I was seeing two different social workers, a Mr. Winchester and a Mr. Valentine.  Never thought I'd want that information again so I let it all go.   
...................Too all who knew me when I was a child let me express my apologies where they are needed. I discovered at the age of 40 that I was both ADHD and a genius.  Making me a real smart, pain in the ass.  Muth always got me in trouble with the nuns.  Wrote a lot of lines about things I must never say.  Sr. Petra used to call me Spock, I kind of liked it even though I never knew what she was getting at.   
...................I think there are many more PD'ers reading this site and wondering if they should join in, hiding just beyond the white-washed trees.  We also have a FaceBook site going just for us alone.  Come on.  Remember the Band picnics in the spring before graduations?  Remember camping trips to this big lake south of Parma?  Remember Sled Hill, snowball fights on the playground, sock-hops, and Goulhardi visits in the gym? 
Come on!

Post Date: September 3, 2008

From: MJMileca1
Timeline: 1966 - 1968
...............Hi Kevin:  To answer your question regarding what Nuns were assigned to what Cottages. I have some memory of a majority of the Nuns at PD and their cottages.  Actually it appears that I have way to much memory of these Ladies!  Lets see if anyone can correct me.  This would be for 1966 - 1968: C3, Sr Laborae(Patricia Gardner) & Sr Michael Ann(Julie Zales also 4th Grade Teacher), C4/Hospital Cottage, Sr Helen(Nurse Nun) & Sr, Conise w/her dog(i have no idea wha tthis Nun's job was, I only remember her walking around with her dog following her everywhere), C5, Sr Tomacine & Sr Mary Leo, C6 Sr Bernadette(Sr PaulaMarie took over when Bernadette was ill), C8, Sr Pauline, C9 Sr Mary James & Sr Dorthea(Purchasing Nun), C10, Sr Rose(Agnes Stipkat) & Sr. EllenPatrice(Social Worker), C11, Sr Myra, C12, Sr ThreseAnn & Sr Allen, C13, Sr Mary Grace & Sr Mary Gerard(7th Grade Teacher), C14, Sr Louis Mary(Mary O'Grady) & Sr Ida(Marie Weire), C16, Sr Petra(Norma Gabenner) & Sr Jerome(2nd Grade Teacher), C18, Sr Mary Henry & Sr Ann Therese and C20, Mr John Abraham & Mr Mike McGraw.  Convent, Sr. Vernard(Kitchen), Sr Mary Therese/Superior(Threse Calley), Sr Evenly Marie(Sr Therese's secretary), Sr Madaline(old), Sr Mary Ellen, Sr Gregory, Sr. Bernadine, Sr Norberta, Sr. Prescilla(3rd Grade), Sr Falice(School Principal), Sr Michael Marie(Black Accounting Nun), Sr AnnaMarie(Sacristan), Sr Benigna(always nicer than she looked), Sr Julia(wore a gray sun visor over her eyes and tinted glasses), Sr DeMontfort(Head Social Worker Nun), Sr Irene(laundry Building Nun).  I also remember a Mr Bonza who was a lay teacher in the Junior High part of the school and Mr Joe Ozeski who assisted with the boys sports. Lastly Miss Barb assisted witht he girls sports and is now an Ursuline Nun doing Physical Therapy at the Ursuline MotherHouse in Pepper Pike, Ohio.

Post Date: September 7, 2008

From: Wolfgang Fifer
Timeline: 67-69
.................Well here goes......Life for me wasn't the best at parmadale as some of you know from the newspapers but I did have alot of good times there. I was always under the impression that PD was a private school and not a school for orphans or troubled kids. I did make alot of good friends there and some I still keep in contact with. Some were Mike Stazzone, Jeff Olson, Bridget Norton, John Crosby, and John Illius. I have a profile on aol w/ pics of myself, my screen name there is Wolf732732. The only folks I keep in contact with are Jeff Olson and Bridget. I had the pleasure of visiting w/ Bridget a few weeks back and she made me a wonderful dinner. That girl can cook! I saw Mike Stazzone about 5 years ago, he was the manager of a restaurant in the Cleveland area. I love the class pic Bridget, looks like I'm looking down at Margies butt!
Thats about it for now, I hope all have had a life that has been relativly easy and not to trying on your nerves. I'll write more later! I can be contacted at or

Post Date: September 7, 2008

From: AnitaLekutis
Timeline: 1966
................I have some different memories of who the nuns were. Cottage 9 was Sr. Mary James and Sister Paula Marie, then Sr. Jerome (a teacher, also.)  (Sr. Dorothea and Sr. Mary James would have scratched each other's eyes out. I hope they were never put together.) Sister Paula Marie took over cottage 8 which was a little girls' cottage even though it was on the boys side. Sister Priscilla taught 2nd grade, not 3rd. And poor Sr. Rosaria must be rolling in her grave to have been forgotten. She was the 3rd grade teacher, forever. Sister Michael (now Sr. Catherine Walsh) was in Cottage 12. She's the one with the Irish brogue. Sr. Myra and Sr Gerard did cottage 11. Sr. Gerard also taught, as you said. Sr. Therese and Sr. Demontfort were 1st and 2nd in charge, as you said. Sr. Irma was the principal. Sr. Henry was in 18, Sr. Petra in 16. The relief nuns seemed to change around a lot.

Post Date: September 8, 2008

Timeline: TODAY
................Great nun notes everybody.  I think I can positivly say beyond the shadow of any doubt that my nun memory is as porous as cheese cloth.  Even when I hear conflicting answers they both sound right.  My data dump was to efficient.  Who was my dance partner in Cottage 8, she was probably just about 5ft-3 to 5ft-6 looked and sounded Irish.  It would have been 1963 to early 1965.  I want to say Sr. Ryan or maybe Rian.  She was very sweet most of the time, quick to anger (the Irish side I guess) She was there for me when my parents died of their own abusive self-indulgences.  She always seemed to have a very rosy pinkish face like her "headwear" was on too tight. 
.................Mike, you seem to be the resident expert on the nuns.  Is it even remotely possible that any of them would consider reading what we have going here and throw in a few lines.  I think I can speak for the majority of us.  As adults we do not consider them as the enemy.  I pledge for my own self, I would treat them with the respect and courtesy they have earned.  I would love to hear any thoughts former Sr. Petra might have.  Sr. Allen, didn't she do 4th grade as well as band? 
................Lastly, the name Mary McCann floated to the top of my tank yesterday...I don't know why.  Anybody know that name.

Post Date: September 9, 2008

From: mjmileca1
Timeline: 1966-1970
.................Unfortunately, most of the CSAs are dead or gone.  There are <65 in the community that once thrived w/>350 Nuns.  I know that afew are still living, i.e., Srs. Allen, Mary O'Grady, Laborae(Pat G), Michael(Catherine Walsh), Petra(Norma G.), Mary Gerard(lay person), MichaelAnn(Julie Z, lay person), DeMontfort(Betty H., lay person).  Anita, in some cases we could both be correct.  I started at PD in  September 1966.  At that time Sr Falice was the principal, Sr Jerome had 2nd grade and was in charge of the servers, Priscilla had 3rd grade and after the car accident in which she died, Sr Mary Lisa took over(Nancy Hendershot).  Sr Ryan was not at PD when I arrived.  You are also correct about PaulaMarie.  Sr Allen had 6th Grade and band.  Kevin, I may see Sr Allen in early October as I will be at the MotherHouse for a memorial mass for my Father.  Sometimes Sr Allen is at Mt Augustine.  Sr Allen works full time for CSA Heath System and lives in a CSA house in Cleveland.

Post Date: September 9, 2008

From: Mary Reeves
Timeline: 58-59-60-+
..................Hey everybody.... I was in cottage 13,w/Sister Gemma.My name then was Mary McCann,and I also had 2 brothers there,,,Kevin McCann,and Tom McCann.
......................I really didnt have a good time there. I saw things that some of the nuns did,and a priest,, that at the time I didnt know was wrong.
..................I finally met Marilyn Osborne on another site a year or so ago. She was the first person in all these years that was also at PD.(other than brothers) I was so excted,,, I don't think I hardly let her We have kept in touch,and she directed me to this site. I have some pictures,, I will dig them out and send for all to see.
.................A couple of the girls I do remember were Thelma Hudak and Linda Norlin. I hope someone knows where these two are at,I would love to talk to them. I was called Mary McCannonball back then. I hope that might jog a few memories out there.
................. I have been living in Georgia for a little over 22 years. I have my own business, going into my 17th year. Reeves Jewelers,,I'm a bench jeweler,,I design,make,fix,and sell all kinds of jewelry.
 If anyone wants to e-mail me direct
......... talk to you all later, Mary (McCann) Reeves

Post Date: September 10, 2008

From: Anne Davies
Timeline:Class of 1969
................This is Anne Davies, Hello to all...        I just recieved on sept 10th the email address to this space I am alive and well and hope all is well with each of you.,my address is included, I look forward to hearing from you and will respond. ps. I was in Sr Myra's cottage  and I am sure there is a God and a final judgement day she has some explaining to do.

Post Date: September 12, 2008

From: Michael Winburn
Timeline: 76 to 80
.................I'm Michael Winburn, I was a resident of Parmadale for 4 years.  I stayed in Cottage 13 first, then 8.
I wanted to post here in case an Alumni Reunion might come up.  At the moment you can contact me here
..................I can say this, it was a great blessing to have cottage parents like Mr. Ralph Joyce, Mindy Woll, Mr. Russ (can't remember his last name), Ron Cherish, and I'll never forget the summer camping experiences we had with our cottage brothers.  To this day, I still take my kids camping and always remember my first experiences at camping because of Parmadale.
..................Of course, who can forget all the wonderful plays we were able to put on each year with Ms. Woll!  Pamjama Game, Guys and Dolls, and more.
..................And lastly, I can't remember his name, but I wish to thank the gentleman who used to run the Trophy Shop for trusting me with my first job as a Trophy Maker there in Paradale.
Peace be yours

Post Date: September 15, 2008

From: Art Crann
Timeline: Late 40's
..................My friend,  Art Crann, who lives in Youngstown attended Parmadale in the late 40's.  He
is searching for a Mr. Eugene Gordon (possibly 72 years of age) who also attended school
with him at that time. Mr Gordon had a successful Insurance Company and lived in the
Cleveland Area after attending Parmadale.
.................Mr. Crann is a very successful man, having achieved a college  degree and had been a
teacher retiring just recently.  He remembers a Sister Benigna who turned his life 
around and would also like  to meet her if she is still living.
.................If you have any information or where I can obtain information.  My friend, Art Crann,
does not have a computer and asked me to inquire about Mr.  Gordon and Sister Benigna for
him.  I know  he would appreciate any information about either person.

Post Date: September 22, 2008

From: Greetings!
................I am a child care worker at Parmadale and just stumbled across the site while looking at some old pictures.  I was so pleased to know that so many of u still keep in contact.  I often wonder how the kids here will  look back on their experiences here later in life. It was a pleasure reading all of your stories and knowing that you are all thriving and is a great inspiration and encouragement.

Post Date: September 24, 2008

From: mjmileca1
Timeline: 1966-1970
.................Sister Benigna changed her name back to her baptismal name,Eleanor back in the 1970s.  Sr. Eleanor passed away in the early 1990s.  You may contact the MotherHouse of the Sisters of Charity of St Augustine, Richfield Ohio, to inquire about the status of any of the nuns.

Post Date: September 28, 2008

From: Greg Olson
Timeline: 66-67
..................Just curious if anyone out there knows where Ralph Joyce is these days? I knew Ralph from my days at St. Anthony's. Would be nice to talk with him again. Haven't seen or heard from Ralph in years. Thanks for any information anyone can provide.

Post Date: October 6, 2008

From: Dan Douglas
Timeline:1962 / 1963
..............I think I must have been at PD a little before Kevin Rooney. I was in cottage 14 with sister Petra and then 16 when she got transfered. I Remember "her" poodle, but thought the dogs name was Beaux. The  names of some of the kids I remember were Alan Velez, Ron Bash, Mark Liptay, John Matson, Larry Illenich, Alex Jonas, Billy Cicero, Willy Williams, Nick Steponavich, Dave McCracken, Mario Rivera, Cathy Bodzioni, Myra ???. I remember being in a play when Frank Fontaine from the Jackie Gleason show visited and perfoming with a tall, maybe redhaired girl, I think was named Rachel. If anyone knows or remembers any of these names it would be nice to know how they are.

Post Date: November 9, 2008

From: Tom Rogge
Timeline: 1967
.................Just hope everyone is doing fine.

Post Date: November 18, 2008

From: Anita Lekutis
Timeline: Class of 66
.................Hi Dan, I don't remember you, but I remember a lot of the same names as you do. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get in touch with Alex Jonas or Cathy Bodziony (she was in my cottage) or Billy Cicero, either. Or any of the others you named. Myra was probably Myra Kovarbasic, she was in cottage 3 but her older sister, Rose, was in my cottage. Sister Petra has come back for our Parmadale reunions and although she is no longer a nun, she's still healthy and still outspoken. The Parmadale reunion is held every year, the 3rd Sunday in August, at Parmadale. Mr. John Abraham always runs the picnic. There is also a Facebook group for former residents of Parmadale.

Post Date: November 20, 2008

From: Tom Rogge
Timeline: 62-67
................I'm going to have to take some time to think about what I have to say you guys did some things at PD that I don't remember.Maybe they kept some of us out of some of the programs.Anyways hi  Danny and Greg I remember you both.what happened to Kevin Davis Fred Ludwig Willy Williams Kevin Popkins would love to see everyone at the Parmadale reunion its lots of fun.I live in North Carolina and I make the trip every year and look forward to seeing everyone boy has Parmadale changed you all need to come and see it I don't no if anyone remembers me but thats ok I still miss all you guys I'll get back to you all later

Post Date: November 20, 2008

From: Current Staff
Timeline: November 26,2008
.................You can Call 440-845-7700 and ask for Ralph Joyce. He works there and has an office @ Parmadale.

Post Date: November 28, 2008

From: Greg Olson
Timeline: 1966-67
.................CurrentStaff", thanks for the information. As a matter of fact, I found that out from someone else a little while after I posted here last and actually called Ralph at Parmadale. He seems to be doing just fine. He's working in the HR dept and doing a little of the website for Parmadale. I appreciate your taking the time to post here to let me know where he is. I don't know if you were ever at Parmadale or are just someone who currently is working at the facility. Ralph and I go back a long way and it was great to have the chance to talk with him after all these years and do a little "catching up". If you work with him, be sure to tell him I said "hi!".


Post Date: December 2, 2008

From: G Bush
Timeline: 1920-1930
................My dad and his two brother were there for some time possible around 1920-1930. Their names were William Bush, Edward Bush and Joe Bush. If any one knew any of these Bush brothers we would enjoy hearing some good old stories. You can contact me at I am the daughter of Edward Bush, my name is Gloria.

Post Date: December 6, 2008

From: Twinkle
Timeline: 82-84
.................Hi, My name is Tina Soto I was a resident in cottage 7 I was wondering if anyone on here ever lived in cottage 7 in the years of 1982-1984 when Miss Ann was the then head "Cottage Parent". Does anyone know what happen to her and the other cottage parents and kids in that cottage after they left Parmadale?

Post Date: December 15, 2008

From: Patricia Sankolewicz
Timeline: 1955-1961
.................I arrived at Parmadale in the late summer of 1955 along with my brother Alan.  I lived in Cottage 3 to begin with and then moved on to Cottage 24. I think Sr. Mary Christopher was the head of Cottage 3- a little too severe as I recall.  Much happeier when I moved to Cottage 24 with Sr. Mary Arthur who was a very loving and generous woman.  I remember Sr. Dorothea as being very mean and scary. Loved Sr. Maureen for teaching us all those old songs and Irish dancing. I was in the band too and played the soprano sax.  Participated in a few skits here and there.  My brother Alan played the drums in the band. I remember Sr. Mary Lourdes as being the head honcho of something.  I loved the orchards and I love the summers and the swimming pool. I loved going to early mass with the nuns.  I remember seeing the play "Peter Pan". I remember a friend named Janet who everyone seemed to pick on because she was half black/white. Oh and then there was Sr. Mary Catherine-5th grade teacher who made us chew our milk and then the very brutish Sr. Mary Raphael who punched me in the stomach for saying I didn't know an answer to a math question. Have mostly good memories and I always have Sr. Mary Arthur in my heart for all the love she gave me. Also have a crucifix that Sr. Mary Irene gave to me as a gift. Have mostly fond memories. Alan, my brother died in a motorcycle accident in December of 1995. If anyone knows me or would like to contact me please email me at

Post Date: December 17, 2008

From: Eric Blankenship
Timeline: 1975-1979
................I have a lot of fond memories of parmadale as well as all the rest hey Dennis Ellis I remember you and you were there when I was there so I'm going to e mail you I know what happened to some of those guys you asked about I remember going to parmadale school Mr. carlson the science teacher he built his own ethanol powered motorcycle probably the first of it's kind Dempsy Hunt, Ralph Joyce who made cottage 8 into a haunted house every year I remember all the outings we used to have camp corday movies tobogganing bowling, and all the great dances we used to have in the gym Fr.John A. Leahy Tom Woll Mindy Woll Mr & Mrs Murphy I had the opportunity to be in parmadale & St. Anthonys I won the blood sweat & tears award in the play Guys & Dolls my e-mail address is if anybody wants to take a walk down memory lane I remember a lot of people staff & residence.

Post Date: December 18, 2008

From: Andrew Walzer
Timeline: 1954
.................When I was six the nuns used to scream from upstairs because some of the kids were loud. Then they would come down where we were and line all of us up. Most of the kids had done nothing wrong. Each child would be forced to hold his hand out palm side up to be beaten with a wooden board. When you flinched and pulled your hand back you had to turn your hand over and be beaten on the knuckles. Parmadale was a true hellhole for myself and the other children with me. I am 60 years old now and the pain and humiliation has not been forgotten. They even slapped us in the face while we were eating. These nuns should have all gone to jail. Most of the kids wet the bed because we were always scared to death. To prove I was there, a few notes. We would always play marbles out on the grounds. Every Sunday we would sit in a room watching TV waiting for visitors to come. I know because I waited every Sunday for a year and my father never came back for me. Every year they would take us to Cedar Point. At Christmas we picked a gift from a catalog.Do you have the honesty and decency to post this review or do you want to hide the truth about this Catholic orphanage that was supposed to take care of kids. Instead they abused us.

Post Date: December 21, 2008

From: Greg Olson
Timeline: 1966-67
.................Andrew, sorry to hear that you, like so many others, experienced a very bad side of institutional child care courtesy of the Catholic Church. A lot of the postings here reflect some of the darker side of Parmadale and the "not-so-nurturing" sisters responsible for taking care of children whose families were unable to care for them themselves. I was there during the 60's and there were still some of those sisters around. But there were also some very caring and loving people who often fought an uphill battle to provide the kind of environment we as children hoped for. And sometimes, it worked. I hope that you were able to find some good memories to hold on to from those days. I too remember visiting Sundays and the nervous wait to see if parents would show up or if my brothers and I would be left alone. There were many boys in our cottage who never seemed to have anyone ever come to see them. I was fortunate to not have suffered that fate too often. And now, I try to remember the good things from those days; the sled hill days, the band, baseball in the summer, football in the fall, and basketball in the winter (I had never played organized football before Parmadale and never played basketball at all before trying out for the team at Parmadale). I remember some of the summer coaches, the seminarians who used to work during the summer months, the band marching in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in downtown Cleveland, and even playing marbles out on the grounds just as you had. But most of all, I remember the other kids who were there with me during those years. Some of them, like the starter and administrator of this site, were good friends of mine. And reconnecting after all these years has brought back to me the memories of the best things about Parmadale ? the others who shared my time and experiences with me back then. For me, that?s how I want to remember it. Yes, there were abuses. (I remember those short little radiator brushes across the knuckles or backsides on occasion.)Some of the friends I had from those days can share some real horror stories about the nuns, especially on the girls' side. Nothing we can do about it now, though. But we can find solace in the fact that we all survived; we all moved on. An awful lot of us have done really well for ourselves. I hope that your life after Parmadale was richer for you and that your experiences gave you the strength and the insight to be for your family a center of peace, comfort, and compassion that was often lacking at the village. And I wish for you all the best that life can bring you now. May this Christmas be a very blessed one for you and your family.


There is a Facebook site for Parmadale alumni as well as this site. Check it out if you get the chance. You can find it

Post Date: December 22, 2008

From: Twinkle
Timeline: 82-84
...............Wow Andrew I am sorry you had that done to you. When I was at Parmadale we had some bad things happen for one a nun by the name of sister MaryDorthy got cought fooling around with a cottage parent if I remember it correctly and she was kicked out and so was he. Then a few of the girls in the other cottages got pregnant. There was this man whos name I can't recall but we called him Pops he was a odd man I think he was to close for comfort with us girls I never seen any inappropriate behavior but who knows. Anyway to abuse a child that is having problems is never right in fact no child deserves to be abused or mistreated in anyway.

Post Date: December 22, 2008

.................Merry Christmas to all my fellow inmates and survivors.  Do we remember what Parmadale taught us about Christmas?  When I lived at home before coming to Parmadale I got toys, lots of toys.  My parents must have borrowed money from relatives to fill the living room with the gifts that they had hoped would erase and pardon all the failures of their parenting.  At Parmadale we got to pick one toy from a Sears catalog...just one.  But in addition to that we had 3 meals a day, warm clothes, and a nun who inspected every crevice of your body to make sure you did not miss anything in the shower(sorry, I digress).  But, in their stumbling, unprofessional, and sometimes hurtful ways they provided the very things that were lacking in our own families...for each of us the missing ingredient may be a different one.  But, something caused the families of each and every one of us to show up on the Catholic Charities radar.  AND, FOR BETTER OR WORSE HERE WE ALL ARE, SURVIVORS OF A CHILDHOOD THAT COULD BE IN A TEXTBOOK AT CASE WESTERN UNIVERSITY; DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY AND SOCIAL WORK.  From the sounds of things many of us have not only survived but prospered...who would have thunk it!  We went through the crucible as children. 
................So, I propose a toast.  On New Year's Eve step out into the "moonlight" at exactly 10pm EST (unless there is a sub-zero temp blizzard in your neighborhood) raise the significant beverage of your choice to the stars and wish your fellow inmates and survivors a year full of blessings and happiness.  Surly if there is a God and he has helped us get this far he will hear our chorus with a favorable ear
................One more request I would make of you honorable people.  Say a prayer for those children who are going through what we have been.  Only we know what benefit a simple answered prayer can mean. 
................On a more personal note...thank you Dan Douglas for the poodle's name, yes it was Beau.  That dog was my leash to freedom.  Prior to the time that I had exclusive dog walking privileges I was a run-away regular.  The Parma cops and I knew each other by name.  Then SR.Petra got (I can only guess)orders, let Kevin walk Beau every day.  So, each day I got to run away a little bit, but had to return because I had to bring Beau back home.  No longer were they having to look for me at Cleveland Hopkins airport, or freezing to death behind the dumpster at the Brown Derby on Pearl Ave. Yes, those were the good old days. 
...............Please join me in the toast New Years Eve at 10pm . 


Dan, you are doing great work on this forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post Date: December 23, 2008

From: Greg Olson
Timeline: 1966-1967
................Kevin, your suggestion is great. I will be standing outside at 10pm EST (9pm my time) and joining you in the toast and prayer for all of us who shared the Parmadale experience! I'm sure we'll feel the presence of many others that evening as well. I hope you continue to have all forms of blessings in your life! Stay well.


Post Date: December 26, 2008

From: Shirley R. McCrary
Timeline: 1950
..............I have so many good memories. I was in cottage 9.  Ida and Sister Thomas cottage Sisters Sister Coletta Was band and choir Sister by and I was in both. We went to Mass every Day. The days were very full. I was Confermed by Bishop Hoban. These were some of the best years life.

Post Date: January 2, 2009

From: jwlucas
Timeline: 1965-1968
.................My name while i was at PD was james Boyles, and my two sisters that were also there were Jackie and Joanne Boyles. I was 9 years old at the time I arrived at PD 29 Jan 65.  The three years I spent there were the best years of my young life. I have memories of sister Micheal and sports and trips outside PD. I really don't have a very good memory of any of the kids there. If anyone remebers me, let me know. I think that PD helped me out tremendously and prepared me for my later sevice to my country in the US Marine Corps for 22 years. I currently reside here in Lagrange, Oh.

Post Date: January 8, 2009

From: To whom it may concern,
Timeline: 192?
................My father was orphaned in 1922 when born (in Stark Co.) and taken to live at Parmadale where he remained until he was 16.  He passed away  about 13 years ago not knowing anything about his birth family.  He  was never adopted but was fostered out to a family in Randolph, Ohio  - Francis Rupp, to help work the farm.  We still know nothing about  his birth family but would love to know.  My father, Robert Dean  Lederle, died of a rare liver disease known as  Wilson's Disease -  which normally is detected in the teen years, and there is no known  cure - however my father's was detected in his forties, which defied  the history of this ailment.  To the surprise of his doctors at  Cleveland Clinic, he managed to live until 73, but was constantly on  medication + having to undergo  endoscopic procedures periodically  due to the bleeding that occurs internally.  We would really like to  find out more about the history of his family for personal as well  as medical reasons.

...............I have absolutely no idea where to look or how to begin.  The only information we have at all is on his birth certificate stating that his mother was Mary Lederle - no father named I would be ever so grateful for any help whatsoever.  Dad used to tell us some pretty scary stories about Parmadale, but also some nice ones.  Needless to say, back then there was little supervision of instructors by administration - and the nuns were not known for their gentle manners.

Post Date: January 8, 2009

From: Jenny,
Timeline: 193?
..........Looking for information about my Father, Louis Fanyon and his sister, Eva (Fanyon) Feszky (I do not know the name of her adoptive parents).  My Dad was in Parmadale during the depression and perhaps before and Eva remembered him although he did not remember her and did not meet with her until after WWII, if I remember what he said correctly.
..........He was fostered out way before WWII to Kate Buchman in Novelty, Ohio along with one or more foster boys to work on the farm there.  He always thought of Kate Buchman and his "Mom" even though he was never adopted by her. 
..........We are hoping that someone remembers him and why he was there.

Post Date: January 13, 2009

From: John C
Timeline: 1977-1979
.................This is a nice web site. Thank you to whoever put it together! I saw it when I was searching on Parmadale because a therapist that I am seeing told me the other day about the recent tragedy there in which a girl had died. So sad.
............. ....Two weeks from today will mark the 30th anniversary of when I left Paramadale, so it had been on my mind recently even before I heard about what happened. Those were difficult years. I came when I was 14 years old (to cottage 16 I think, but maybe 14) since I was having major difficulties at home and had run away from home on a couple of occasions. I ran away ("went AWOL") from Parmadale within the first 48 hours and ran away 5 times in my first 6 months for a total of about 4 weeks on the run. I would go to Normandy highschool in the morning then fail to return in the afternoon. Finally I was sent to cottage 4, which was a restricted cottage at the time - no more school off campus. At the same time a juvenile court judge threatened to sent me to a locked facility if I didn't stay put, so I finally settled down. Eventually I moved to cottage 18. My mental health was shaky towards the end and I *really* didn't want to go home - so I ended up being sent to a psych ward within three weeks of leaving Parmadale. I'm not sure how I made it through the last few months at Parmadale.
.................Positive memories - I would *love* if anybody could supply me with the correct names in some cases and any contact info.
1) I was there during the blizzard of 78, still in cottage 16 (14?). In one of the big bedrooms which housed about a dozen kids there was a drafty window. The wind was so strong it drove snow through a paper-thin crack and caused a mini snow-drift on the window still. I went AWOL a week later and spent a couple of weeks shivering on the streets of Cleveland.
2) In cottage 4 there was a cottage parent. Mr Rosato (??). He was a Vietnam vet who had been a helicoptor door gunner. At 5 AM he would awake some interested kids and teach us how to bake bread. Very therapuetic. We thought he was so cool.
3) There was a worker, Mr. D'Orazio (??) who was a sort of school counselor. He was the only one there who I ever confided anything to. When I was hospitalized (Saint John's Hospital in Cleveland on Detroit Ave. - since closed) shortly after leaving Paramadale he visited me, bring me a piece of cheese cake that his wife had baked. A small gesture perhaps - but I wasn't even a resident there anymore and he didn't have to visit me at all, so I've never forgotten that act of kindness.
.................Eventually I got my act together and am now somewhat implausibly a math teacher. Those times were bad, but many of the staff as well as the other residents helped it be not as bad as it might have been.


Post Date: January 17, 2009

From: Joseph Baddley Jr.,
Timeline: 1945
................I would like to know what happened to Sister MaryEllen in cottage 8.  Also anymore pictures during this time period.  A guy named Nose, O'Brian and others.  When I was there, there were no girls.  Father Kimms was the head Priest.  If you have any pictures in that era, please print.  Sister MaryEllen was like my own mother to me.  She became the head leader of the orphange.  I would like to see pictures inside of mess hall and the chapel.  I am in the process of writing a book about my life in the orphange.  Pleae write me @
Joseph B. Caporali; 2401 Prestwick Court.; Bakersfield, CA. 93309 or

Post Date: January 19, 2009

From: Paul O,
Timeline: 1980-81 and 1984-85
..........Hello fellow Parmadale Alumni. I have visited this website a few times and thought about making a post here. Well, here goes. I was in Parmadale twice. I was in Cottage 3 from June of 1980 to June of 1981 and went back to Parmdale and was in Cottage 12 which moved to Cottage 8 due to remodeling from February of 1984 to June of 1985. I guess I decided to make a post because of the recent news surrounding the unfortunate death of the young 17 year old girl. Face it, Parmadale is not a traditional orphanage that many of the older folks here remember. It is a facility that deals with kids who have serious problems. Most of the staff I remember were pretty decent people. Granted, they could get moody and sometimes heavy handed but hey, they're human and working in a high stress enviroment. The problem is that there is not a lot of options when placing these kids in an institutional enviroment. The only thing that Parmadale can do is continuously train and retrain their staff members and try to hire the most qualified people possible to work in this enviroment as well as screen potential residents and place them in the best situation possible. The family of this young woman has my condolences. Regarding Parmadale itself, there are many kids that I have fond memories of. I won't post their names out of respect for their privacy but I had many friends there, both male and female. I remember the dances in the gym on Fridays and going to the Commons Area to meet the girls afterschool. I remember going to Camp Corday and getting all muddied up. I remember the walks to Audrey's and to Parmatown. I remember all of the field trips and getting to do things a lot of people didn't. It was at Parmadale that I got to see my first Indians game at the old stadium and I remember getting to ride a dog sled up the long front driveway. Who can forget the red food truck with the loud horn? How about those great banquets in the gym or picking out a nice Christmas present from the Sears Catalogue. There are plenty of staff out there that I remember well including Mr. Woll and Fr. Seminatore. I could spend an hour listing them all. There are worse places than Parmadale one could find themselves. At the time it seemed awful, now those memories are grand.

Post Date: January 22, 2009

From: Carmen Sanchez
Timeline: 1969
...............I did not know this site is existed. My daughter found this site and told me she thought she had seem my picture and she did.I am in the 1969 graduation front row and in the middle.
...............It is real nice to see that some people have fond memories of Parmadale, it has its good as well as the bad memories, but it did teaches us how to be a lady or gentlemen and etiquette, but then when I got out I was very ignorant to the world out there.
...............I was in Parmadale from 1966-1969 came there when I was 12, also had 6 others of my family members there; names Linda, Martha, Ruthie, Bobby, Richard and finally David who is the youngest.
...............Hello Kevin, Bridget, Annie, Marylin, that's all the names I remember from the site. Does anyone remember Nora Clarke, and if so please let me know. She was my best friend and help me to learn how to read. I remember more people like Kim Novak, Donna Blackburn (who was so mean to me), John Milenarski (I am sure I spelled his last name wrong), Maria who was in my cottage 3, Diana, Jack Masterson, Karen Mitmen, John McGrath, John Furgenson and his sister Patty, John Illius (mispelled) and a lot more. I hope to hear from you and if there is a Reunion I would be interested.
Well I"ll close for now

Post Date: January 22, 2009

From: dshearer
Timeline: 1939 -1944
................After our mother passed away in May of 1939, we were brought to Parmadale, myself and my brothers Joe and George.  The sisters were taken to a separate orphanage on the east side of Cleveland. My brother Joe and I were placed in Baby Cottage and then later to Cottage 10, with Sister Vera, who was "chairman of the board," so to speak.  George was placed in Cottage 9.  I have nothing but good memories of Parmadale.  We always looked forward to the weiner roasts and the corn roasts during the summer, and especially Field Day near the end of summer.  I certainly received my share of discipline, the whackings on the hands, etc., but I also received a great deal of love from the nuns and priests.  Our oldest brother, George, graduated and went to a foster home - which was just another horrible place - and then joined the Marines and fought in the Pacific, and was wounded on an island called Pelilieu.  My brother Joe and I went to several foster homes after leaving Parmadale, each and every one of them being worse than the other.  I then went to an orphanage in Pittsburgh to finish out my elementary education.  When I speak to anyone about Parmadale, I never say a negative thing about the place.  It was a wonderful place, and I still love thinking about it.  I have attended the Parmadale Alumni picnics for a good many years, except for the last two.  It is the same now as it was then - they treat you like you are family and they really care about you.  Years after I left Parmadale, I thought about Sr. Vera and the handbrush.  Sure, I didn't like being hit in the hands with it, it was not a nice thing to do, but when I thought about one nun per cottage taking care of all those boys, I understood why sometimes she was so short-tempered.  God bless all of them.  They made me happy during the time I was there.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Post Date: January 24, 2009

From: Laura Martz,
Timeline: 1976 - 1984??
..........Well, this is great! I have year books and pictures from that time that I am gonna to start posting as soon as I figure out how to scan these year books in. 
..........And yes, Paula Meroshoff couple of you and your sexy brother Sam! lol I just found this site today thanks to Tara Kelly who emailed me today about this site.  There is a group of us that get together every so often and includes: The one and only Tara Kelly, the one with a memory out of this world: Gina Mcconville,and nobody can forget the Alfatters: Kathy, Maryann Altfatter, Tony and Frank, my first awol buddy Phyllis Price and me. I am going to email James Blackwell of this so his family can know about it.

Tina Soto I remember you as my roommate low keyed and laid back! ha ha Hey shoot me an email and lets do lunch sometime!! 
Paula give me a yell I have a picture of you playing (trying) on the piano!!

Post Date: January 26, 2009

From: Tina Soto
Timeline: 81 - 84
...............I have such a bad memory. I remember names and not so much all the faces. I guess thats beacuse it's been like almost 30 years. Laura you are one I do remember pretty well I remember you washing your hair every night and twisting it up on top of your head till it dryed LOL. Do you remember Tammy Jarvis? she and I did meet a few times then I lost contact with her again, she is still the Anyway I sent you a email Laura I like to see what you've been up to. Hope to hear from you soon.

Post Date: January 27, 2009

From: Laura
Timeline: 1976 -1984
................ha ha ! I dont remember unless someone tells me!! I do remember Kathy had to always spread with her finger the toothpaste on her tooth brush!! ha ha and I do remember how you and Gina would rock back and forth all the time!!  ha ha I cant wait to post my pictures!

Post Date: January 30, 2009

From: MaryAnn,
Timeline: 1979-1983
..........This is Mary Ann...lived in Cottages 11 and 7...  my sister Kathy and brothers Tony & Frank lived at parmadale the same years...  I remember A LOT of the people from the village...
I am so grateful for the contact I still have with some of my "sisters" from there...Tara, Laura, Gina, Phyllis...  we have some yearbooks between the bunch of us...

I remember Tina that has posted here!  Lived in Cottage 7 with you for a bit...remember you had a brother...  I also remember Dennis Ellis...Mike Winburn...

Post Date: January 31, 2009

From: MaryAnn
Timeline: 1979-1983
...............Forgot to put my e-mail... 
Anyone that remembers us, please contact me/us!

Post Date: January 31, 2009

From: Merashoff
Timeline: 1977, 78, 79, 80
................Hey i know alot of you remember the Merashoff family, Patty,Janet,Sammy,PAULA, We were lucky they kept our family toghter, lots of memories, We met alot of good friends, and lost contact with alot, we still stay in touch with lorie boettner, and debbie davis, were like sisters, i have up date pictures of us all, im hopeing people who know us will contact us and we can all get toghter, LETS DO THIS, i will post thies update pictures, my email address is,,

Post Date: January 31, 2009

From: Tina Soto,
Timeline: 81-84
..........Does anyone have any pictures of when we were at Parmadale? BTW I remember you 2 Mary Ann you always got A's and B's in school :P

Post Date: February 1, 2009

From: Laura
Timeline: 1976-1984
...............Tina, I have 4 year books from: 1978 to 1982 plus odds and end pictures im going to post as soon as I figure out how and when im going to scan them in.  So keep your eye on the site:)  p.s.  we all have to get together SOOOOOOON!

Post Date: February 2, 2009

From: Tina Soto
Timeline: 81-84
................Do you remember the hospital corners? EEek  Every friday doing cleaning in hopes it was a good enough job so you could go out that weekend? Or Ms Ann comming into our rooms singing that wretched song? I remember playing tennis on the courts and going to the church and being in the choir.

Post Date: February 3, 2009

From: cottage 13
Timeline: 77 ,78 ,79
..........Were looking for Darleen Perry, Sandie Klimic, Tony Kordic, Chris Hugawhat, Gary Doller, Eddie Hours, Anita Dizercoe, Lisa Raines, Judy Fluge, Perogie, Miss Kim, Miss ann, Miss Donna cottage 13 Girls, please contact

Post Date: February 13, 2009

Timeline: 1969
...............I see you finally stumbled upon this sight. It would be great to chat with you. Leave an email address or some way to contact you. There is a reunion every Aug from what I understand. I am not going to be able to attend this year because I have just started a new job and won't have vacation time built up, but nothing could keep me from attending the 2010 reunion. Lokking forward to seeing everyone. Hope to hear from you soon.

Post Date: February 14, 2009

From: Frank
Timeline: 1960
................Spent 2 years in Parmadale enjoyed the stay except for the first 6 months. Sister Petra or Petie as she was know and I am sad to say she was very mean. Went from cottage 14 to 20 Where Mr. Basily and Mr. Abrams were in charge. For one of the first times in my life I had structure. I was also the QB for the football team in those two years, played Basketball and baseball coached by Joe "O" who in my words was and still is today one of the most positive influential people in my life I have had the pleasure to know. I wonder where my classmate are today so if you were in Parmadale during 1959-1960 I would like to hear from you especially if we were in the same cottages together. Today I am a successful businessman with many memories of Parmadale and the fun we had. I can say after all these years it put me on the right path, probably without the dicipline I would not have ended up as I am today.

Post Date: February 14, 2009

From: Frank
Timeline: 1959-1961
..........Message for Andrew Walzer: Andrew, I feel that pain although my time was good after I left Cottage (stalag) 14 Sr. Petra's torture chamber. I like you was a victim of a brutal beating for nothing ordered by Sr. Petra,Richard Olson who was a big guy was instructed to beat me or have the rest of the cottage beat him. I also witnessed on kid get his face slapped so hard that all the capillaries broke, he looked like a road map, then the radiator brush came out. If she is deceased I hope her soul is burning in hell for what she's done, but not every nun was like that. I have moved beyond what happened there to me in the short time I was stuck in Cottage 14 through the help of therapy I suggest the same for you. I cannot forget what happened to me I am able to deal with it now and I hope you will be able to do the same. Best of Luck.
Frank DeCarlo
Class of 1961

Post Date: February 14, 2009

From: Karen Krasnik
Timeline: 1972-1975
...............I lived there in the early 70's. The best growing experience. The best friends, cottage parents, mentors, programs and volunteers that I have been honored to know. The installation of structure into the life's of adolescent teens from such diverse backgrounds, performing this task by being firm, fair and consistant, in addition to bonding with us. We were held to every decision we made in life (good and bad). I am a college graduate and a professional in a field that continues to deal with some of the poor decisions we make in life. I miss most of these people that I lived with like family during some my important developmental years.

Post Date: February 22, 2009

Timeline: 1966 TO 1968
To: Frank DeCarlo and Andrew Walzer
................From somewhere in 1966 to 1968 I too was in Sr. Petra's Stalag 16.  My first year there was the most terrifying.  I was short, fat, I had just lost both my parents and was now truely adrift in "Parma-hell".  Both of you are correct in your description of C-16.  By my arrival Sr Petra seemed to have learned new tatics for child torture.  She let the children torture each other.  Willie Williams was the majordomo lord of the land when I arrived.  The older kids which he called "normals" got all the perks.  The younger and weaker ones called "psychos" got trashed.  The psychos were made to fight with each other.  The meaner we were and more wicked we fought brought us closer to being normal.  As I write this a name just flashed back to me.  Teddy Wrona, he was a psycho like me and I had been made to fight him several times.  One morning I just snapped.  Someone had sickked him on me and I tore him up.  Lost control, started swinging blindly and had to be pulled off him.  I know!
  Petra was aware of the fighting, too many kids were getting hurt.  It was like LORD OF THE FLIES.  I remember the snowball fights in the playground.  When its 20 degrees and a ice-packed snowball hits you in the face you nearly die.  I got tired of being a slow moving target, I got smart.  I told Willie that someone like him should have his own personal snowball maker.  I don't remember how many kids he hurt but I made some wicked snowballs.  He even made me put rocks into them. 
Then one day Willie got transfered to 18 or 20 and life started to mellow out.  I was one of the big kids by then and the rest of us, David Beckman, Dom Brezinski, Jackie Masterson and Eddie Lenitti decided that there wasn't going to be Normals and Psychos anymore.  Must have been late in 1967.  About then I was running away at least once a month and started seeing two social workers.  Sr. Petra started mellowing out and I was her dog walker.  Thats right his name was Beau, not Pierre as I had stated in a earlier memory. 

To Frank and Andrew both of you saw the highs and lows of what it meant to be in Parmadale.  In my experience there over a period that began in 1962 and ended with my graduation in 1969 I lived the full gamut of good, bad, and ugly.  Only recently have I discovered that the real ugly is far worse than even I had contact.  It seems that Parmadale was not immune from some of the depraved abuses that the Catholic Church has had to answer for in the last decade.  More's the pity, we were the hopeless of the helpless being cared for by men and women who at best were not trained to perform that tasks assigned to them, and at worst were preying on innocent children to satisfy their own demons.  Yet there was real love and compassion.  Some of it misguided and some so genuine that at times when I needed a mothers love I felt it.  I remember Sr. Rian or Ryan in Cottage 10 kneeling down beside me at my bed praying with me for my father's recovery.  I remember her crying with me when he died.  The nuns I had contact with when I was age 7 to 10 I remember fondly.  I also remember Mike McGraw in Cottage 18 befriending me as would a big brother or favorite uncle.  Coach "O" let this fat kid who couldn't run play basketball and football.  And Mr Hernz ( or Heinz ) made me first barotone in the band.  Notice that each of the last three were men.  For me genuine father figures or at least positive mentors.  Now, Mr. Vinal is another story, he terroized me.  It took me many years to get over my math phobia, turned out I was smart enough for Trig after all.   

I had my own personal meltdown when I was in my early 40's.  My shrink helped me work through it and finally gain control over the trash of a tragic childhood.  I think for most of us, our sad stories did not start in Parmadale.  Something in our homes landed us there.  Our abuse or neglect began at home, Parmadale simply kept the wounds open and in some cases festering.  Today I am well and well adjusted, successful and happy in life.  I have a marrige which will turn 33 this summer with sons who will turn 29 and 31.  Life is Good.    To those who need help, get it.  If you want to carry on this conversation on more personal levels you can contact fellow refugees at:               
Thanks again Dan for the great work you do here.


Post Date: February 23, 2009

From: John Sutton
Timeline: 1979-1982
..........My name is John Sutton and I was in cottage 8 with Mr Ralph and Mr Dunning I know alot of people that has left messages I would really like to get in touch with who ever remembers me please e-mail me at

Post Date: February 26, 2009

From: John S
Timeline: 1980
...............I can remember all the haunted houses and the summer trips to the ohio state fair.. how about you??? contact info  John Sutton at

Post Date: February 26, 2009

From: Wolfgang Fifer
Timeline: Class of 69
................I have come back here to this site over and over and have read all the entries over and over. I have come to the conclusion that when we as kids had to deal w/ the administration(60's term), we had alot of bad experiences for the most part. But when we dealt with each other there was alot of fun! There was alot of love between us all. Look at what we have here, its like we have our own therapy going on! Remember when Rocky Colavito use to come visit us? There are lots of things I don't remember about PD, such as the band or dances on Friday nights. Where was I?
Whatever happened to Michael Stewart, David Vajda, Pat Mann, Margie Baron, and the other kids that were in our graduating class that weren't in the picture? How were they so lucky to get out of it? LOL! Till next time!

Post Date: March 1, 2009

From: Wolfgang Fifer
Timeline: 69
..........By the way, what was the name of our sports teams, Tigers, Lions, Saints, what was it?

Post Date: March 1, 2009

From: mjmileca1
Timeline: 1966 - 1970
...............I am fairly confident that the name of the Sports Teams were Parmadale Panthers.

Post Date: March 2, 2009

From: Gary McCarthy
Timeline: 1970 - 1977
................My time at Parmadale was some of the best years of my life.  I went there on my 10th birthday when the nuns were still in charge.  Those weren't the best of memories. 

When it became obvious that I'd never be reunited with my parents I went to a foster home where I stayed for a year or so before I asked to go back to Parmadale.  The foster home was nice enough, and I still stay in some touch with those foster parents, but I just wasn't cut out for family life anymore by that point. 

When I went back things were much improved and the remaining time I spent there (from about '73 to '77) were some of the best years of my life.  I had real friends and adults who I felt really cared for me. Some of the adults who I had the most regard for were the Richardson's, the Slanias, Brother Norbert, Mr Mike (young guy whose last name I don't remeber) & Fr Russ.  Fr Leahy and the Wolls also figured prominently in my time there but there wasn't any real depth to those relationships.

The kids who were the most prominent were Tony & Francis Miles, Tom Kovach, Mark Marsich, Paul Cantwell and others who were there when I originally went back but who got placed elsewhere when fr Leahy took over and combined Parmadale & St Anthony's. I guess they were just too tough and streetwise to fit in with what he was trying to do. 

The really important people from my time there though were JoAnne Molinaro, Tom Szabo, Ira Gold and Mary Rogers.  They were my best friends and people I'll never forget even though I haven't spoken to any of them in years. The most important people on the adult side were the Richardsons.   

Other friends were Bob, Ron & Don Feeney, Joe Febeetz, Tyrone Big-Head and Warren Moore.  There were a lot of people there and I absolutely loved it.  What made it so great was that it seemed like we were all on the same playing field and we were all able to leave the crap that brought us to Parmadale outside.  I remember running into people on the outside once we had gotten out and things were definitely different.  Guess it was to be expected but it definitely influenced my thinking about the value of my time there.     

I've gone back to the reunion but I never see any one there from my time.  That, plus the fact that I don't live in Cleveland and haven't seen since '83, makes for very limited conversational opportunities.   

Well, if anyone knows anyone that was at Parmadale from '70 to '77 I'd be interested in hearing from them.  If anyone could put me in touch with the Richardsons or JoAnne Molinaro, Mary Rogers, Tom Szabo or Ira Gold it'd be appreciated.

God bless all of you...

Post Date: March 2, 2009

From: Wolfgang
Timeline: 69
..........Panthers? LOL! and it was Mcgraw....Mike Mcgraw.

Post Date: March 3, 2009

From: Libby
Timeline: 1985
.............I'm hoping someone knows what happened to a great kid I met there in 1985.  His name is Norman Darovich.  Really cool kid.  I was there only a few months and then left to have my baby.  Norman was in Cottage 16, I think, and I was in Cottage 7.  We kept in touch a few years but he creeps to my mind often.  Just to let him know, Jen is almost 23, graduated from college last year and is graduate school now.  She still has the cards you gave her as a baby and thinks of you as a godfather.  I teach in SC.  I still hope and pray that you and all of the people I met there are well.

Post Date: March 3, 2009

From: mjmileca1
Timeline: 1974 - 1976
................Gary McCarthy may I ask you if you were in Cottages 3 or 6 with Sister Agnes(formerly Sister Rose)during your stay at Parmadale for the years of 1974 - 1976?

Post Date: March 3, 2009

From: Mrs.
Timeline: seventies

.............I've often wondered how you've fared:

Post Date: March 4, 2009

From: Gary McCarthy
Timeline: 70's
.............To mjmilecal - No I wasn't ever in cottage 3 or 6.  I was in 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 & 20.

.............Mrs - Thank God, I've fared well.  I'll be in touch.  Looking forward to catching up.

Post Date: March 3, 2009

From: Frank DeCarlo
Timeline: 1961
To: Kevin Rooney

................Kevin its surreal to know what went on at Parmadale before I landed there (and you are correct we all landed there for a reason mine was a broken family)and to read the comments of the adults that spent time there after me and to see such a similarity is sobering. Once I went to cottage 20 with Mr. John in charge things were much better however, the sad part was everybody had to have know how sadistic Sr.Petra was and yet no one did anything about it. What happened for the change of getting the nuns out of there? I remember coming back in 1972 for a day but couldn't get a straight answer about Sr. Petra. I recall keeping in contact with the principal Sr. Columbier who was very strict but fair for a few years after leaving she was the last person I was able to contact. Thanks for your comments you're fortunate not having to experience the really dark sides of Parmadale and I am happy for you that life is good, life is very good for me also. If I can take one thing away with me on this its knowing that my life now means so much more to me because of those experiences the good and bad. As for the bad I Wish that on no child Kevin. Hey what happened to Coach "O" did you know his brother was a pro football player?
Take care.
Frank DeCarlo
Class of 1961

Post Date: March 9, 2009

From: Micky Tkacz
Timeline: 1950 - 1957

................Thanks for the great website.  Attached please find a First Communion photo of our 1952 class.  I am second row, fourth from the right. (Home Page)

................I still remember the good times we had, especially playing with my best friends Richard Maderka, Tom Sawyer, Russell Arbaugh, Ronny and Kenny Lessner, Carl Lowe, and playing in the band with Steve Mc Mullen, and the summers spent in the orchards eating apples, pears and plums, the woods behind Cottages 18-20, the roller rink, the pool, volleyball, etc and freezing the play area in the winter for ice skating.  I was an altar boy for most of my time there and used to walk up to the Alvernia Rest Home to serve mass at 0530 each morning, and served at funerals at Charity Hospital. I was there from 1950-1957, in Cottage 14 with Sister Anna Marie and Sister Ann Gertrude.  I, too, remember fondly Sister Thomas in 5th Grade, but I was so pleased that I had a chance to meet up with our First Grade Teacher, Sister Josita, many years later at the convent in West Richfiled, where I hade served when it was opened in about 1956 I think.
It would be great to hear from other kids who were there at the same time.  Cheers for now.  Mickey Tkacz

Post Date: March 15, 2009

From: Laura Martz
Timeline: 1976-1984
.............Thanks to who ever is posting my pictures I have alot more to come!!! It's amazing how much I've saved with one suitcase when you leave your clothes behind traveling everywhere!! ha ha I plan on posting ALOT more pictures and setting a date where everyone can meet and get a copy on cd's to take home.  So keep your eye on the forum for the date here soon!! If anyone has suggestions please email me at I think it high time we all get together again!!!

Post Date: March16, 2009

From: Sam31hain
Timeline: 1918-1929

.............. I am looking for any information on my dad,aunt and uncle. Charles (Stanley) Anthony Semprich, Anthony William Semprich, Jane Marie Semprich, Peter Lang. If anyone recognizes these names would you please contact me as I know they were in Catholic Charities, foster homes and Orphanages. Peter was in Parmadale and hoping someone remembers.
Thank you
A Daughter looking for some of her dad's past

Post Date: April 2, 2009

From: Jackie Wilson
Timeline: 1959 -1962

.............. My maiden name was Wilson.  Over the years, I have tried to tell people about Parmadale, and how it contributed to my success, but if you were not actually there, how could you understand.  To Patrical Sankowitz, who I tried to e-mail, but was unsuccessful, you mentioned a bi-racial friend, named Janet....It was me, Jackie.  I know this because I was the only one, at that time.  We all would sit around and try to figure out what nationality I was.  Sarah Bonner took me by the hand to her Mother, and her Mother told me I was mixed.  Thank you to Sarah's Mom.  It made things easier for me.I remember Sr. Mary Arthur, who also treated me so special.  I was in Cottage 3 and Cottage  11.  I was in the band, and played Saprano Sax.  I was also an Irish Real Dancer.  Since one of my "Christmas Gifts" at Parmadale was a little green camara, I took, and still have some pictures that I intend to forward to the Web Site.  I also remember Sister Mary Martin, Sister Petra, Sister Mar!
 y James and Sister Maureen (she sure could dance).  I also think the "Spider and the Fly", was mandatory learning for all Parmadale residents.  I remember Marlene Vinecky, Sarah Bonner, Pat & Paulett Liss, and Barbara Draper.  My older brother Marshall Wilson was also in Parmadale.  I remember the twins Gary and Jeff Sirna.  I spoke to Jeff a few years ago, and Gary is no longer with us.  John Shinsky can be located on the internet.  He is travelling around the world, and has opened up Orphanages.  Salistino Rivera, is the Police Chief in Lorain, Ohio.  I am very happy, and successful.  I served in the US Army during Viet Nam, (much like Parmadale and transitioned well).  I workd at a law office in Canton, Ohio, My Husband, Nick Weatherspoon, a former NBA Player, past away last October, 2008.  I would love to chat with all of my friends.  I can be reached at

jackie-r@msn.comI was trying to get in touch with Parmadale to visit when I found this web-site. 

Post Date: April 10, 2009

From: Pat Caprez
Timeline: 1949 to 54


................My brothers Joe, Jack and I went to Parmadale after our mother died. A year later our sister Elizabeth was there for about a year. We have many good memories of our stay. Yes some people were mean but that isn't any different then the rest of the world.
................We were in Cortege 20 the entire time.Sister Banigna, better known as Sister Big Nose, was in charge.I was in the band and choir and really enjoyed those activities.The choir sang every Sunday and other special occasions such as when the Jesuits from the retreat house would come to renew there vows every year. We also went on TV a couple of times. There was a program called Inside the Catholic Schools. We went to church dedications and other events.The band marched in the St Patrick's Day Parade in Cleveland every year. We also attended a high school concert band competition at John Carol University every year. We had a good band but I suspect that the reason we were included as the only grade school was the our band master was the head of John Carols music department. Sister Coletta was the day to day director of both the band and choir. She was my favorite nun. I got a chance to see her again when she spent some time at I H M in Cuyahoga Falls. The  band would play every school day ,at lunch time, as everyone went to lunch, it was usually a John Phillip Suza march.
................I must say we did fine there and have done well in life. Joe and Jack both have there own business and I'm retired from Akron's Fire Department. I attained the rank of District Chief and headed the Paramedic Department for 9 years.
 I remember sneaking into the woods to explore and have crab apple fights when they were in season.During the summer we played on the play ground and swam in the pool. About 2:30 every day in the summer every cottage got a 5 gallon pail of sandwiches. They were usually only jelly but occasionally we also got peanut butter.The Cleveland Indians would come play a game with us every year. I remember Herb Score and Jim Heagin. Heagin , the announcer for Cleveland was there but he was a kid at the time. Our Gym teacher was a Cleveland fireman. I can't recall his name. We went on a fishing trip to Lake Erie a few time. The highlight of the summer was a day at Euclid Beach. That was great.

................I recall the Mayor of Cleveland visiting our Cottage every year. I don't know if he went to all the Cottages. I believe the mayors names were Byrd and then Lauschie. We got our first T V in 53. Boy was that an event. I recall watching the crowning of Queen Elizabeth of England. We were allowed to stay up late to see it. The event was filmed in England and then developed en route to the U S on a special plane.
................Our football teams were tough and one year we scrimmaged the freshman team from Holy Name High School.

Note please, I like this site. You can include my E-mail in the forum if you wish.

Post Date: April 18, 2009

From: Colleen Taylor
Timeline: 1954-1955

.............My mother had gotten very ill, and my father told us that there was noone who could take care of me and my older brother and sister, so we were taken to Parmadale.  My sister and I were seperated, she in cottage 12 and me in cottage 13.  My brother was on the other side of the compound. 
I can still remember going to the lunch room and getting sick (throwing up).  The wonderful nun took me back to the cottage and had me bend over a bench so she could beat me with a hand broom.
My brother ran away twice, walked to Lorain and West 117th, but was always brought back.
We nicknamed the place "Parma Jail".
I do not have many fond memories of the place.

Post Date: April 23, 2009

From: Jacqueline (Wilson) Roberts
Timeline: 1959 through 1963

.............. I posted a story before, but I do not know what happened to it.  My brother, Marshall, and I were both at Parmadale.  I was in cottage 3, 9, and 11.  At the time I was in Parmadale I was an Irish Reel Dancer, played saprano sax in the band, and particpated in many, many, activities.  It was a blessing to me in my life.  I look forward to participating in the next reunion.  I can be contacted at

Post Date: April 10, 2009

From: Riccobene
Timeline: 1970's


................This is for my younger brother, Michael Riccobene.  I do not know which year or which cottage(s) my brother was in but, as I understand it, my younger brother, Michael Riccobene, was at Parmadale at some point during the 1970s.  Because years earlier I had run away from home (never to return) in an effort to escape the sadistic, criminal child abuse that I, my brother Michael and my other siblings were being subject to at the hands of our mother, I did not find out that my brother, Michael, had been in Parmadale until well into adulthood--indeed, not until my children were nearly grown (they're all grown now and I'm a grandmother of 4)!

From what I can ascertain here about Parmadale, it appears that it was a much safer and much more loving place for my brother to have been in than in the home of his/our own family; and for that, I am grateful. 

So, I guess this post is a request that letters be sent to my brother Michael Riccobene from persons who were in Parmadale with him all those years ago.  Since he's been sitting in prison for the past 17 years, I figured his receiving some loving and supportive letters from those who knew him from Parmadale might lift his spirits.

Since they don't have internet access for prisoners, letters can be directed to:

Michael Riccobene                                                                
242037 B5 351T
2500 S. Avon Belden Road
Grafton, OH 44044

And if you never knew my brother nor were in Parmadale with him, please pray for my brother Michael's healing and recovery from having been so severely tortured, abused and neglected as a child and a teen. 

Stephanie Riccobene

Post Date: May 8, 2009

Removed by request

Post Date: May 9, 2009

From: Mary Beth Reulbach
Timeline: 1960-1962

.............. I was in first through third grade at Parmadale; assigned to Cottage 13 with Sister Mary James and Sister Rita Ann. Both were very kind. My sister was I think in Cottage 3 with Sister Arthur.
Memories include:
--Cottage 13 had a dog--a black poodle named Cricket.
--The nuns were very pro-Kennedy, go figure.
--One of the nuns was driving me to a very special lunch visit with Archbishop Hoban, or maybe he was just a Bishop then (don't know why I got to go) and we were in a car accident. I remember how shook up she was and how excited I was about the drama. I finally had lunch with Hoban and got to see his house. He gave me a beautiful doll and a few other toys, but I had to give them to the cottage toy room.
--I was jealous my sister got to be on Route 66 for a scene on the Goodtime. I later saw that episode and Robert Redford was in it!!!! (Along with Neamiah Persoff).
--I remember hating liver more than anything. Still do. Since I got to take the garbage to the hall, I'd stick the liver in my sock and toss it in. My sister was in the dining room across the hall and she'd always be forced to stand in the hall because she wouldn't eat hash.
--Afternoon "snacks" of warm white milk and peanuts in the summer.
--Our cottage was at the circus when the announcer told us that John Glenn had orbited the earth.
--Finding out Santa didn't exist. During my time there, we picked from the Sears Catalog and whatever we chose had to be under $5.
--Sister Rita Ann taught me how to knit.
--My sister and I brought clothes from home but we wore whatever dress we were assigned for the week. I raged when, for a summer skit, the lead singer wore my favorite dress from home and I was dressed as a boy backup singer.
--I was bit by a snake and once had to have a bee washed out of my ear at the medical cottage or area, or whatever it was.
--Some girl punched me in the stomach so hard I passed out. A girl from a cottage of older girls helped me. She had short red hair.
--We all had short hair, I guess. It was Pixiemania during the time I was there.
--I remember cleaning...alot. The smell of Johnson's Oil soap makes me think of Parmadale.
--We were given cod liver oil every day (at least I was). There's a Little Rascals orphanage episode where they have to take Castor oil every day. I love that one

For years, I've told my kids what they call "The Orphanage Stories." Thanks for supplying a place for me to foist the stories or at least their titles on a new audience.

Mary Herron (Mary Beth Reulbach)

Post Date: May 16, 2009

From: King TuT
Timeline: 1972-1980-81
...............Hi my name is Tommie Marolt, my friends in Parmajail called me King Tut.I was their from 1972 through 1980 I think, I dont remember the year I ran away I only know I was never caught!lol I was in cottage 8 and 6 I had so many friends there I know Ill miss a few if I do Im sorry. Wanna say hello to all of them ,some friends Ive lost I think in my heart of hearts that they just couldnt handle the outside world after Parmadale. Reggie Peepels ( RIP ) Lenoard Penaway (RIP). Wanna say hello to ( Big )John Humpfry our bodygaurd who kept the outsiders from picking on us orphans lol he was a big part of my click as they say and a friend I still think about alot. Ron ( Lizard) Phillips where are you? Steven Blevins the first kid to make me laugh after I arrived there in 72 and a friend Ill never forget! Jeff and Brian Slapack. Ed Doyle,David Walters, Bob Bowman part of our click along with jeff and Ron. David Lance,Tony dont remember his last name, Ace my partner in crime remember Audreys store lol yeah we hit that one lol but got caught lmao. we also robbed Parmajail together but got busted on that one too I guess youre not very smart when youre just a kid lol. State rd park was our hangout and a place Ill never forget. To anyone Ive missed it wasnt on purpose its just been so many years now. I spent a major part of my life their and I have nothing but great things to say about my Teachers and Cottage parents.I miss all of you and Ill never forget any of you.If I could go back I never would of ran away but Mr.Wall scared the heck out of me, I was just a kid and to me he looked 10 ft. tall, no offence Mr. Wall lol. Parmadale was my home for 8 or 9 years the only home I ever knew. If anyone remembers me I can be reached at its my sons computer lol PEACE!

Post Date: May 16, 2009

From: Pat Mahon
Timeline: Feb 1964-June 14th 1968

.............Hello, my Name is Pat Mahon. I live in cottages 12, 14, and 18 during the 4  years at Parmadale. My nick name was "professor". The jobs I had the last
year  there was locking/unlocking the church & school building and to raise and  lower the flag. Love to hear from anyone who  remembers.      Pat Mahon

Post Date: May 17, 2009

From: Pat Mahon
Timeline: 1964 -1968

.............. Sr Mary Grace was the head nun of cottage 12 in 1964. She had a cross eyed cat named Frosty. She used shredded news paper in the litter box that I cleaned out and tossed over the fence between the cottages and dinning hall.

Post Date: May 17, 2009

From: Pat Mahon
Timeline: 1964 -1968
...............Parmadale was about preparing us for the future, now that we are in that future, we wish to look back.

Post Date: May 18, 2009

From: Papa's girl
Timeline: 192?

...........My Papa, Richard Kowalyk, was placed in Parmadale with his siblings, we think in the early 1920s. We are looking for any information or memories from that time. Any help would be so appreciated.

Post Date: May 20, 2009

From: Moe54
Timeline: 1964 -1965

.............. Brian (aka Gordon) Chrestoff checking in here. My sisters and I arrived in Sept 1964 and I lived w/ Sr. Mary Michael in c12 and Toni and Leslie landed in c8 on the boys side. There was also a Sr. Ida who was like a second in command in c12. I remember being so frightened and scared as my dad drove away after dropping us off on a cool and cloudy day. Years later when my wife and I talk about my Parmadale time I know now that my time there was the first time in my 10 year young life I had real stability and predictability. I have mostly happy memories and a few tramatic and sad. Sometime around 2002 I made contact w/ Sr. Mary Michael , now Sr. Catherine Walsh through email and the phone. Soon after that I went to visit her at the Sisters of Charity in Richland, OH. She invited me and my daughters as her family guests for a big picnic of sorts. She also sent me pictures that she took from my time living in c12. There I was in my Cub Scout uniform looking so cute. I took my 3 daughters to the Parmadale campus in 2003 (?) and it looked like it did nearly 30 years before. My wife Jenny has been pushing me to go to the annual Parmadale Reunion and I probably will this year. before I check out I want to mention some of my cellmates from c12 whose names I still recall or other cotteges I met out back on the playground. Is there a Danny Nemecek, James Boyles, Tom McCann, Jerry Palmer, Joe Brunkow, Chucky Builot, Mark Kemora, or Frank Kekic out there? The names Billy Cicero, Keven Rooney and Jackie Masterson also ring a loud bell. The only girl I seem to recall was a Sarah Bonner. I plan to visit here again soon to put down my memories but in the meantime if anyone remembers me or anyone I listed above please contact me at "" or at home at ""

Post Date: June 14, 2009


...............Greetings everyone, I had almost lost the need for this page.  Almost forgot the therapeutic value of crying in public.  Thirteen years ago next month I was over come by a bout of massive anxiety to the point that I was almost incapacitated.  I had lapsed into depression, wasn't suicidal but had lost the motivation to crawl out of my hole, it was a deep hole.  I work for the postal service now and I was 3 years into my career then.  My postmaster was everything we hated in the nuns but without the costume.  She systematically striped me of my worth as an employee, my belief that my employment had a future.  I would come to work each day thinking that it would be my last.  Like the nuns which I will curse before the face of God she was evil, she enjoyed the power she had over my present and my future.  And I was reliving my darkest days at Parmadale through this woman. 
As fate would have it, after thirteen years of wonderful growth in my occupation, rising to a position of respect in my organizational district I find myself working for another such person as I had in 1996.  God please break that mold!!!  My point of telling you this is I have discovered what I am suffering from...the combination of specific symptoms and reactions is the much ballyhooed PTSD.  I was at Parmadale for 8 years.  Two months before I was incarcerated I watched my Mother slide a 9 inch pair of shears through my younger brothers abdomen.  I beat her severely over the head with an umbrella and some time later began serving my time in PD.
First I had an extreme traumatic event preceded by the childhood from hell only to arrive in PD.  Once there both my parents died of their own abusive habits.  But I lived a minimum of 10 cognitive years in a PTSD growth tank. 

How about you.  Depression affecting you over the loss of a job or marriage?  Ever feel that there is this invisible box that you have been dropped into.  It may have begun in PD or at least contributed to by an oppressive (but well fed) puppy mill guaranteed to produce every range and possibility of emotional and psychological problems.  I will be okay, I know what is going on and I know where my life ring is.  If you are going through something like like hell to the nearest mental health clinic.  Contact your employers EAP.  See your family MD and tell him what is going on.  Get Help For God's sake. 

As always Dan, my love and thanks for keeping this page alive.  That's right folks, Dan Pugh who graduated from PD in 1968 is a life ring in himself. 


Post Date: June 14, 2009

From: Pat Mahon
Timeline: 1964-1968-2009

...........Kevin, we should talk again.  Pat Mahon

Post Date: June 21, 2009

From: JustSmile
Timeline: 1950-1957 ?

My name is Barb.  When I was at Parmadale it was Barbara Greene.  I think I was in cottage 12, but not sure.  My brothers came later.  Robert Allen Greene, Richard Allen Greene, and Patrick Allen Greene.  Does anyone remember me or my brothers?  Please let me know. I don't know for sure on the years, I am guessing.  I think my one brother Bob, was in cottage 18.  I know that my younger brother was in the baby orphanage outside Parmadale until he could be moved to Parmadale. My memories of Parmadale were not good, so I will leave it at that. I need to know if anyone knows how we would get our medical records from the orphnage, (I was in another one after Parmadale). Taken away for child abuse. I have multiple illnesses and desperately need some information.  Any would be greatly appreciated.  If anyone out there remembers me or my brothers, please contact me at:

...........I'll tell everyone right now, it takes alot to heal from an experience like we all have lived through.  But when I was 47 I heard that my mom was dying.  I got on a plane and went to her bedside, I was walking across the room, I was going to tear her apart for what she had done to me, and something stopped me (GOD) did.  My mom was in a coma. The doctor came in and said "she can't hear you, I said okay. I looked at my mom and said to her, " If you understand me blink once for yes, and twice for no.  She blinked once.  I asked her if I was Barbara Anne and she blinked once.  I asked her if she was mad at me and she blinked twice.This communication went on between myself and my mom for 9 days.  God gave us that time! I stayed there by her side for 9 days and prayed for her.  Everytime I quit reading the prayer Footprints, because I had fallen asleep, she would squeeze my hand, and I would start saying it again. And during the 9 days God allowed me to let go of 47 years of HATE!  And Healed me I have no hate in my heart for anyone or anything!  That was 15 years ago.  So Healing does happen, You just have to open your mind and heart to it! I want to wish everyone on this site: Peace, Love, and Happiness Always, Please if you know anyone, or anything of the people above or me, please contact me.

Post Date: June 22, 2009

Removed by request

Post Date: June 23, 2009

From: Tommie Marolt a.k.a King Tut
Timeline: 1970s

...........Hello people its me again, Tony King I wanna say whats up? Dennis Ellis I believe I remember you. Im not sure if you remember me or not? I started out in cottage 8 and ended up in cottage 6 b4 I went AWOL. If you hung out at State rd park then you should remember. I also wanna say hello to Debbie Davis, Gina Lynetty and my very first girlfriend in parmajail Evelynn Montalvo. Im not sure if you remember but I do lol. Patty and Paula if your reading this whats up? sorry about what happened with me and you know who. S@#t happens.Once again if anyone wishes to get in touch with me its  Later People!

Post Date: June 24, 2009

From: Tommie Marolt a.k.a King Tut
Timeline: 1970s

..............anyone trying to contact me my e-mail address is

Post Date: June 24, 2009


From: caveman
Timeline: 1972 - 1978
...............Hey everybody im kevin nelson was in cotage 14,16 and 6 does any body remember boo boo bear or flame on i moved to AZ in 78. Anybody remember ivon Mc Bride ? also known as olle from swen &olle go out and smoke the bowlly thanks peace

Post Date: June 26, 2009

From: Brian Hupp
Timeline: 1966-70

...........Myself and my sisters Robin and Jeanne and my brothers Guy and Edwin all spent time at PD. Bridgette Norton's brother Tom(or Tippy)was my best friend. I hope he is well. Finding this site and putting something on this forum is a bit cathartic for myself. PD definetly had an effect on my psyche but did not destroy me. I feel like a survivor.  My siblings are all well and relatively well adjusted. I was the last one to leave PD so at least I'm spared the guilt of leaving someone there. Love does indeed cure all so anybody who sees this remember we're all bound by our experience and none of us is alone.

Post Date: June 27, 2009

From: Michele
Timeline: 1972 - 1978


...........Hey Everyone, wow my brother Kevin sent me this link. My name is Michele Roberts formerly Michele Nelson.  I haven't thought about Parmadale in many years. My brother and I landed there in 72 or 73 hard to remember. Father Leahy was a friend of my grandmothers and when my mom got very ill and hospitalized going to Parmadale saved us from the foster care system and juvenile hall.
...........I started out in cottage 11 with Sister Myra, now growing up Catholic I was used to nuns but man I was not ready to live with one. Got caught smoking in the basement closet, remember scrubbing the upstairs hallway floor and all the steps both front and back for that offense. We slept in dorms one on each side. Didn't get a shared bedroom till I moved to Cottage 13.Then I got to move to cottage 9 that's when all the fun began, I remember Miss Ann, Miss Ginger. Standing in the hall outside the office waiting for my hourly cigarette. The girls were great, I remember a few names but not all. Dawn Bollmeyer, Angela Novicky, Cindy, Carol, Karen, Tina and Brenda my best friend, a big black girl who picked up the dining room table and threw it at Mr Woll. (That I will never forget) We were all crazy and I was very rebellious. I ran away frequently and got caught every time. I remember spending weeks in the front sitting room in Cooling Off. I joined the band and played drums so I could see my boyfriend once in a while and get out of the cottage legally, that's not counting the nights we snuck out after midnight and headed over to the boys cottage for a quick rendevouz.  How about the weekly meetings we had, Basic, Awareness, Respect and Model? I remember it took me years to reach Model level and Mr. Woll stood up on the radiator and clapped when I finally made it.
...........I remember putting on plays with Mrs Woll directing, Bye Bye Birdie where I played Conrad's mother and stuck my head in an oven and had everyone in stitches, Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell were put on by us girls and presented in the church for the whole village. There is a picture of us girls on this site which I thought was great, we were on our way to our JR Prom. I have that picture too in my scrapbook. I remember when I got old enough to move to Cottage 7 with MS Ann. It was the senior cottage and housed the elite girls. I will never forget Ms. Ann waking us up in the morning with her songs and those skirts she wore. She was a hard disciplinarian but she also had a deep devotion to see we all grew up with the best morals also.
...........I left Parmadale after I graduated from Parma Senior High in 1978, and lost touch with everyone I knew. I have to say that Parmadale gave me the independence, morals and determination to succeed in life. I know I fought authority all the way but the staffs guidance and perseverance with my discipline paid off in the end.
I would love to get in contact with old buddies from the village, if you want to contact me, my email is

Post Date: June 28, 2009

From: kevin nelson
Timeline: 72 -78
..............Ok some more names paul mays , al malloy , I remember ron philepps , Mr. Morres aka flame on tom cocan I think he was gay. any one remember morice or roger vinston & his brother . Any 1 mem brother tim or rudy vandrzee as i remember more names ill post them.
                                                                 peace out

.Post Date: June 30, 2009

From: Lynn A. Miller
Timeline: 1942 - 1947

Hi Everyone!
I was at Parmadale from 1942-1947 with brothers Mike and Jack.
Just a few months ago I wrote a book titled Healing My Fractured Spirit .I tell about Parmadale,the Foster Home,college life.marriage,and success today.
The proceeds from my book are slated for 3 local and 3 global charities.
You can order by going to my blogsite:
Lynn A. Miller .

Post Date: July 4, 2009

From: Bob
Timeline: 1967

..............I was just informed of the site by a classmate. I don't know if anyone would remember me. I read some exchanges between Marilyn Novasel and Greg Olson about being in the band. I was also in the band at that time, I played the trumpet and was the drum major in 1967.....I think. I saw an entry by Anita Lekutis. I don't know if you'll remember the hour we spent together in a classroom's cloak room while Siter Rosaria was teaching the class. As a young boy that was definately one of my fondest memories. I started in Cottage #12 under the watchful eye of Sister Mary Grace, then cottage #16 with dear Sister Peitra, and finally cottage #20 with omni-present Mr. Abraham. I also have a brother John who graduated in the class of 1968. I was happy to hear that Ralph Joyce is still around and doing well and also Mr. Abraham. I think Greg Olson said it best, it was the only family we had at the time, and although it was a tough time for children to go through I'm thankful for many of the good memories I have today. I might try out the reunion, I wonder if the old place looks the same?

Post Date: July 6, 2009

Timeline: 1966 - 1968

..............Hello Bob, Kevin Rooney here.  We spent some time together in Stalag 16 am I right?  You remember, or might remember the "dark days" which I have made reference to in previous entries.  For the life of me I can't remember personal intersections we may have had.  I feel certain you were one of the other alter boys I served with, (funny that would float to the top) we were in the band together, I made 1st baritone in '68.  You would have been on the band picnics in 67 and 68?  Were we also in the choir, I remember practicing music from Camelot with Sr. Allen but I don't remember any of the other kids who were with me.  I was always wanting to do anything that would keep me out of the cottage.  Naturally when the normal diversions didn't work there was always "running away". 

Do you remember David Beckman or Dom Brezinski, Jackie Masterson, the Lenetti brothers and Neil Lewis.  Jackie, Neil and I were together from cottage 8 days in the second grade.  I think Eddie joined us about the 4th grade in cottage 10.  My e-mail is     I am trying to break away from the addictive FaceBook thing here of late, sorry if you are looking for me there.  I prefer the process Dan has set up here.  Its public but feels more personal.  It offers a way to chronicle and consolidate and link memories.  People who come here come for a purpose.     

I think I would fall over if Jackie, Neil, Eddie, Dom or David were to call in to this site.  It would be great to know they are alright.  Does anybody know anything of a kid named Harry Tillerman.  Harry was probably rescued shortly after going to 16 or if lucky...he was spared the 16 experience altogether!  I can't remember.  Hello Harry if you are out there!!!

Post Date: July 7, 2009

From: Bob Stevenson
Timeline: 1967

Yes I remember you, vividly, but you probably spent more time with my brother John. He was in the class of '68'. I too passed through cottage #12 (Sr. Mary Grace)- #16 (Sr's. Petra and Dorthea) - #20 (Mr's. Abraham and Basil). Additionally I went on to St. Anthony's where I spent years with Jack Masterson and Neil Lewis, two of the funniest guys you will ever meet. I too share some of the difficult memories you have placed on the  site. I appreciate you putting yourself out there like that. I also have such a wealth of good memories that I hope those can be presented also, for all our benefit. 

I read each one of the entries and it was like a wonderful trip down memory lane for me. I just have to laugh at some of the things. Sure at the time when we were all lined up on the attic stairs waiting our turn to go into the attic and turn, drop our drawers, and bend over for your 2 swats with the radiator brush it was terrifying. And so what if while you were standing there, the kid who got his next, came screaming and running out of the door holding his unbuckeled pants up crying as he flew past you down the stairs. All you could do was swallow and move up one step as the next victim entered while you nervously waited your turn. Sure the slow prcession was much more of a punishment than the actual swat. But we were all together, right?

You mentioned cottage #16. Were you there the time someone did some thing or another to Beau (the white poodle) and Sr. Petra was furious? "Alright you bunch of %#X*@$'s down to the basement, you are going to make this floor shine". So out came all the mops, buckets, squeegies, brushes, and wringers. And she would begin to make those steaming hot steel buckets of Pine-ola. She would wind up and throw them across the floor and we would start scubbing. Then on the second batch or so, some how the bucket twirled around and dumped all over her. There she stood soaking wet with Pine-ola, the steam rising from her habit, even her glasses filled up with it. Everyone stopped and every mouth hung open. You could have sliced the air with a knife, not even Beau moved. Then as she slowly backed up the stairs we all looked at one another and I never heard such a deafening silent burst of laughter in my life. I will cherish that moment forever.

Yea I think Joe O and John V were tough coaches. They always rode me about my sewing kit. But hey I must admit I made it to 1st string quarterback. With Kevin Davis and Pat Dillon in the backfield and Ed Davies and Greg Olson as ends not to mention a line that included Jim Keegan, Steve Spirko, Rudy Kobza, and Billy Fronzak what could go wrong. Oh and I almost forgot our own personal monster of the midway Mark Hettinger, our center. Yes we dominated the league that year, I think for the first time we won 3 games and tied 1. Incarnate Word stood up and took notice that year, I tell ya.

Although our gym was 100 years old with a floor like the playground which is still reputed to be the only gym with columns actually on the court, we still learned the fundamentals of the game. And even though on game Sunday you could see the moths fluttering off of our basketball uniforms as we ran out onto the court we didn't care. In my mind they were the brightest uniforms on the court, and our few parents were the best fans ever.

I was so glad to hear that Dan Pugh's class kept up the 8th grade tradition of going over to the girls side at least once before graduation. Kudos to you guys, only we never got caught but wasn't it worth it anyway!  I think we all hope there's some forgiveness in this world. I know I need it as much as anybody.

Sometimes you just gotta laugh!


Post Date: July 8, 2009

From: PizzaMan1971
Timeline: 1983-1986
..............when I first came to Parmadale, I was one of the most unruly children walking the face of the earth, when i left, I was in line, no doubt, Mom was glad to see i was a changed person, I went thru 3 and a half years of straightning up. Mr. Curt Ayers I would have to say was the one directly responsible for turning my very scrwed up life around.

I was a sleeper, in other terms, I had been thru the Juvenile system for years at this point in my life, I was a ward of the state, i could'nt bring myself to doing anything right, having been sexually abused for so many years, going all the way back that i can recall, to at least 6 years old, by the time i was 13 I had thought it was normal, but then i got to go Parmadale, living in that structured setting saved my life.

the way i recall it, you started out as a level 1, and worked your way up, level 5 meant ready to be discharged, you were ok, I ran away from Parmadale so many times, that I stayed a level one my first two years there, then i met Amy Kolz, she was in cottage 13, I think, she became my best friend, I don't know what happened to her, and i only recently remembered, it has been very hard for my to do this, post this, I have re-written this many times, I am now 38 years old, and have it pretty good, I don't owe much money to anyone, and i work 2 jobs and stay real busy, i would like to see some of the people i was there with, just perhaps to see how everyone is doing.

there was Ray, can't recall his last name, but he lived over off Clark Ave, by w47th area, he was my best friend at the time, there was Tony, a black kid who we called Tone Capone, he showed me Jet magazines, and I remember dreaming of hot black women then, so young, yet so old, Donny Archeki, I think was his name, he hung with Matt and Brian, Brain was a black kid who was really hardcore into Prince, purple rain and everything, I think were there names, we were all in this cottage together, 10 i believe, I ran away a lot, and one time, the three amigos caught me out in the city, i was waiting for a bus to go somewhere, cause I had run away, and went home, but my Mom told me to get out, you cant stay here, I said I don't wan't to go back to Parmadale, but she did'nt care, so i wen't to the bus stop to go somewhere else, as i waited for the bus, and it pulled up, i saw that the bus was a state road bus, so I passed on it, jsut as the bus is rolling by, right in the back of the bus, and staring me down is Donny and Matt, i took off running, I look behind me and the buss comes to a screeching halt, I got about a 500 foot jump on these two, but they give chase, eventually i lose em, but the damage is done, and that night I got caught, this time i went to Juvenille hall, and spent a week there, before getting shipped back to parmadale, so many stories no enough time, i want so bad to have some blanks filled in, I was abused while i was there, but it had nothing to do with the priest, he was one of the few people who actually treated me good, so with all these people knocking this man down, shame, cause i suffered abuse there, and i never got it from Fr Semnitore, I got it from the counselors, Mr. Maurice howard, I will never forget the name of the man who did some dasturdly things to me, as a 13 year old, I sure do at this time in my life, having just started to remember all the things that happened, still would never want to dredge it up for emotional payback, that's absurd, God makes everything ahppen for a  reason, then it happened so now i can forgive, i just want to somehow hold on to the good times, and there were those, going past the hermit's house, walking to Audrey's, past the house where the AA kids stayed, plast the laundry building down the hill, the movies in the gym on friday night, playing basketball on the court near the woods, Amy Kolz, the food cart, the smoking pit out back, our cigs were allways handed out to us, Mr Banicek, Mr Ayers, some of the names, someone out there from my time, God Bless for being a survivor.

Post Date: July 9, 2009

From: Bob Stevenson
Timeline: 1967

..............Alas I must correct my entry of 7/8/2009. When I read Dan Pugh's entry on 8/28/2008 of the time when a handful of boys, climbed down from the roof of cottage 20, stealthily penetrated the sacred ground of the girls side, threw some pebbles at their dorm window, and had a midnight rendezvous with a handful of the more daring girls, I immediately typed a few confirming sentances of that marvelous evening. In my haste to cut and paste I ran a few sentances together and as I read them now they seem to indicate that I didn't get caught that night. I must correct the record, accuracy is important in such matters. Dan and I were classmates and indeed Mr. Basil was on to us and we all were found out that night and we all got the lecture. I still think it was quite a feat for us to stand against the iron wall of discipline and in the face of danger go where no man (or girl)had gone before. (at least not that I know of). But I still say "it was worth it".
All kidding aside I agree with Dan and am thankful for the sence of right and wrong we learned from those how diligently watched over us, I'm sure the job wasn't easy.

Bob Stevenson

Post Date: July 11, 2009

From: Tara Brentson (Kelly)
Timeline: 1978-1984

Hello All,
..............I’m Tara Brentson, formerly Tara Kelly.  I was lucky enough to stumble upon this site when Parmadale had unfortunately been receiving some rather negative press.  It has taken me a long while to post a message as I needed to gather my thoughts and as you see, I have a lot of thoughts!  I was blessed enough to come to Parmadale in 1978 after living in Metzenbaum Children’s Center for a year, and stayed until I graduated from Parma High in 1984.  Of course at the time I did not view my stay as a “blessing”. 

I was in the little girl’s cottage, cottage 11 at first.  I have very fond memories of those days as well as memories of some of the girls.  There was Lashanda Jones (I think), Annette Mango, Tela McNeal, I do remember Paula Merashoff, Elaine Jackson (heard she passed), Elaine’s sister Terri Jackson (cottage 13), Cheryl Batts, Linda Blackwell, Vicky Spencer, Yodi Robertson, Renee Phillips, Sherryl Schreiber, etc., and later, the girls that I really bonded with and grew to love as sisters, Joyce Blackwell, Sandy Blackwell, Kathy Ahlfatter(sp?), Mary Ann Ahlfatter, Gina McConvill, Laura Martz, and Phylis Price.  I can only remember a few of the cottage parents in cottage 11; there was Ms. Diane who stands out in my memory because she was a very stylish black lady who passed away suddenly.  Quite devastating considering she was only in her 20’s, they all seemed so much older, but in fact most of those cottage parents and camp counselors were very young.

Although I have great memories of cottage 11, for the majority of my stay I was in cottage 7, where the older, supposedly more mature girls resided.  That’s funny; we could be very silly at times!  When I transferred to cottage 7, I was the youngest girl and quite depressed about the situation that is until they moved Joyce Blackwell down.  And as time went on more and more girls our age arrived.  This is where I bonded with a lot of the afore mentioned girls. 

Then there were the boys….boys that I dated were Duane Sinclair, Allen Walden and of course Reggie Peeples (RIP).  Duane was very talented, could play every sport, roller skate like a speed demon and was a decent guy although I had been dumped for Kathy Stacks.  I have lost touch with him completely after leaving and would love to hear from him.  Allen was a sweet heart.  I remember Joyce B. and I got him in trouble for not saying “Good morning” to us….poor guy.  And then there was Reggie.  I dated him during the last years that we were there.  We made an attempt to continue dating while I was in college and he in the service.  Unfortunately, we ended up loosing touch and talking every blue moon.  He was battling some demons but was a good, decent, and very intelligent human being.  He often referred to himself as my “Catholic Boy” in reference to his high school, Central Catholic.  I remember being devastated when he moved from cottage 8 (directly across from my cottage, 7, to cottage 16 around the bend where I could not look across and see him….he thought I was being silly of course!).  I was beyond devastated to learn of his untimely death.  He is still loved and greatly missed.

A few people I remember:  Mr. Dempsey Hunt, King Tut (you were leaving as I arrived), Bob Bunner (dated Yodi Robertson), April Bunner, Dennis Ellis, Mike Winburn, Tina Soto, Eric Blankenship, James and Sean Blackwell, Tony and Frank Ahlfatter, Jim Smith, Tammy Jarvis, Cheryl and Debbie Batts, Bob Fritz, Darlene Perry, Pat Serino, Lisa Raines, John Sutton, Tony King, Tom Renfroe, ect.  I’m sure there’s more but the names escapes me at the moment.

Life in Parmadale and Cottage 7 with Ms. Ann was quite eventful.  Things I remember:  cottage jobs, Basic - Awareness - Respect - Model (I had a bit of a smart mouth and lived on Basic and Awareness for the most part), 4 “Works” – 1 work = 15 minutes of scrubbing/cleaning something, The Commons Area (my “antics” in the Commons Area), Audrey’s, village dances, ordering $7 per week (that was the limit) from my Parmadale savings account,  Saturday cleaning, roller skating at the rink (broke my arm) and on grounds, our dog Peppy, those horrible old bikes, that exceptionally handsome priest who’d visit having no clue that us girls maintained huge crushes, summer Olympics, swimming in that awful blue one-piece at the pool, summer jobs – weeding, raking and generally slaving around the grounds, Ms. Carroll, summer school at Parma or Normandy High, summer “Beautification” contests, on-grounds school, the back hill, getting “works” for swearing – cutting across the grass- yelling out the window- etc., Christmas, sneaking and wearing jeans to school, village dinners….serving at those dinners, Mrs. Woll’s plays (How to Succeed in business without really trying, I was Hedy Larue, The Pajama Game, etc…), the Easter plays (I directed and played Jesus once….but Gina McConville played the best Jesus) using the traditional music from Godspell and Jesus Christ Super Star, being informed by Ms. Ann that the Easter Play was not a “Fame” production….I was a bit ambitious in my directing, talent shows, the village store, snacks after school, decorating the house at Christmas time, Mr. Wilson “Pops” who was quite inappropriate – he would “massage” those that did not mind and thought he was being a “father” figure….I recall plenty a day avoiding “Pops” and his unsnap-your-bra-massages, cottage meetings until 12 midnight or later (trying not to get yelled at for falling asleep), Having Mr. Lazaro pick me up from school when I was sick…he was listed on all of our school records under “father”, cutting through the park coming from school (Reggie always waiting to walk me the rest of the way home), a gazillion posters and pictures around my bed area to match the trillion stuffed animals on my bed and the billion pairs of shoes under my bed, “visiting” the girls in cottage 13 specifically during the time when “General Hospital” was on as we were not allowed to watch in our cottage, Midnight Mass, Mass in general, confessions with Fr. Leahy or Seminatore and afterwards allowing myself Model privileges because after all , my sins had been erased and I was starting fresh (of course this did not fly), baseball, the food van, working in the kitchen with mean Sister Dorothy (“accidentally” managed to spray the floor as well as rinse the dishes only to find her sprawled out at my feet,  in her haste to storm over and stop my “misguided” spraying, she had slipped and fell…. me laughing hysterically did not help, needless to say, I was fired), us girls rolling up our shorts and tops to lay out – asking every ten minutes “did I get any?”, breakfast in the park (dead of winter) and layering up to the point that we looked like vagrants!, the various awards ceremonies – specifically the person that most exemplified Martin Luther King during the year and truly believing that I would win because I had been “good” for the week prior, the State Fair and lining up for the $5 dollars we’d each get, movies in the gym, the meetings we had for those of us who went “out–to-school” (off campus) to deal with race relations, secret Santa, the dreaded spring cleaning, sneaking on the boys side, waiting for the school bus at the front, Quail Hollow, band ( I played snare drums because my boyfriend Duane S. did and Mr. Veron the Music Director said girls couldn’t play drums due to weak wrists….I showed him!), the haunted house that Mr. Ralph and his boys would put together, Parmatown Mall on Saturdays, sneaking and watching TV movies that had the “Parental guidance…” announcement on every commercial break and attempting to change the channel before any staff could hear, Choir,  me and Mike Winburn having art classes on Saturdays at the Cleveland Institute of Art, cutting through the woods to get to Parmatown, how the boys (usually your boyfriend) would call to meet at the top of the back hill to walk to Audrey’s , Reggie being the only boy allowed on the girls side to pick me up and walk me to the door for our Audrey’s walk, Ms. Ann’s favorite word “audacity” ( apparently I had the “audacity” to come in the house on roller skates), piercing our ears late night in the bathroom with only cold water and sewing needles, reading the VC Andrews “Flowers In The Attic” series like fanatics, tobogganing and sledding, proposing to Mr. Woll that the Saturday afternoon Kung Fu TV shows were not a bad influence and we should be able to watch only to have him to show up in the cottage unexpectedly just when I was in the midst of performing my inept version of karate and yelling that I was going to karate chop Sandy B., and solidifying the fact that Kung Fu would never grace our TV, the great field trips that I would have otherwise never experienced, pretending to play on the tennis court only to see your boyfriend, Mr. Carson teaching me to drive with one of the Parmadale station wagons, clothing orders, thinking we were stylish in our corduroy’s (usually with a comb in the back pocket) – earth shoes and flannels, Joyce B. and I purchasing the coveted “Jordache” jeans, study hour, us girls singing to those old vinyl records in the basement (Joyce B. could sing her butt off!), the smoking area outside by the back steps and in the basement (I hung out with the smokers although I didn’t smoke), writing a billion letters to each other (we’d write each other (girls) and our boyfriends and visa versa) and passing the letters in between classes, changing classes (on grounds only) to music instead of bells, riding in the back of the village station wagon with our feet hanging out the back window, drill team, Frank A. and I being the queen and king of the circus (with a bunch of toddlers – quite embarrassing ), St. Patrick’s day parades downtown and having my drum fall off of me during a parade, winning a trip to Chicago with Fr. Leahy - his mom - a nun (can’t remember who) - Cara Moose - and two other boys,  summer camp, Ms. Ann’s affirmation as she stood at the door while we all passed by her leaving to catch the school bus “ Have a great day, make all A’s!”. 

Of course there were some bad times in Parmadale; however, they were the equivalent of any middle class kid’s growing pains.  I am forever grateful that I was lucky enough out of all of my siblings to be able to go to Parmadale.  My life and future had been saved.  I gained so many things through that experience such as family, discipline, the importance of education (B.A. from Cleveland State), morals, values, trust and love.  Seriously, God bless all of those people who took me in and cared for me like family.  Parmadale….thank you.

Post Date: July 17, 2009

From: Wayne B
Timeline: 1965-1970
..............This is Wayne Bushman. Does anyone remember me and my three sisters Barbara, Cecilia May and Mary Kay Bushman.
To Kevin Rooney- Are you not the kid from Kingsport Tenn. you and your brother. I betcha too many don't know that!!
We and that includes my three sisters would like to hear from anyone!!!
I just stumbled on this site!
Best regards,
Wayne Bushman

Post Date: July 17, 2009

From: Cecilia M Bushman
Timeline: 1965 till 1971

..............Does anyone remember my sister Barb my broyher Wayne and my twin Marykay.we were in cottage 5 13 and cottage 11.Does anyone remember riding our bikes around the flag pole.And remember the orchard we use to pick apples.Remember holding encylopeda when we were bad.i ran away from that place 5 times and got brother wayne found this site it is awsome if anyone remember me who i am here is my e-mail address do u remember the 4 sundays play sunday  home sunday visiting sunday what was the 4th sunday.please please contact me i don't remember alot because i was so unhappy there. But they were there to take care of us does anyone remember the fire in  cottage 13 i have a news paper clipping of it it was in 1969 i will post it on this u could all see it.

Post Date: July 17, 2009

From: Josi
Timeline: 1975 - 1978

Formerly (Pustoslemsek)
..............I have many memories of Parmadale. Before Parmadale I lived with my mother who was mentally ill and no other functional family life. The holidays had no traditions or exciting celebrations. I graduated from Normandy in 1978 at 16 years old and was awarded to live on my own. (that wasn't one of my greatest ideas :-))
In Parmadale Miss Ann Vantroba who was very strict also gave us some fun family tradions. I remember her getting us up early and taking us to Brecksville park and making breakfast over the coals. I spent some of my study halls with Ira Gold, anyone know where he is? I still talk to Ed Borows his daughter Christina and my daughter Sam have been friends since Sam was 2. We named Sam after Sam Milanovic he was my best friend and died in a motorcycle accident when I was 4 months pregnant with Samantha. I think about of people from Parmadale and wonder hope they're doing well, Wendy Copeland, Chris Sheske, Donna Buchanan, Keyome Merle to name a few. Last hing I heard about poor Rhonda was that she was hit by a bus, did she recover? I saw Maria Fuentes about 15 years ago, she was married with kids.
I thought I had it rough when I was there and really thought I would show them once I was on my own. I had no idea how rough it would be at age 16 with no family help.
I have to give props to the staff. I would have no interest in watching 20 problem teenagers for my daily job. That takes a crap ton of patience!!! If you are interested in getting in touch with me email me at

Post Date: July 18, 2009

From: Cecilia M Bushman
Timeline: 1964 to 1971
..............I Just got done reading all the letters people wrote about parmajail. I remember i had to scrub the basement floor with my toothbrush because i ranaway.I've been back to parmadale just two weeks ago june 29 2009  it lookks  the same but differnt ways there were deers roaming  in the yards i even drove in the back behind the cottages i started getting goose pumps on my arms i was showing my husband where i was brought up at.I live in Ottawa KS i have 3 grown children and 5 grandbabys.I allways talk about Parmadale to my husband  and to my kids.My parents were very sick and they could not take care of us i have a twin MaryKay My older sister Barbra Ann And my big brother Wayne P Bushman.I hope i get results from other people that were in parmadale.I've been reading all these letters and all i could do is cry there were some happy memorys but very few i allways remmember getting hit.and have to kneel on a broomstick.I hated it there.I know now it was the best thing for us our mom passed away in 1970  my twin and me got out in 1971.We got to live with our aunt Betty&and UncleJohn and in 1976 our dad passed away My twin and me went to Broadview elementry school  then we went shiloh jr high then we went to parma sr high from 1976to 1978 we graduated then in July  i eloped and went to florida and got married to my late husband  John McCracken we were married 25yrs.and god decided he needed him up in hevan he had cancer we had no idea.then 18 months later i met a man named John Turner on he liived in ottawa ks and i was living in cleveland ohio we got married nov18 2005 and we moved to ottawa ks.and thats where im now i work at American Eagle dc  been there now 3yrs.If anyone remembers me or my siblings please contact me  at

Post Date: July 18, 2009

From: Barb Bushman
Timeline: graduated 1967

..............Oh my Gosh! My brother Wayne and sister Cecilia informed me of this site. Let me say this is fantastic. I want to do a shout out to all the girls in Cottage 9. First I would like to  Thank all of the people who supported us when we were at Parmadale.  I must confess I hated PJ but later I realized it was probably the best place we could go live.  Hi Anita what a leader. I hope you are doing well. I think I had a crush on Bob N. I recall writting letters to him when he went to St. Anthony's I went to Horstman Home. Anyways I'll check back on this site. I live in Texas been here for 9 years. Love to all Barb

Post Date: July 20, 2009

From: Cecilia M Bushman
Timeline: 1964 to1971

Hi evetyone i sent the picture from the Cleveland press paper to this site i hope everyone gets to see it. (Click Here to see picture)

Post Date: July 20, 2009

From: Jackie Wilson
Timeline: 1959 to 1962
..............My story has already been somewhat shared.  As life goes on, so my story continues.  My brother, Marshall Wilson, and I visited Parmadale while he was here from Alabama, and we were taken on a little tour of Parmadale in April.  Thank you to John and Barbara.  I look forward to seeing as many of the former "Parmadale" attendees at the Alumni Reunion. 

We all have many stories to tell, and yes not all of them are pleasant.  However, thank God that Parmadale was there for us, and still is.  We all need to think of what would have happened to us today in the world of Foster Homes and Social Services.  Is your glass have full, or half empty? 

All I can tell each of you is that, for me, it was healing.  I felt a sense of comfort while walking around the premises.  Parmadale has changed, but if you take a walk about, it becomes familiar.  Parmadale gave me so much.  We did have so many, many opportunities.  I, myself, was the only bi-racial child in Parmadale, and in the 1950's, let's face it, it just was not talked about. 

Think about the Band, and playing for President Kennedy when he was running for office.  Think about the ways that we all tried to get rid of that blasted "liver" that was served.  Think about the "progress programs" that gave us confidence.  Think about the Irish Real Dancing, and the competition.  Think about Cedar Point, and Route 66.  I never looked at motion pictures the same way again, after seeing how they were made.  I am still trying to locate a copy of the Route 66 episode.  Parmadale was not really an Orphanage, but more like a safe place for us to be.

Again, I look forward to seeing everyone that can make it at the reunion.

Post Date: July 21, 2009

From: Wayne B
Timeline: 1965 -1970

.............Does anyone have a picture of the 1970 Graduation Class Photo? I sure don't!

Post Date: July 22, 2009

From: Mjmileca1
Timeline: 1966 - 1970

.............Does anyone correspond with any of the following guys, Francis(Frank) Goodwin, Conrad Shelter, Richard Dillon, Dan Caniglio(spelling?), Dave Gaston, Michael Carroll, Ken Spoden and Bob Golf(spelling?)?  I was in Cott# 10 & 14 with everyone until I transferred to Cott #20 where I met Bob Golf.  Also, does anyone correspond with Mr Chet Budziak, Richard Ready and the former Sister Michael Ann, "aka Julie Zales" (spelling?).  They were teachers at Parmadale School in the late 1960s.

Post Date: July 23, 2009

From: Pat Mahon
Timeline: 1964 -1968
..............Cottage 14 was one of to cottages I lived in. I talk to former SR. Michael (Now SR.Walsh)from time to time.

Post Date: July 29, 2009

From: kevin nelson
Timeline: 72 -78

.............Ok I remember Josi you might rember me micheles brother I think your in 1 of the pictures she put up. I also remember tom, ed doyle. If you cant remember me I was 1 of the 4 that stole a village car and made it to PA. I think tom was in cottage 6 st tommas program at the end.Any body notice in the pictures that cottage 20 is missing ?

Post Date: July 31, 2009

Timeline: 1968 - 67
.............Hey Bob, I read your entry of July 8  here is the story behind the Poodle gag.  Beau was actually my license for freedom.  Walking that dog gave me the chance to totally and without fear of punishment escape the cottage for an hour or two every day.  I would never have hurt Beau on purpose, okay.  We had probably been on one of our trips to Euclid beach that week.  I loved salt water taffy.  We were in the living room and Beau was begging for "whatever" we had.  I gave him some taffy.  He starts chewing on it, then chews on it, then chews on it.  We were all laughing.  The dog was howling, snarling, rolling over on his back and kicking in the air.  He couldn't get the taffy out of his teeth.  Naturally we all thought it was funny as hell so we gave him another piece.  The dog was going into a fit.  I must have stopped laughing at some point, long enough to notice that there was something wrong with him and tried to get the taffy out of his mouth.  Bad move.  He was nearly in sane and bites me very severely as I remember.  Now I'm bleeding and howling and he is chewing and howling.  That's when Petra walks in.  We must have worked late into the night in the basement cleaning the floor with Pineola and tooth brushes.  Sound familiar?  Loved your football memories.

.............Here is one for Mike M.  You mentioned a couple of names that sparked memories, you are good with names.  Seems like Spoden was a big blond kid, but he was a short timer.   Same with Bob Golffe ( or maybe just Golfe, I remember the "e" ) not sure why I remember it but I think that is how he spelled his name.  I think the other name you had a spelling question about was Conigliaro like the Red Sox outfielder Tony Conigliaro. You also mentioned Michael Carrol.  I remember a bad accident on Sled Hill one winter.  It was probably 67 or 68 and I think it involved Michael Carrol.  Does the name Jimmy Abbott ring a bell?  Any way, I loved doing the toboggan more than the sled.  You remember the left side of the hill was for toboggans and the wide right side was sleds.  I always got picked to steer because I was suicidal when it came to racing another toboggan down the hill.  I guess I figured that if I got hurt bad enough I would be out of the cottage, that was always a good thing.  Just before the intersection with the path ( 3/4ths of the way down the slot ) the hill narrowed making it almost impossible for two toboggans to get through side by side.  The other toboggan I was racing down didn't make it through the slot and ended up in the trees.  I think it was Michael Carrol or the Abbott kid I mentioned who hit a tree and broke his leg very severely, like maybe a compound fracture.  They had to use our toboggan to carry him to the hospital cottage because theirs got broken up pretty bad.  I remember feeling very bad about that for a long time.  I don't think we saw him again after the accident.     

I really loved the winters up there.  Every year that I have lived here in NC I pray/wish for multiple snow storms...never happens.  I moved too far south.   

I remember one winter we built a igloo in the corner of the road at Cottage 20.  Every night we would get out and spray water on it to harden the ice.  Then with each snow we would add more snow blocks to it.  It was probably big enough to seat 6 or 8 kids

When I was a little kid just getting to cottage 16 I realized that being a slow moving target for bigger kids to throw snow balls at was not very much fun.   Not sure how I latched on to the idea but I enlisted with the worst bully I have ever known, Willie Williams to be his personal snow ball maker.  I would make the meanest ice balls so long as neither he nor any of the other bullies would use my younger brother Shea, as a target. 

Does anybody remember wetting your hair before going outside, then you pull it up into a spike, once it freezes you break it off and throw it at somebody?  Were we weird or were the nuns putting LSD in the oatmeal?  Maybe I was the only one getting a hit of acid?

Sorry folks I can't make it to the reunion.  Not sure if I would have tried to go, but I was in a car accident about a month ago and hurt my neck and right shoulder.  Got clobbered by a 15 year old who didn't have a license.  I can't spend a half hour in a car before I'm in pain.  Speak well of me in my absence.  Will someone add reunion pictures to this site?

I'm better now.  Went through a dark funk about two months ago.   


Post Date: August 2, 2009

From: MJMileca1
Timeline: 1966 - 1970

..............Hi Kevin:  Thank You for the clarification on the names/guys.

Also, I was the Mike that hit the tree on Sled Hill in the Winter of 1967.

Sisters Labore', Evelyn Marie & Myra drove me from the Hsp Cottage to Parma Hospital.  Remember the Nuns did everything in 3s for the most part back then.
Sister Gertrude Marie, relief nun, received me in the Hsp Cottage, and for the first time she became very friendly w/me.   
We were "bff"s from that time forward.  It did not hurt that I had a Sacred Heart medal that fall out of my pants pocket in front of her. 
I received 17 stiches in my upper lip.
When I returned from Parma Hsp Sr Jochim had me stay in the Hsp Cottage for a few days.  Then they made me return to Cottage #14 w/Sr Louis Mary.
Some things you just do not forget.
Take care,
  Vaya con Dios

Post Date: August 3, 2009

From: Tom Marolt  a.k.a  King Tut
Timeline: 72 - 80 ?

.............Kevin Nelson  I  cant really place a face with that name  its been a really long time ago Im 45 now. I dont remember any car being stolen what yr was it ? I was involed in my own crimes while I was in Parmajail  I couldnt stay out of trouble exspecially with this kid Ace  I cant remember his name.Lets just say we stole alot and not from any other kids that were their. Their were alot of us that were pretty tight knit that hung out at state road park and did what we wanted to do , got stoned and chased girls hung out at Parmatown mall an ran in the woods alot that was pretty much are lives. How I ever made it into cottage 6 is beyound me. But when I started screwing up and cutting school alot because I had to go to Parma High and those a%$$*&()%s use to love to chase us up the back hill thank god we had Big John on are side. Mr.Woll threatened to move me to another cottage so I went AWOL and was never caught I believe that was in 81 I think.

Post Date: August 10, 2009

From: kevin nelson
Timeline: 72 - 78

.............Hey Tom I was in cottage 6 with you . I use to hang with Ivan and richard philipps do you remember paul mays? I was in the down stairs dorm right by the back door I'm 47 now do you rememember rudy vanderzee cottage parent? My sister put pics of me om the site.
                                       my emal
                                           take care

Post Date: August 11, 2009

Timeline: 1964 -1966
Hey, Mike M.

..............I'm still looking for a name of a nun.  She had Cottage 8 when I first got there in 1963, then in either late 64 or 65 it seems there was some kind of big re-assignment.  I remember it causing me great anxiety.  But the nun I had in 8 moved with a bunch of us to 10.  Neil Lewis, Jackie Masterson,  Harry Tillerman David Marcik (sp.) and Eddie Linetti and maybe Lonnie Banks were with me when that took place.  Can you check your connections and resources and find out who she was.  In the summer Sr. Rosaria was her back up.  I don't think it was Myra, I just can't remember.  Was it something like Ryan or Rian? 

Anyone remember the names Angel Cordova, Michael Corrigan or Mario Rivera.   Not sure why I do.

Post Date: August 11, 2009

From: I Need Some Prayer
Timeline: Today

.............Sorry if I missed somebody, never got too good at the Facebook thing before giving up on it altogether.? I'll try it the old fashioned way.? And by the way, I am a postal employee, so I must not be referring to ancient history.?

A very dear woman who went to court for two years trying to adopt me from P-dale (a cousin of mine) has suffered a stroke.? She can possibly survive it, may even walk (or at least roll ) away from it...but I think she will need...Will you help me pray for her?? Her name is Bobbi Duffy grew up on the west side, west of 117th now lives in Indianapolis.? All the west side Duffy's are related like all the west side Rooney's are related.? Between the two of us that could take in hundreds of people but I only know you guys.

Love ya ?


Post Date: August 13, 2009

From: Renee'
Timeline: 1960 - 1967

............I've read all the posts and so many memories come flooding back.  I didn't realize how much of that period of life that I just blocked out.  Good to see names of friends from the past.  Hope life has been good to you all.  Not sure about making it to the reunion but hope you all have a great time.  My brother Robert Reed and I spent our childhood there.  He pasted away two years ago.   Will write more later just wanted to say "hi" for the moment.

ps:  Said a prayer for the woman who had the stroke.

Post Date: August 14, 2009

From: Bob Stevenson
Timeline: 1967


............Hello to Renee' Reed, so glad to hear from you. No one played the flute like you did. I hope all is well with you. I was heart broken to hear about Bob. We were at St. Anthony's and Reynolds Hall at the same time. I'm going to try and make it to the re-union, it will be the 1st one for me too. I hope all is well with you, take care.

Hello back to Kevin Rooney, yes sir how could I forget Sled Hill. You know I do remember the day they used a toboggan to cart one of the casualties to the Hospital Cottage. And I remember dodging trees on those rickety sleds that didn't have any steering left. Remember those washed out gullies along the sides? If you got into one of those it would swallow you, sled and all!

One year we dragged some logs out of the woods to reinforce the ceiling of our snow fort but it still didn't matter. We were sitting in there thinking we were safe when the big kids crashed through onto us. I think the logs made it worse. Thanks for reminding me of those snowball fights behind 18 & 20, those were some great times. Be well and stay warm!

Post Date: August 15, 2009

From: William McNulty
Timeline: 1945 to 1952

.............hi i was at parmadale from 45/ to 52i lived in cottage 6 . sister anne marie
/ i did not like it there!
i received a gift from sister bernard ! the story goes like this she made us kids put our head down on our desks and to
visulized.     than  she put on a record of classical music and i would dream i would 
leave parmadale on the wings of notes so clear and mellow / i would dream of charging 
horses and pirates  the notes than would quit!! and i was release to  my plight. now that
i am 70 yrs plus  i can say thank you . the reason is that i have 5 children they all
love to listen to   classical   music and the 9 grand kids also love the music , thank
you   sister bernard 

Post Date: August 17, 2009

From: Don Shearer
Timeline: 1939-'44

.........What a great turnout for today's alumni picnic.  It was nice to see you all having such a good time.  Hope you all are able to make it again next year.  Stay well.

Post Date: August 17, 2009

From: Don Shearer
Timeline: 1939-1944


...............My heart will always be in Parmadale.  My brothers George, Joe, and I came there in 1939.  George was 12, Joe was 3, and I was 4.  We were so fortunate to have been taken there by the kind nuns after out mother passed away.  We were alone and running amuck.  After George graduated and was fostered out, he joined the Marines and fought in the Pacific theater, being wounded and then being returned to the states.  My brother Joe and I stayed in Parmadale until we were fostered out.  Life was hell in each and every foster home.  Life for me went on and I am now a successful businessman in Medina, Ohio.  I have nothing but the highest praise for Parmadale.  Thinking of Parmadale always makes me warm inside.  Such wonderful memories I have.  After baby cottage, my brother Joe and I went to Cottage 10, with Sr. Vera, aka "Chairman of the Board," so to speak.  Yes, she was strict, but she also could hand out love.

Sorry for babbling so much, but I want you to know how much I care about "My Home."

Donald W. Shearer

.Post Date: August 17, 2009

From: joseph funtash
1975 / 1979

i was at parma dale from 75/79 i was confermerd there i hope some one would have that picture i have asked mrs woll but she is still seaching for it or pictures when i grad in 79 we had our dinner at seaten hall about the time fr leagy was there pue bisop iserman wasther when i was confermed and fr leagy

sorry about some spelling hope you can locate pictures thank you          GOD BLESS YOU.                                                                                                                                                                                                  emaim is                                                                                                                                               

 Post Date: August 17, 2009  

 From: littleM
Timeline: 1949

.........I was sent to Parmadale as an after thought.  My two younger sisters and an older brosther had already been received at Parmadale.  Mary Ann was in Cottage 13 and Judy was in Cottage 11, Johj or Tommy was in Cottage 14.  I landeed in Cottage 9 with the "older" girls.

I was in the 6th grade, had sister Jerard for 6th, I forgot the name of the nun in 7tyh but Sister Adele was my teacher for 8th grade.  Sister Ida and Sister Thomas were our house sisters.  We had 29 girls in the small domority, and 30 or 31 in the large dorm.
We were invited each year to spend a day at Euclid Beach Amusement Park and you HAD to go even if you were afraid of rides, no excuses because after all, some rich folk paid for the tickets for us, poor, unfortunate children.

Naturally I was fone of the people on this earth who gets sick just watching the rides go round and around but, again we had to go on the rides.  We started with the Whip, then on to the Bubble Bounce, and then Over The Falls.  Before the ride got to the top of the hill, I lost whatever happened to be in my stomach and spent the entire day in the infirmary and when we got back to the village, on to the hospital cottage I spent the night and most of the next day.  To this day, I don't ride anything.

Post Date: August 17, 2009

From: Bob Stevenson
Timeline: 2009

...........I just attended my first reunion in 42 years and it was fantastic. There were even a few precious classmates of mine there and I was overjoyed to see them. Someone said we have a common bond that not many can understand. This is so true. After 42 years that bond was still there.

First I want to thank those who labor on this site and the FB Alumni site with all my heart. Because of them I found my hidden family and it really feels good.

Secondly I want to encourage anyone who may be thinking of going to go. Third week in August 2010. I had all the fears that you probably have. I didn't think anyone would even remember me. I was so wrong. I wanted to remember the good times because there were many of them. And thats what we did. Many thanks to my classmates who brought pictures. It was a great day for me and my family.

Post Date: August 19, 2009

From: Dan Pugh
Class of 67

...............First of all I would like to thank all the alumni that attend the alumni picnic. Judging by the turnout it was a huge success. To the alumni that could not attend the picnic we missed you and we are looking forward to seeing you next year. I would like to say a special thanks to the Management at Parmadale for inviting us and Mr. John. The last time I saw Mr. John was forty-two years ago and he has not changed a bit. Anyone who took pictures at the picnic and would like to have them posted for everyone to see on our picnic page please send them to Remember this is your web page the more you add to it the better it is for everyone. To those of you who already donated pictures and memories, Thanks.

 Post Date: August 20, 2009  

Timeline: AUG. 16  1969

.........Dan, allow me to be the harbinger of ill-tidings or the warning label on the pack of cigarettes if you will.  By some cosmic coincidence August 16, 1969 is the date I was finally released to my Tennessee aunt and uncle along with my brother Shea.  This past year, communicating with and re-acquainting with fellow cell-mates has been in many ways therapeutic, friendly and pleasant. I thank all of you for those correspondences.  I hope to maintain them throughout the years of my life.  Though for me I fear it also reopened wounds which through the years were neglected and simply covered over. Only now at age 54 I am having to heal them through the services of a psychiatrist and medication.  As my shrink and I look at it I was already a PTSD candidate the moment I first passed through the front gates.  I am certain many of those who attended the reunion and who are reading this right now were victims of childhood trauma ranging from simple neglect to truly horrific offenses!
 .  Don't stay in the deep end of the pool if you can't swim.  Call out for help.  I know I've said this thing in the past and I thank Dan for continuing to humor me.  Be well. Stay well.  And yes, I am pleased that so many happy faces are looking back at me through the pictures at this years reunion.  Wish I knew who they all were.  Did someone keep a guest book of attendees?  Sorry I had to chicken out.

Post Date: August 23, 2009

From: 1of3
Timeline: 49-54?? -2 "tours"


...........fellow travelers (both labels that bind us all) - if my guardian angel had taken notes back then, here's what he might have written:
as with us all, my time(s) at Parmadale were tough (and only valued later in life)
the change from a no-rules to an all-rules "home" was the hardest thing i ever had to do
- youngest kid in cottage 18, welcomed with a 1st day fight (split-lip/broken tooth)
- Strs's Catherine? and Ann Gertrude-another lip splitter and as slap happy as they came
- Str Jane, maybe, 2nd or 3 grade teacher? loved to spy from the second floor window
- cottage 14, Str Anne Marie and again AG (a nun i clearly drove crazy - literally)
- funny that i can't recall a thing about the 4/5? grades/teachers
- but the BEST snowball fights/sled hill/homemade ice-skating pond/inter-cottage sports
- the WORST apple butter sandwiches, scrapple, and creamed eggs - a whole new meaning to Lent
- learned to love music (sister Marie Collete), and the perks of singing "downtown", KoC wake roseries, and St.P' day parades, Euclid Beach, and the value of playing fair
- learned to hate rulers, pool cues, broom handles, radiator brushes and not-so-open hands, and the idea that being close enough to get hit passed for being bad and that automatic guilt at voices raised in disagreement/anger/accusation is a helluva habit to carry thru an adult life, and oh yah, visitor sundays
i remember steel-wooling class room floors with benzene (the giggles of high 3rd graders), getting alapped and polishing upstair cottage floors week after week after week because my shoes were so small i'd crushed the heels until finally someone figured out that the problem was not my being too lazy to untie them when i took them off/put them on, stamp collections, trading any and everything, seeing "my" clothes on other kids, showers in the dark, hair goo, Mass 7 days a week with "vespers?? on Saturdy afternoon, 3 day silent retreats, the incredible pleasure of being woken up by the cottage next door going to mass and discovering that you had a sleep-in day, memorizing alter-boy latin but not getting the job cause none of the available "alter-sneakers" fit, dinning-hall jobs, daily jobs, weekend jobs, orchard jobs, summer field day ice block pool races, and punishment jobs - later as a teenager I made big bucks (at the time) as a really good custodian
i value my learning that we are ALL god's children and that parents lie
i value my learning that nuns, like all, come in both good and bad flavors
i value my learning the power of team in its most fundamental form
i value my learning the value of dreaming of better days
i value my learning that the woods are indeed lovely dark and deep
i value my learning that as bad as some do-gooders did, (ball point pen for Christmas - twice) that the trying has to and should be done - giving back is not a bad way of getting back
in closing, it is really easy to imagine that at this moment that guardian angel i mentioned in the beginning of this remininsence would salute us all, remind us of our blessings and comfort us in common passage -   pax vobiscum

Post Date: August 28, 2009

From: tommie marolt a.k.a  King Tut
...............I missed the pinic the persons I was gonna go with never got back to me. I reconized Big John Humphey he looks the same but lost all his hair lmao. It may not be on purpose sorry big john. I really wish I would of went now! The girl in the picture with the pink top on and shorts looks like Debbie Davis? does anyone know? anyway Im deffinetly going next year!!!!!!!! Peace people King Tut !

 Post Date: August 30, 2009  

From: kevin nelson
Timeline: 72 - 78

....................ok anybobody from the 70s check out facebook

Post Date: August 31, 2009

From: Survivor
Timeline: the 60's

Help before I slip to low my spirits fading fast.
Traveling down familiar roads
I'm lost and can't get back.
Deep dark passages in my soul
Reality is so unreal.
Trying to block out all the pain, trying not to feel.
To melt the walls would be suicide and I don't want to die.
Keep on holding on, keep on wondering why.
What was wrong so with me? 
Why did you leave me in this unfamiliar place?
Never to know a parents love feeling like I was some kind of disgrace.

I hold my head high with a smile on my face sometimes I even fool myself  but oh the toll it takes!!!!
  To the other survivors of Parmadale and childhood abuses it was "not" your fault.  You were a child you had no control over what was happening to you.  The scars of the past will always remain but may the hope for the future  be your saving grace.   Been there!

Post Date: September 8, 2009

Timeline: late 60's
.............First to Brian Hupp, I am glad you and your brothers and sisters are all well. Most of mine are. We lost Polly, who passed away in 1992 with complications from diabetes. Tom (Tippy) was adopted and now he is married and doing very well for himself. He still lives in Ohio as well as my sister Cathy. The rest of us now live in North Carolina.

Now to whoever sent in the last entry, kind of written like a poem. I hope you can come to peace with yourself. You ARE a survivor, we were all tramatized by the experience, but we are your support group. You are not alone. We could probably help more if you let us know who you are. Be proud of who you are. We have come through an experience that some people will never know. I know everyone was in Parmadale for different reasons. I always thought it was an orphanage. What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger. Try to take anything good that you can find from the experience and let the rest go. We cannot change the past. We DO have the power to forgive and forget, which will allow you the peace you need to go on to a happier life. You are in my prayers. I wish you PEACE.
graduated from Parmadale in the class of 1969

Post Date: September 9, 2009

Timeline: PRESENT/1960'S

...................Welcome Survivor, Your poetry and passion touch my very soul.  We walked that dark road together and I know our young lives would have intersected in the darkest of moments.  Having been there from late 62 through my graduation and rescue in 1969 we shared in it all. At some point "coming out" from behind your moniker may serve a beneficial aid to you we of this sad little community will warmly embrace you.  Yet, no less now we welcome another survivor who has wandered in from the dark woods.  Many of us have given our e-mail address on this site and on Facebook.  Mine is, we are here for you.

Thank you Dan

Post Date: September 9, 2009

From: Greg Olson
Timeline: 1966-67
To Survivor;
First of all, a very lovely poem. I'm sure for many of us, this has touch a very tender nerve. Reconnecting with old acquaintances and revisiting past experiences can be very trying and often unsettling. Especially so, if those experiences were perceived as “unpleasant” ones.  But these shared experiences of ours show that we were a very resilient generation. We were very capable of standing up and overcoming the many obstacles that we found in our paths. Many of us, though unfortunately not all, were very able to grow and develop into well rounded, caring, nurturing adults in spite of the hardships we had to endure. The passages in our souls through which we travelled have tempered us into stronger people; have made us who we are. And for the most part, those are great human beings today! Evidence the effort made by Dan and others to bring this forum to life for all of us.

I have talked with many from those days over the recent months. I’ve shared emails with most and the one thing that has impressed me is that we did survive! And very well too, I might add! We smile broadly, laugh heartily, live fully, and love unconditionally and that is something to celebrate. We’ve raised beautiful families and cultivated a loving environment for our friends and families. Were there times for all of us to despair? I’m sure there were many more than we’d like to admit to. Did we struggle with feelings of inadequacy? Of low self-worth? Definitely there were times. But we made it. And now finding others whose struggles paralleled our own and seeing that we did come through the storm, as it were, with our heads ups, confirms what we should have known all along; we are special! Always were; always will be!

You have obviously admitted to yourself that there was nothing wrong with you; that it was not your fault. I sense that you still feel alone and somewhat isolated, though. That is what this site is all about; reconnecting with those whose experiences and pasts were yours too. We all had bad times. We all had troubles. But we also had great moments of shared joy and camaraderie.  And it is those times that help us get through and give us the strength and the courage to make for others the wonderful life we knew we could bring to the world. The time is now to let go of the bad past and cherish and share with others the good things we bring forward to today. For it is that which we all need to share and treasure in each other. That will be our legacy to our children and our families. That we did, in fact, go on. And we did it well!

Be at peace with yourself. And join us as you need.

Greg Olson

Post Date: September 11, 2009

From: Survivor
Timeline: 60's
.............First off let me apolagize for my momentory lapse into self-pity!  I'm sure you are all familiar with trigger flash backs.  I actually wrote the poem when I was much younger along with many others.  When I read the posts it reminded me of that dark place from the past and I thought I'd share the pain I too felt from the abuse and neglect.  Every now and then those feelings come rushing back but I am able to overcome them and bring myself back to the here and now.  A life that is full of love and forgiveness for those caused the pain.
  Thank you for your responses and your caring words of advice.  I am glad to know that there are people who do understand.  You are all right we have been tested by fire and have come through stronger and with more empathy to those who are suffering. 
  This is a wonderful site.  Thank you to those who have got it going!

Post Date: September 14, 2009

Timeline: PRESENT

Our empathy and sympathy is as genuine as a clear blue sky.  Everyone of us has felt the dark ominous clouds which can cross that sky.  Again I say when the time is right you will reveal to us which of our comrades we embrace in you.  Until them feel welcome in a community which thrives on the strength of sheer numbers of people who have have been where you have been literally and figuratively.  Today we all survive on the power of what that common experience has done to us both in the positive and negative.  We are here for you and one another.  My own therapist has remarked on numerous occasions with amazement on what a tragic life I have survived.  I feel certain that everyone of us has heard similar words.  Take comfort and strength in knowing you have found a community with such a common bond.       

Post Date: September 17, 2009

From: Survivor
Timeline: the 60's

I wanted to say thank you to Kevin, Greg, Bridget, and Dan. 
Yes we were all there together Sister Therese, Sister Myra and many more.  Was it every second Sunday that we were allowed visitors and every fourth Sunday  when those that someone who cared got to leave the place for a visit home?  I remembered watching the cars come and go in anticipation that one of them would be for you
  Sled hill left me with a few scars to remind me of the fun we had.  The walks in the woods to "second creek"  I don't remember if there was a first creek.  The school yard were the girls and boys could look over at each other but not get together.  The raids on the kitchen to get snacks for our late night meetings over in the schools teachers lounge.  Sneaking out with a few others to hitch hike around Cleveland at night. Almost getting caught and running from the police. If the nuns only knew.  Cleaning for the tours because if it wasn't clean no one would donate money and we would starve. Ha Ha.  The smell of Murphy's oil soap still lingers.  Love the stuff to this day.  We should have bought stock in that company.
  Glad to know so many have survived.

Post Date: September 19, 2009

From: George W. Simon
Timeline: 1934---to---1943
.............I, like many unforunate, innocent children (boys, in this case) was robbed of a normal childhood because of a broken home.  A place called "Parmadale" was my destination.  The Catholic order of the Sacred Hearts Sisters were are mentors.  As it happened, they were our 'TORMENTORS'...hiding behind a habit to sprew their abuse and cause extreme pain and suffering to young, innocent children. I was at the tender age of six (6) when I began serving my sentence in that ALL BOYS school of misery for nearly nine (9)long  unforgettable years.
        I am a tender 80 years old now and I look back at that place with much saddness, and painful memories because of the cruel treatment I and my many brothers suffered.  Sure, there were times of appeasment, but they were few and far between the miseries those Sisters consistantly bestowed on us. I sill have the many scars to prove it!!!
      I was a victim of Sister Mary Vers's venim in cottage #10, where cloak room beatings were, unfortunately for us kids a common occurance, when she wipped out her weapon of mercy/hate her handbrush (foxtail) and struck us on the shoulders, hands and head, where I still carry scars from those beatings.  I, nor my companions were deserving of that cruel treatment. Cruelty to children in those days went unpunished.
I hope her soul rots in hell.
    A few years later after I was (paroled) released, I went back to seek revenge on Vera, but when I saw that pathetic,pecid,excuse for a human being, I said a prayer for her, asking God not to produce anymore of her kind, for the sake of humanity.
     I can rant on, and on, and on, but it would only bore you.  You see, nine very long and miserable precious years of my life were ruined in that "hell hole" call the Parmadale ORPHANAGE.  I pray to God evey day for him to protect todays unfortunate children and not allow them to be subject to such heinous treatment. There should be a law to protect them, in this case, if there was (and there was),NONE was applied.
    Many years later, my Dad told me he had to pay $25.00 per month for my incarceration there????!!!!  In those days that was a bunch of money.  He came to see me just once in all that time.  I was given no special treatment.
        Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please say prayers to prevent,in the future, incidents like these.   Such institutions built to provide efficent and loving care for such misguided/broken home/abandon children should be regularly inspected for maltreatment abuses, and if found to exist, appropriate severe punishment be administered... God Bless

Post Date: September 21, 2009

From: Bob Stevenson
Timeline: 1967

...................Hear Hear! Hats off to Greg Olson for a wonderful entry on 9/11, (rather fitting).
I agree whole heartedly and think your piece is well worth reading again. It's true, none of us could see that we had a future then, but we can all see we have one now. By God's Grace may we let the best of our past make our future brighter, for us and for our children. Amen brother.


Post Date: September 22, 2009

From: Pat Mahon
Timeline: 1964-1968

             George alot has changed in the 41 years since I left, and the 60plus since you left. I'd like very much to talk to you. Pat Mahon

Post Date: September 22, 2009

From: survivor
Timeline: 60's
.............Dear George,
  Read your post.  I am sorry for your pain. I don't think the abusers of children realize the lifetime of pain that they inflict upon their victims.  Sure the physical signs of their abuse fades with time but the mental wounds are there forever.  As those before have written we are blessed with good times in our life but those formative years do make us deal with a lot more self doubt and make future relationships harder to form when all we knew growing up was torture.  You are right that there should be more accountability for how those who say they will care for the children whose families couldn't.  Just because they are nuns or priest should not be an excuse to allow them to do what most people would be put in prison for.  The catholic church should be held accountable for covering for these sick people.  Maybe if they were hit in their almighty pocket books they would have listened a lot sooner to the cries of the children that suffered.  Just knowing that here you are!
  at eighty  and your still feeling the pain that was inflicted on you at Parmadale makes me wish I could reach out through this computer and give you a hug and let you know that we understand.  Please know that there are people who care.  May you wake tomorrow with a smile knowing that for a moment in time our souls have touched and you are wished a peaceful day.

Post Date: September 22, 2009

From: Andrew Walzer
Timeline: 1954

.......Dear George W. Simon,
I am sitting here in Florida at age 61 wishing I could give you a hug after reading your post.We both were six years old when we went to Parmadale and my Dad never came back for me either. The nuns always beat the hell out of kid made noise and everyone in the basement got a beating. I said earlier that they would line up all of us ( 6 year olds ) and beat our palms or our knuckles when we pulled away. I believe that the Catholic church has covered up child abuse and sexual abuse of children by their priests and nuns for as long as they have been on this planet. That continues to this day. I too hope that they are in or will go to the HELL that they always talked about. The full blame for this cover up is shared by every priest and nun today who stand by and do nothing including the higher ups and ultimately including the Pope. They all know and they all do nothing. Anyone who gives 10 cents to the Catholic church supports this past and ongoing sexual,mental,and physical abuse of children. Period.
George, I hope that you do as I try to do. I go out of my way to be kind to everyone I meet... because maybe I'm the only person who treated them that way all day.We are six year old brothers my friend. You are not alone.I wish you happiness for the rest of your life.You deserve it.

Post Date: September 23, 2009

From: John C
Timeline: 1977-1979

The poem that Survivor posted encourages me to share a poem I wrote after spending an hour or so looking at Parmadale and surrounding territory (e.g. Normandy high) with Google Earth (an interesting piece of software if you haven't played around with it that allows you to navigate through a massive database of satelite images, zooming in and zooming out, etc.):

So many years since I was there
But now with Google Earth I stare
And see it all from outer space
It seems like such a tranquil place

But there are things you cannot spy
With cameras flying through the sky
And nightmares that you can't unearth
With hi-tech toys like Google Earth

Yet still I think it's pretty neat
To see from seven thousand feet
This place which caused me so much pain
Since now I see the whole terrain

The world was larger than I dreamed
And time passed quicker than it seemed
I never knew there'd come a day
I'd be so free to zoom away


Post Date: September 23, 2009

From: gloria (hayes)goss
Timeline: none
Subject: neil lewis

.........Neil lewis stayed for a short time with my parents when he was about 8 years old. There is a picture of him in an ice cream shop in mentor with euclid beach memorabelia. I would like to contact him or at least know he is ok.
thank you,
gloria (hayes)goss

Post Date: September 27, 2009

Timeline: 1969

.......I spent 7 years with Neil, thought a lot of him he was and probably still is a great guy.  The sad but true thing is.  Not everybody who had an experience with Parmadale is looking back in this direction.  Its history.  For some if you have read much of this website a bad and very sad history.  Bob Stevenson, Greg Olsen, Wolfgang Fifer, come on guys, can you give Gloria a hand?  Neil went to St. Anthony's after PD right?  Pick-up the story!
Neil was great in sports and band.  If my memory serves me he played trumpet.  He was also pretty good in school, well to me everybody else was good in school.  Nobody knew what ADHD was in 1967...they knew I was smart so they just assumed I was either lazy or crazy.
You can see a picture of Neil with the 1969 Graduation class on this website.   


Post Date: October 1, 2009

Timeline: THE PAST

             OKAY, So I spend too much time here.  Professor, Mike M. or anybody who is good with faces.  Go to the snapshot page...go 8 rows down...last picture on the right...the nun looking at the camera.................who is she?  The face haunts me and I need a name
Even if its Petra, tell me, I can take it. Do it off site if you want.

Post Date: October 1, 2009

From: John L. Melbar
Timeline: 1945 - 1951
Subject: Just found this site.

.........Reading George Simon's comments sadly could have been written by many of us.
I arrived at Parmadale in 1945 and remained until 1951. The beatings George refers to administered with wooden,metal and hard hand brushes,drum sticks, the handle of Sr. Gilbert's cane which she used to grab boys by the necks and then beat them with the cane, are all too familiar to me.
Talking during retreat or just whispering during a basketball game as a player was tossing a free throw were met with beatings.
One of my many punishments was to be sitting all alone at one table for a whole year. A punishment for not going to confession.
A boy by the name of Farrell from Cottage 8 was not allowed to go to the bathroom. He then soiled his underwaer and was forced to hold them up for hours for all to see while standing on the playground.
Years after,some classmates asked me why I never attend any of the reunions. I can only visualize what would have happened if I were to have run into Srs. Gerard(?),George,and Gilbert. Their beatings would have paled by mine of them. Srs. Ann-Marie and Vera would have faired even worse. Better to stay away from such fiasco.
Fortunately, the rage and animosity diminish with time and age and one feels relief knowing of the passing of those sadistic and sick women.
Sadly though, not too much has changed. As of December 5, 2002 according to Prosecutor W. Mason, 1000 plus claims of sexual abuse at Parmardale were filed, only 7 of the accused have been indicted. George, we must have been incarcerated during the "good" times!
John L. Melbar

Post Date: October 1, 2009

From: Bob Stevenson
Timeline: 1967

.......Sorry Gloria and Kevin, I have many fond memories of Neil Lewis. (Also John, Kurt, and Diane) We were together at St. Anthony's and had many great games. Neil was good in football (very fast) and had a geat jumpshot in basketball, additionally he was a very funny guy and we had some hilarious times. Our favorite game was making sure the staff earned their pay! It would be great to hear from him. Unfortunately I was drafted in 1971, left St. Anthony's and haven't heard from him. I hope you have success finding him.


Post Date: October 2, 2009

From: Bob Stevenson
Timeline: 1967
      To Kevin R. I think the answer to your question is Sister DeMontford       

Post Date: October 2, 2009

From: survivor
Timeline: 60's
Subject: Just found this site.

.....  Nice poem John C.  Liked the idea that we now have the freedom to zoom away.  Kevin I think that the nun Is Sr. Demonfort not sure of spelling.  She was the counselor.

Post Date: October 2, 2009

Timeline: 1969

.......Thanks Bob and Survivor.  Now do I want to go with the second "D" ahead of the "T" or after.  Certainly if we used demon - fort she came to the right place.  Mike M.  you want to weigh in on this ID.  You have been a great source of "nunification" hmmmm spell check doesn't like that last big word, I like it just fine!!

Can anybody ID the kids in the back of the hay wagon ride and the camping trips?

Post Date: October 3, 2009

From: KEVIN 
Timeline: P.S.
             I just for the first time saw a guitar case standing up in the back of the hay wagon.  That had to mean that Fr. Russ Banner or Fr. Jerry Blake (neither priests at that time) was on that trip.

Post Date: October 3, 2009

From: MJMileca1
Timeline: 1966 - 1970
            Hi Kevin:  The "Nun" is Sister M. De Montfort, aka, Betty Hum.  She was the Lead Social Worker at Parmadale until apprx 1968.  Sister Mary Patricia replaced Sister De Montfort.  I hope this historical Nun data satisfies your inquiry. 
Take care, Mike
Vaya con Dios

Post Date: October 4, 2009

From: Renee'
Timeline: 1967

.....It's so much fun reading the posts.  It brings back lots of memories that were long buried. I've stayed in touch Marilyn and Mary Lou. Mary Lou stays in touch with Gloria.  I just told Mary Lou about the site.  She said she'd check it out. I talked to Russ Banner after my brother Bob died in 2007.  He had done a picture of him that used to hang at St.Anthony's.  Thank you for you kind words about my brother Bob Stevenson.  Any memories you have to share about him would be appreciated.  I miss him.  Hopefully next year I can make it to the reunion.  Would love to hear from Christine Z. and see how she's doing these days if anyone knows how to get in touch with her please let me know. To everyone else "Hello".

Post Date: October 9, 2009

From: Bob Stevenson 
Timeline: 1967
             To Renee'
I don't know if your on face book but you can contact Christine Z. there.

I do remember one night when your brother Bob found this black cat.
He brought it to his room at Reynolds Hall where he had some black lights hooked up.
(very popular in the 60's) Well he had these cans of "Day-Glo" paint. This paint was specially made to glow brightly under black lights. Bob sprayed the cat with a series of bright greens, yellows and reds. It was quite an interesting evening as the cat ran around the room chasing a "day-glo" tennis ball. Of course it washed right off the next day and the cat just stuck around after that. I think it liked all the attention.
Another thing that stands out in my memory was Bob's ability to punt a football. He had an incredible reach with his foot. We usually ended up climbing a fence to retrieve the ball.
He was a good friend and was liked by all at "The Home" I hope all is well, it's great to hear from you.


Post Date: October 15, 2009

From: George Simon
Timeline: 34 - 1943
            Thank you, thank you, thank you, one and all for the wonderful responses to my story of misery @ Parmadale.  I am convinced I, like many others, were just the victims of the times.  I can't express my gratitude enough to those of you who shared in the pain of Parmadale, and took the time to let me know you care.  I too, care for you and hope your lives are full of love, kindness and happiness, you deserve a big hug also, may all your days be filled with compassion and happiness.  To the SURVIVOR, To John L. Melbar, to Andrew Walzer, your coments helped soothed the Pain and sorrow I suffered @ Parmadale. We must all try to Live and Forget the past and enjoy a trully wonderful, happy and healthy life. Your comments proved beyond any doubt that here is plenty of love and caring in this crazy world, I only wished you and I (the victims) could have experienced it in our childhood.  Have a wonderful day. 

If you care to share your comments please e-mail me @

Post Date: October 20, 2009

Timeline: PRESENT/1960'S


I have shown your site to my psychologist and psychiatrist (yeah, I need a team this time) both are impressed with the group therapy environment that this has created.  Most prominent is that this group has spanned so many generations.  The wonders and wickedness of Parmadale has united so many diverse people in so many different ways.  Me personally, I have always been interested in GEOGRAPHY.  So here is my challenge.  And I ask everybody to be honest or this won't be any REAL FUN.      WHERE ARE YOU LIVING RIGHT NOW?


Dan, Great job Pal !!!!!!!!

Kevin Rooney
Cary, North Carolina

Post Date: October 21, 2009

From: Pat Mahon 
Timeline: 1964-1968


          I now live in Jacksonville, Arkansas. Have been to Ohio 1 time since 1968. Have not set foot on Parmadale since June 14th 1968. Pat Mahon

Post Date: October 22, 2009

From: Karen Krasnik
Timeline: 73-75
Kevin Rooney
          I live in southeast Indiana.  Small town. My time at Parmadale was an extremely significant event in my life.  I wasn't there a terribly long time, in the scope of a life span, but Parmadale made an tremendous impact.  It taught me many things, some of which I didn't realize until well into my late twenties.  I lived in cottage 9 and then was moved to cottage 7.  At the time the move broke my heart.  I learned a lot from the cottage 9 staff.  If I can remember, there was Ms. Carol (long light brown hair) who worked days and Ms. Lela who worked evenings and had a nose ring.  I believe there was another Ms. Carol who lived in the cottage, she rode a motorcycle.  These women really were role models for me.  Now I realize they probably didn't make much more than minimum wage and they put their hearts into the job. I don't believe people today have that work ethic. I wasn't abused by any means.  I gave the staff many challenges and now would like to thank them for not going off on me. I still can't verbalize my feelings for Mr. Woll, still would be intimidated in his presence.  However, I have had my share of cleaning a side walk with a toothbrush, cleaning the bathroom with a toothbrush....I never had to use that toothbrush to brush my teeth.  I did have a lot of time to think about rules.  I didn't appreciate some of them...still don't like some of the "rules" we all have to deal with in one way or another.

Post Date: October 23, 2009

From: survivor
Timeline: 60's
Hey George, 

   Glad we could be of help!  Just curious where did life take you after Parmadale?  Did your experience there change your thoughts on having a family?  I myself chose not to have any children.  I had the fear that the things that happened to me would cause me to repeat the pattern with my children.  You know how people swear they will never do to others what happened to them and then they find themselves repeating the same abusive patterns.  Life sure has changed hasn't it.  Did you ever think as a child at Parmadale that some seventy years later you would be in comunication with all these other people from different generations who went through similiar experiences?  Technology sure is a great and fasinating thing.  Again may your life now be filled the peace of knowing others care and "DO" understand the struggles you've had.  A smile, a hug, a prayer is sent your way.

Post Date: October 23, 2009

From: John L. Melbar 
Timeline: 2009
 For Alumni of Parmadale

While attending a burial service at Calvary Cementery at 116th and Miles in Cleveland, I discovered the gravesites of the nuns from Parmadale.  The headstones show the years of their births and deaths as well when each of them became a nun, also their maiden names.

I recognized many names and thought some of you would be interested to know about this.
John L. Melbar

Post Date: October 24, 2009

From: George Simon
Timeline: 1934 -to-1943
To the Survivor;
     Thanks again for expressing your concern. You were very perceptive regarding having children. I waited until I was in my late 60's.  I now have a young wife and two (2) wonderful children (boys)ages 11 & 12.
     I am probably guilty of an over abundance of spoiling them, but what the heck, they're only children once, right?  I am making absolutely sure they don't suffer the scourges of adult tyranny, e.g., cloakroom beatings, etc.. They are both efficent in Martial Arts.  They received their  Black belts in TaiKwondoe and Shotkan Karate this past year, after 7 long years of training.  At least they can protect themselves from schoolyard bullies.

      Best wishes to all the survivors of Parmadale and broken homes, may your lives be full of Happiness and love.  Enjoy a happy life.  This will be my LAST comment on this website.

Post Date: October 24, 2009

From: Dan Pugh
Timeline: Class of 67
         As the Webmaster of this page I get many letters that are not posted thanking us for this web page. Many of them are from true orphans with no family at all. They are very happy that they now have picture and memories of their childhood. They feel they now have a Family to connect with. I must agree we are the luckiest people on the planet. We are a part of a very big family, all the staff and alumni of Parmadale past and present. God has blessed us with many great memories and lots of terrific Friends that are very much like our own family. I am the webmaster but this is your web page each of you help make it with your comments both good and bad, it is what it is and it belongs to all of us. I would like to thank each and every one of you for your contributions.

Melbourne, Florida

Post Date: October 24, 2009

From: B Hupp 
Timeline: 66-70
         Thank you,Bridgette,for the update on your family. I've thought about Tom off and on for years.
 I myself live in northern Indiana,the home of Notre Dame.
 Take care,all of you,be well.

Post Date: October 25, 2009

Timeline: 1969 or THE PRESENT
Hey Dan,
It will...and should not surprise me to discover there are some shy ones out there who's lives have taken them to Tokyo or Paris or Pocatello Idaho.  I'm talking to people who probably have been reading this beautiful site since you first began, wondering when or if they would add their 2 cents.  Not trying to turn your thing into another facebook, because we do have the white washed trees to tell us where the boundaries are after all.  Hope you have had a happy year.  Once again I will offer my holiday toast opportunity. And again this year to all...and to any who have loved someone whose life may have been touched by Parmadale, please join me.  On Christmas Eve, step out into the cold, heat, rain or snow.  And with the celebratory beverage of your choice, raise your glass and wish all your Parmadale brethren a Merry and blessed Christmas.

Kevin Rooney Cottages 8,10,16,18 beginning in fall 1962 ending August 1969, And for my Brother Shea, may his soul be at peace cottages 6, 14, and I think 16

Post Date: October 25, 2009

From: survivor
Timeline: Class of 60's

         Thank you Dan for starting this site.  It seems to be growing over the years as more of us hear about it.  You are right we who thought we had no family actually do it's just not one born of blood but of shared experiences and memories that included many good times along with the sad.  It's been fun and rather informative to see the different perceptions of Parmadale that people have.  A special blessing sent to you for giving us this forum.

Post Date: October 26, 2009

Timeline: NOW
         Survivor, we were not just ships passing each other in the dark.  We were young innocent souls sharing the same purgatory.  Hell is for our tormentors. Were we friends? Please forgive me if ever I have wronged you.  Thank you for any kindness you may have showed me.

Post Date: October 27, 2009

From: Renee'
Timeline: longtime ago
Hey Bob,
        Thank you for sharing the memories of my bro.  Till the day he died he loved animals and was always saving strays. He had a tough time dealing with life and animals were always his friends.  Remember Greta the german sheperd he took care of at Parmadale?  He loved that dog and many more that passed through his life. Do you know what happened to Stan Liss? There were a few other guys he stayed in touch with but their names escape me at this time.  In fact many names escape me.  I am amazed at how many names people remember on this site.
  Thank you to Dan and any others involved in keeping this site going.

Post Date: October 27, 2009

From: mathmark
Timeline: 84,85,86
hello all,
         first off,what a wonderful yet shocking site. i worked the summers of 84,5,and6  as part of the summer work program with mr. abraham,mr weiss, and mr breckenridge.had no idea at the time the history this place prayers go out to all of you. what i was wondering was,does anyone know if the challenge course or the outdoor amphitheatre are still there? i took part in building those and wondered if they stood the test of time.
 thanks and God bless,mark

Post Date: October 30, 2009

From: survivor 
Timeline: 60's
         Hi Kevin  Yes we did share time in life.  No you never wronged me and I hope the same holds true in the reverse.  Sounds like you've been to hell and back.  At least with this site and these posts you have a sense of confirmation that your past memories and  struggles were real and shared by so many of us.  In a way it gives us all validation that our stories were a reality and maybe those that know us can now have a better understanding of why we are who we are. I am glad that so many people went on to have happy healthy lives but I hope that those that struggle still are given the understanding they need.  We are not all able to wipe out all the trauma even if our deepest desire is to do so.  May today be a good one

Post Date: November 1, 2009

Timeline: PRESENT
Grazie mille!! 
I AM in a bit of a hell right now.  This is the second time in my adult life which a similar event has occurred.   I think for many of us the trigger will be finding our lives (or immediate future) under the control of a external force which we see as controlling us against our own will...wishing to and actually doing us harm.  That was the mark my pre-Parmadale life and the Nuns left on me.  Both times I found my work situation under the control of a domineering female figure who was doing and wishing to do harm to me in the form of unreasonable treatment and possible termination.  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is the devil.  The threat may be real or just a flashback, the problem is you loose your ability to determine the difference.  Like a car backfiring near a combat veteran. With situational PTSD the effects last as long as the situation persists or therapy brings you out of it.       
1. I hope none of my fellow comrades have know the hell I'm in right now
2. If it finds you seek help quickly.  Don't be fooled by alcohol.  Its affect will only last while you drink.
3. Hope you got good insurance, maybe some day everyone will

Post Date: November 3, 2009

From: Margaret
Timeline: 1960 to 1963
         I was so surprised to find this website!  The way I found it is really weird:  For the past couple of weeks, the name Bonnie Gunya kept going through my mind; I have no idea why.  I remember her from Parmadale, but I have no idea why her name kept popping up after 46 years, so I just googled her name, and this site came up with her name highlighted.  Wow!  I was at Parmadale in the early 60s, along with three of my sisters and three of my brothers.  At that time, we were pretty much the only black kids at Parmadale, although I think there was a brother/sister named James and Janet Hawkins, too.  I remember that we'd send letters to our parents, and the return address all of us girls used was, 6753 State Penitentiary, Children's Slavery Home, Ohio.  My mother said when she got our letters, the return address was always blacked out by the nuns.  Ha-ha!  I was in Cottage 9 or 13 (can't remember which -- I was in one of those and my older sister was in the other) with Sr. Arthur and Sr. Therese, and I remember my 6th grade teacher was Sr. Raphael, who wore Converse All-Star high-top sneakers under her habit.  She was always threatening to give the boys an upper-cut if they didn't behave, especially a really tall boy named Faustino Marx who had a mustache already.  Also, Sr. Arthur rescued me once from another girl named Gerry Pedraza, who was pounding my head against the sidewalk while we waited in line for the dining hall.  She was one of the tough girls and had cut in front of me in line, and I had told her off.  Bad idea, since she was a fighter and I was just a talker. I was just about to pass out when, all of a sudden, Gerry's body went flying right off of me and I could breathe again.  It turned out that Sr. Raphael had come over and actually given her an upper cut that lifted her off of me and across the sidewalk. What a lifesaver!  Gosh, Parmadale, what memories -- not all of them good.  I saw the note from Susan Reulbach's sister.  I remember Susan (she and Linda Naylor were my best friends in the cottage), Bonnie Gunya, Juana and Aurea Rivera, Mary Ellen (can't remember her last name, but she had been really, really traumatized at home and had Peter Pan fantasies), Gail Dombrowski (She had Downs Syndrome, and it was my job to keep her from running down Laundry Hill every evening.)  I was on the basketball team, played clarinet in Band (I was really awful), and I was an Irish dancer (that cracks my kids up when they hear it!).  I remember having to stay in the dining hall for hours after dinner because I refused to eat those nasty cheese sandwiches, and I would slowly peel off pieces of cheese and slide them into my pocket until it was all gone and then eat the bread.  I think the nun who had to stay with me would look the other way while I did it so that we could both get out of there.  As soon as I got back to the cottage, I'd flush the little pieces of cheese down the toilet.  It happened every week, just like clockwork.  I remember kids running away and being dragged back by the police.  I remember Monsignor dropping by in the evening and all the nuns running around to get his slippers and pipe and making us move so he could sit in the big leather chair.  I remember the nuns fighting in their room when they thought we were asleep, and we'd look through a crack in the curtain on the window to their room to see if they really were bald.  (They weren't; they just had short hair.)  I remember our gym teacher, Miss Barbara, who drove a really cool Chevy with fins and had a fiancee.  I think she was in her early 20s, which we thought was so very, very old.  I'll have to tell my sisters and brothers about this site; what a surprise!  Well, I'm at work, so I'd better sign off.  I'll "favorite" this site, though, so I can read more when I get home.  To all of you that had bad experiences at Parmajail, I hope your lives have gotten better.  Take care, everyone, and thanks for the memories.

Post Date: November 13, 2009

From: Kathy Anderson
Timeline: 1963-1965
      I was in cottaqge 9 with Sister Mary James. I remember roller skating in the gym and being a part of the girls basketball team. Meals in the dining hall and lots of time in the play room. I've often felt that my years there gave me a lot of help in my adult life. I learned to knit there, I still knit now for my family., and I remember learning to make coursages and flower arangements, another thing I still use today. Most of all I have often wondered about the people I lived with and got to knbow while I was there and wondering where they are now.

Post Date: November 13, 2009

From: Sheilab
Timeline: 60's
        I was not a resident at Parmadale, but my two brothers (Kevin and Shea Rooney) were there for about 7 years. When we were removed from our home in the fall of 1962, I had to be placed in St. Mary's Hospital for children, since Parmadale did not take infants at that time, and I was only 5 months old. My earliest memory of Parmadale and my brothers was when I was about 3 or 4. I remember going there with my foster mother and my foster grandmother to meet my brothers. I still remember how my brother Shea would be so happy to see me, and I would cry when I had to leave. In 1968-69 the Court gave my aunt and uncle Guardianship of Kevin and Shea, and they moved to Tennessee, and I was then adopted by my foster family, and lost contact with my brothers.

        In 1981 I had this idea that I should search for my birth family, so I went back to Parmadale to see if I could get a forwarding address for my aunt and uncle. Well the angels must have been working the office that day, not only was this information "sealed" and was not to be given out, but this very sweet nun went and dug through the files and found an old address of my aunt and forwarded it to me. Because of that sweet woman going against the rules, I was able to re-connect with my birth family.   

Sheila Baciak (Rooney)

Post Date: November 15, 2009

From: Sheilab
Timeline: 60's
         Since reconnecting with my birth family in 1981, dealing with my brother's "demons" of the past has been extremely hard if not impossible. I used to think that as long as we had each other that that would be enough, I was so wrong. I want to thank the staff of Parmadale for the mental and emotional damage they caused my brother. However, in fairness, I must say the damage started before he was placed there.

        As for my deceased brother (Shea Rooney), I believe that his death in 1979(?) was a direct result of the abuse he suffered not only at Parmadale but also from the hands of our mother. My surviving brother once told me that I was the lucky one, I got out. I was placed in a foster family (by Catholic Charities) who later adopted me. I chuckle at this, as I was in the custody of an insane, insecure woman who only wanted me for show. Dressed me up pretty, gave me everything, including beatings on a daily basis, and reminded me that I would not amount to anything since my birth mother was nothing but a drunken whore.

It has been a very long bumpy road since my brother and I first re-connected and both of us have tried on several occasions tried to make it work.

Wishing you all the healing and love that you deserve.I will keep you all in my prayers.


P.S. I found some pics of Kevin and Shea Rooney and I will attempt to post them to the site.

Post Date: November 15, 2009

From: Survivor
Timeline: 60's
Hello Again.

      Hey Sheila read you post. Wow what a story!  I understand what your going through with trying to help someone escape from the demons of their past.  No matter how much you love someone and care there is nothing you can do besides understand from where their pain comes.  You can't change their perspective on life only they can.  You can try to show them other ways of looking at things and try to redirect their thought patterns but sometimes it " just is what it is".  It's a shame to see a life get destroyed before a person has a chance to bring about the their fullest potential.  I wish you well.  Sorry for the loss of Shea. Sometimes you have to love from the distance and believe in the power of prayer. Peace.

Post Date: November 19, 2009

Timeline: THEN AND NOW
      My thanks for responding to Sheila's thoughts.  Our family story must be similar to many of those children rescued from toxic families.  As in many of these stories the child-victims either go from the frying pan into the fire or as in our case from one frying pan in to another. If I had a more private access to you, we could continue this conversation at greater length.  Suffice it to say that during my parent's marriage my mother had three children....I have been given considerable reason to believe that I was my father's child.  Beyond that lies the sociological abyss that has caused so many children to end up somewhere like Parmadale. Two of us have arrived to the ripe old date of November 21, 2009.  Again, thanks

Post Date: November 22, 2009

From: Pat Mahon
Timeline: 1964-1968 present
        When going through Army Basic training in 1975 I had Parmadale flashbacks. When going through Air Force basic training in 1978 the same flashbacks returned. Since I had been through something like this 1964-1968 it trained me to the endure the "short 6 weeks" both boot camps lasted.

Post Date: November 25, 2009

From: Pictures
Timeline: Parmadale in the 1920s
      My Father was born in 1911 and was sent to Parmadale as a pre-teen; are there any pictures from the 1920s.  His favorite nun was Sister Anne Marie.  As a child (I was born in 1949), we would drive to Parmadale to visit - all of my 11 siblings and my mom.  Daddy passed away two years ago at age 95, we have memories of many stories but no pictures.  Thank you.

Post Date: December 4, 2009

From: dave.g.123
Timeline: 1972-1978

Post Date: December 4, 2009

From: Chet
Timeline: 40s and/or 50s
        Sometime around 1977 or 1978 I was loaned a book written by a former resident of Parmadale who was there possibly during the 40s and/or 50s. I do not remember the name of the book or the author; the book was an autobiography. I believe the author was from Akron or Cuyahoga Falls or the surrounding area. He was a friend of the lady that loaned the book to me. This lady's son was a best friend of the author. The author considered the lady (Genevieve "Gennie" Grome) his Mom since he stayed with the Grome's quite often.
Prior to writing the book the author got crossways with the law and ended up spending time in prison. Eventually he rehabilitated himself and wrote the book. The last contact I had with Mrs. Grome was back in the late 80s or early 90s. I asked her how the author was doing to which she explained he was back in prison.
I have been trying to find the author and the book to no avail. Mrs. Grome passed away a number of years ago so I have been unable to contact her.
Any info you can provide will be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

Post Date: December 6, 2009

      Try contacting Dennis Kucinich's office.  Dennis also wrote a book in which he mentions his brief stay at Parmadale.  I would bet he has some knowledge of the individual you are looking for.  Wonder how many authors out there have done the same
Good Luck

Post Date: December 6, 2009

From: survivor
Timeline: 60 's
      Sears catalogs, midnight mass, Christmas caroling at the old folks home and at the cancer home.  Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, these are a few of my favorite things.(Part of the song that stays in my mind)  To other survivors I wish you the peace and beauty of the Christmas season. If you feel alone reach out to someone else.   Give the gift that keeps on giving your love and understanding.  As you know if you've read much of this site there are many hurting people in this world and it is amazing how healing just a nod and a warm smile can be. Peace! and Proud to say "MERRY CHRISTMAS".

Post Date: December 7, 2009

From: laura
        It's sad that nobody will come out with the truth that they are looking to sell Parmadale grounds and only keep the new facility.

Post Date: December 9, 2009

From: laura
      Why would the Christmas Service be cancelled other than the fact of downsizing to the new facility?  "this change was made with the comfort and safety of our children and staff as the highest proirity".  Why not state the true reason the mass is cancelled?  I don't understand????  Adults- always confusing with their own self willed actions not thinking of how children will be affected. After 25 years of being out of Parmadale I'm now on a quest to find a solution to dependency/co dependency and the whole dysfunctional family scene.  At the moment of this typing I'm again disappointed after reading about the cancellation of mass for the obvious reasons.

Post Date: December 15, 2009

From: George Simon
Timeline: 1934 - 1943
      I promised I wouldn't comment any further, but circumstances cry out for an explanation.
  I recently requested some vital information on my incarceration in Parmajail and was told that due to a RADIATOR bursting with water flooding that all evidence was destroyed. I CAN IMAGINE THAT ALL THE EVIDENCE OF CHILD ABUSE WENT WITH IT!!!!
      Wow, what a lousy way to run a railroad.  You would think that the Sisters in charge would have such IMPORTANT documents stored in a much safer place than next to a Radiator!  God help us!!!   There was absolutely nothing left for me to view for those NINE (9) Horrendous, Miserable & painful years of imprisonment. Thanks to the staff @ Parmadale, all boys jail, for ruining my childhood and burying all the evidence to prove it.

Post Date: December 18, 2009

Timeline: NOW

Post Date: December 19, 2009

From: Geo Simon
Timeline: Now
      To Kevin Rooney, hope this Holiday season is a pleasant one for you and yours, and to ALL THE SURVIVORS of Parmadale...Young & Old!!

        This msg is from the "old man" a 9 yr angry survivor of the ALL BOYS orphanage in Paramadale who couldn't get any souvenirs, because of a freak accident that destroyed all of them. The only help I need Mr. Rooney is for me to go back to PARAMADALE and FIND some paperwork/pictures, etc., etc., to help me remember my past. Thank You!       

     I WANT you to know, as a survivor of parmadale orphanage Kevin that YOU are in dire NEED of some sounc psychological HELP and I want you to know that I'm pulling for you kid!!!  My sincerest wish is that you do it SOON!!!!!    Merry Christmas.

God Bless and go in Peace.

Post Date: December 20, 2009

From: Katherine
Timeline: Aug 78-Aug 79
      Hi I was at Parmadale for almost exactly one year, then left for 3 difficult years with caring but very messed up foster parents. I don't have much time right now, but I recognise many names and situations/places people are talking about. I thought I would never find my former cottagemates/sisters in life again, been wondering what happened to people for years. I now live in Lexington, KY and havent been back to Parmadale since the day I left. I do have some pics somewhere in my house and will scan and post them as soon as I find them. One of the funniest memories I have is of New Year's Eve -- I remember a bunch of us gathering in the kitchen trying to get high on tea leaves, crushed aspirin, etc because we didn't have anything. I can't remember the girl's name but I rememeber her making a tea leaf cigarette on the table next to the stove -- man we were so silly. I also remember that Lori, Patty, Janet and I (I think) were supposed to go the the Halloween dance (or was it just a party?) as KISS and I got really sick and had to miss it. Lori put Vicks Vaporub on my sinuses and chest before heading out -- made me feel loved and helped me to breathe. I am saddened that some people were mistreated at Parmadale. I hated the place, but knew it was better for me than home. I am a mom to 3 children, one of whom I lost in an accident 3 years ago, which for me is the hardest and most difficult hateful thing I have ever been through, much more than any of the events of my troubled youth. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Join the facebook group too -- thats how I found some old friends and this website! I will also post more memories later. I am bummed about the mass and probable closure -- since losing my son, I cling more tightly to old memories. I was even thinking of driving up this year to go.

Take care -- Katherine Shaw

Post Date: December 22, 2009

From: Susan
Timeline: 1960 - 63
      This post is in response to Margaret's post in November.  I hope that Margaret is Peggy Sweeting.  I have thought about her often over the years.  We were in Cottage 3 with Sister Therese & Sister Arthur.
I was in the band & sat next to Peggy in the clarinet section.  I believe we both wanted to be first chair but were too afraid of Bonnie Gunya.  A Mr. Hern, I believe that was his name, used to come in and direct the band.
I remember all of the names Margaret mentioned which brought up a lot of memories.  Some bad, some good.       

Post Date: December 23, 2009

From: michelle foster aka hethanangel
Timeline: 80/81

      This is incredible :-D! Id have never thunk it! Ive thought about PD alot throughout the years. I never knew there was a reunion each year. I will definately try to start attending.          Wow...                          Reading yalls posts brings back alot of memories...                 I was in cottage 9, which at the time was the girls restricted cottage.    We didnt get to do alot of the stuff that you guys did. We did school inside the cottage itself. I remember ordering library books off the book mobile. I was in alot of different placements both before and after (to my later regret I KEPT going AWOL) and eventually got kicked out lol. I cried my eyes out when they said I couldnt come back. PD was the ONLY place I EVER cried about getting kicked from!               OK so my funny story about PD is that I became JEWISH at a CATHOLIC school rotf! True story lol. I think we all had one staff member that we kinda tagged onto more than the others. For me it was Ms Sharon Waxman. I mean there were othe

Post Date: December 23, 2009

From: michelle foster aka hethanangel
Timeline: 80/81
      Sorry I ran out of space. Now Ive forgotten where I origonally left off :-| Anyway Ms Sharon Waxman was the one who took the most time and made the biggest difference in my life (which btw Ms Sharon, Im still waiting for a rematch in chess ;-)) WOW! You 69ers made legendary history at PD! They were still recanting the stories of you sneaking to the gym when I was there! Lol.                                To the person with bad memories of PD. Im really sorry to hear that. I wish we all could have had staff like Ms Sharon and Ms Betty Carlisle. They were absolutey wonderful and made a big difference to me.                                My heart and prayers go out to the family of Faith as well. QR is the one thing that I would absolutely outlaw in those places becuse it is so cruel and easy to abuse. And unfortunely there are people who work in some of those places who enjoy pushing the kids buttons for an excuse. At PD they were rare.  Thanks for this site. People on the outs dont get it. HETHANANGEL@YAHOO

Post Date: December 23, 2009

From: Patty Merashoff
Timeline: 1977    1978
        I want to wish all the people of parmadale a Merry Christmas, Especally my  friends who i was lucky enoughf to find throughout the year, After leaving parmadale i left many friends not knowing if i would ever see or here of them again and not knowing the inpact they had in my life, in my mind i allways wonderd where my buddies went, i search the internet hoping to find someone, And what luck i had, a couple of my buddies found me,Katherine Shaw and Pam Dalton, when i saw thier names i wanted to cry it was like a part of me missing, We waisted no time on catching up and sharing memories, i wanna tell you, its great, Pam is same ole happy silly girl, Katherine was such a insperation to me, she is so smart and inteligent, she taught me alot, unfotunite and sad, she lost her son, 3 years ago i fill her pain and want her to know, all her parmadale sisters are here for her, And we love her. I allso maid contact with girls from cottage 11, laura Martz, shes the best and gina, we all have that bond, I was lucky enoughf to have two of my buddies by myside since i left parmadale debbie davis and lori bottner , i tell ya when we get toghther you can jest emagine, its a blast, so im hoping next reuion will be a good one cuse we have a bond like no other, SISTERS, im hopeing we can find more, i will allways be here for you all, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEARS, LOVE YA ALL PATTY,

Post Date: December 23, 2009

From: Survivor
Timeline: now
      Merry Christmas fellow Parmadale Alumni!   Sorry for your frustration George in trying to find stuff about your past.  It seems to be human nature to wonder about our childhood.  Most people have pictures or family to fill in the blank spots.  I wish you luck in your search.   We've all got our hurts and everyone's pain is valid.  Age is but a number we should respect each others rights to feel as we do.  We as fellow survivors should understand better than anyone that some have carried on and the past is but a memory but to others it is still vivid ache that won't go away.  Peace to all for the New Year and may God Bless you.

Post Date: December 23, 2009

Timeline: NOW

      Well it would seem that the time for commiseration has passed and the time for castigation is at hand.  George I want to thank you for helping me see what time it was.  I was trying to offer you consolation and you back-handed me.  I thank you all the same, I have stayed too long.  Dan, all my love, you are providing a great service.  Don't let any disgruntled drop-outs ever dissuade.  To the Classes of 1967 thru 1970 whom I have shared dining rooms, class rooms and camp fires with all my love.  I had begun to obsess on this site because of all it connected me with.  In many ways it was very cathartic....pipes are clean now, time to move on. 


One last toast, everybody join me.  At midnight on New Years Eve step out into the night and raise a toast to all the PARMADALE souls, living, dead, or just in hiding.  Wish them a bright and happy New Year!  See me here no more, I live at

Post Date: December 24, 2009

From: Pat Mahon
Timeline: 1964-1968-2009
        Very Merry Christmas to all past and present!   Pat Mahon 12-14, 14-6, 18-1

Post Date: December 24, 2009

From: TheyDo
Timeline: 1961-1963
      My name is Sandy Cicero Robins. I just found this website and have been reading as many of the other stories as possible from 1961-1963. This was the time when I was sent to live in Parmadale before going into foster care for a few years. I was always jealous of my three brothers (Bill, Ron & Sam Cicero) who at least got to see each other more often.  My experience in Parmadale with the "sisters of charity" turned me against believing in a kind and loving God until I found sobriety in 1981. Parmadale was all about the punishing "God is going to get you if you don't...blah blah blah." It was usually the nuns, not God. Having other children, on command from the nun, hold you down on her lap, with your pants down, to be spanked while the other children watched was terrifing and humiliating. Ron used to sing a song to the theme of Nancy Sinatra: "These witches are going to get you."

I have shared my story in the book "They Do Remember: a story of soul survival" which is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

We don't get over it...We do get through it!
Sandy Cicero Robins

Post Date: December 28, 2009

From: Bob Stevenson
Timeline: 1967
      A belated Happy Holiday to all Parmadalians. I did have a good visit with family. We did get a chance to give thanks for the blessings we can count today. That includes all those who share the memory of Parmadale with me. You and I know what no one else could posibly know or feel. I'm glad you all are there. Thanks for the call Pat, you made my day. I will remember at 11:59 and 50 seconds to toast you all during the final countdown and farewell of 2009. May 2010 be filled with blessings for you all.

Post Date: December 30, 2009

From: MJM1
Timeline: 1966 - 1970
        My wish for 2010 is that everyone that may access this website will have the sensitivity to know that this is not an "abuse" website.  Everyone that had the opportunity to be at Parmadale had experiences.  Some very positive and others not as positive.  As I read some o these stories I think of the unselfish love and kindness that was there for me and many of my Cottage colleagues by the many Sisters of Charity of St Augustine.  Remember that "blanket statements that categorize like people" are at best ignorance.  Not every Sister overly disciplined the children.  Lets try to keep open minds and open hearts.  Blessings to All in 2010.  Vaya con Dios

Post Date: December 31, 2009

Timeline: 63-69



Post Date: January 1,2010

From: Kathy Anderson
Timeline: Sandy's Book
      Hi Kevin, I just wanted to share with you that I purchased Sandy's book through, I could not put it down. I read it all in a day, the same day I received it. I thought I had sad memories until I read her book. Good Luck Kevin, I wish you all the best.

Post Date: January 2, 2010

From: MJM1
Timeline: 1966 - 1970
        Mea culpa, maya culpa, maya maxima culpa.  Hey Kevin, I certainly am not attempting to sensor the website on what s/be considered to be an acceptable posting.  I believe that for every negative entry there are potentially 10 untold alumni stories that are very positive and supportive.  My hope is that other Alumni will place a posting of their positive experiences.  Perhaps I may be accused of wearing rose colored glasses when I reminisce about my Parmadale days. I had more of a "Trouble with Angels" life at Parmadale.  Some of the comments in the website appear to be more like the "Seven Gates of Hell". Vaya con Dios

Post Date: January 2, 2010

From: kevin
Timeline: now
      MIKE, PLEASE i do not deserve such prostration.  i only meant to point out that many of us who came to pd were not simply left-overs from a marriage that went sour.  we were children who today would be seeing a team of shrinks.  as i have come to know i was just such a child.  i had passed the seventh gate of hell before i ever met my first nun.  sandy was also just such a child.  PD was not what we should have been getting as an encore.  and again i won't really put my self in her class.  girls always get it worse.

Post Date: January 2, 2010

From: Don Shearer
Timeline: '39 to '44

      Having spent five years at Parmadale, beginning with Baby Cottage and then continuing to Cottage 10, I am amazed at the stories I have read on this site.  Outside of Sr. Vera in Cottage 10, who went overboard on her discipline, I remember none of these other incidents happening to any of the other boys.  My two brothers have different memories than me, but one was in Cottage 10 with me, so I know he made up most of what he talked about.  It seems to me it's the same old story about being raised in an orphange, the "poor me" syndrome.  Believe me, as you get older nobody cares, they've got their set of problems.  And try telling the person at the checkout counter about your poor upbringing - outside of, "Gee, that's too bad," you still have to pay the bill.  I have always strived to live for today and put yesterday in the back recesses of my mind.  I have been successful in doing that, and I'm a happier person.  Let's try not to blame all our failings on some poor little nun.  As far as I'm concerned, Parmadale was my home, and I have fond memories of it.  Sorry if I have offended anyone, but those are my honest feelings.

Post Date: January 3, 2010

From: P, M
Timeline: NOW
        To Mr Don Shearer, You are so right.

Post Date: January 4, 2010

Timeline: RSVP

Post Date: January 5, 2010

From: rosebud
Timeline: now

     I agree with the fact that yesterday is gone and we are all accountable for our own actions.  Life is what we make it.  On the other hand to use an example if a glass vase gets broken it can be fixed but it is never the same.  There is a weakness at the seams now and it will not take much for it to break again.  I think the same can be said for the human spirit.  We put the pieces of our lives together and go on.  Sometimes when we've suffered abuse we can try to not let it affect our lives but all it takes is some sort of emotional trauma and once again we feel broken.  For those that have gone on to live good and happy lives you've been blessed.  For those who can't escape the past may you find the healing you seek.
  I too was raised at Parmadale and it was my home for eight years.  I had many good times with lots of great memories of friendships made and fun times had but there was the dark side of Parmadale.  I for one can personally attest to the abuse of Sr.Myra inflicted upon myself and others.  I watched her beat kids with no mercy.  We reported her abuse to Sr. Therese etc. but nothing was done.  Diane C if your out there and ever read this site I hope you have gone on to a happy life. I remember you got the brunt of the abuse from her.  Remember Sundays after church when one girl was chose as the victim and the rest of the girls were told to beat her up or get beat themselves.  This happened "every" Sunday after church in the dining room.  I can say that I never joined in the beat downs and the karma came back when I was chosen the "it" girl and no one jumped in to beat me.  Sr. Myra was so mad that she beat me more pulled me around the room by my hair and then threw a radiator brush at me so hard I still have the scar on my leg where it stuck in the flesh.
  Don I am glad you have only good memories but it not fair to make a blanket statement that since you weren't abused, abuse didn't happen to others.  Your right that no one really cares in life if you were abused or grew up in an orphanage but you'd think that at least here people would be able to understand or relate to others that have suffered abuse.  Some of those little nuns packed one hell of a punch. 
  Someone said this is not an abuse site but then it is a Memories from Parmadale site. People are just sharing their memories.  The good ones are just as valid as the bad ones.
  Sorry it's so long just had to speak.

Post Date: January 5, 2010

From: Don Shearer
Timeline: at present
        Thank you, R.M.  I hope life has been good for you.  Hopefully, you've had more ups than downs.  Life really is what WE make it, isn't it? 

Rosebud, thank you for your response.  I know it was sincere.  Take care of yourself.  Hope to hear from you again.

Post Date: January 6, 2010

From: John C
Timeline: now
      It is clear from reading these posts that people's experience of Parmadale varies wildly. At least part of this has to do with *when* you were a resident there. I was there 77-79. At that stage the religious aspect was not very prominent. I don't even remember if we went to mass on weekends (I don't remember a great many things about my stay there). There is only one nun that I remember, positively at that: Sister Joachim (who evidentally retired recently: )

There is an interesting (though dry) journal article that discusses the tranformation of Parmadale: "The Transformation of Catholic Orphanages: Cleveland, 1851-1996" by Marian Morton ( )
I don't know if any online copies are available, but if you don't have access to an academic library you could maybe get it through inter-library loan.

Here is a quote from it:
In 1960 the “average child” at Parmadale
was a nine-year-old placed because of family difficulties;in 1974
the “average child” was a thirteen-year-old placed “for behavior problems
in the home or in the community.”In 1974 only ten percent of Parmadale’s
children had been referred by Catholic Charities; the rest had
come from the county child welfare agency or from juvenile court, as
adjudicated juveniles. In 1983 Leahy described Parmadale’s 221 residents
as “multi-problemed”; those problems included chemical dependency,
truancy, unacceptable school behavior, and delinquency;“a vast
majority . . . are at least mildly emotionally disturbed.” Leahy developed
new on- and off-site programs eligible for public funding, including
classes for mentally retarded children, a day care center, chemical
dependency services, and family therapy.

Makes you wonder - what years were golden?

Post Date: January 6, 2010

From: parmadailians
Timeline: now
      You all can have at it, peace out to this website, may i never see it nomore.

Post Date: January 6, 2010

Timeline: present

John C.

        I found that article most interesting.  I believe it certainly explains the reason for so many vastly differing experiences and opinions that are contained on this site.  Thank you for your information.

Post Date: January 9, 2010

From: Patricia Dick
On behalf of  Michael and Linda Hayes
Timeline: now


I am Patricia Dick, and I am helping Linda Hayes work on her husband's genealogy.
John Hayes was the father of John Hayes, Michael Hayes and Francis Hayes.
The story goes that when the father John Hayes died, the boys were placed at Parmadale School/Orphanage.
Michael was an altar boy there.
John the son got out because he turned 16 and joined the Navy, but after serving came and got Michael out.
After they got situated they came for Francis, but he was gone and they could not locate him. Soon both brothers were separated.
Linda Hayes, Michael' s wife, found John in 1972 by writing to all the Hayes in Ohio. They reconnected until John's death in 1980.
Michael is suffering Alzheimer's and is  rapidly forgetting. He is so regretful he did not find his brother Francis.
 It is Linda's wish to help find something about his lost brother to give him before it is too late.
 If you can help in any way we would be sooo thankful!
The facts we have is as follows
John Hayes B about 1900 of Ohio Married a woman named Mary abt. 1920-22 Nothing is known of her.
John Hayes raised the boys until he died abt. 1938.
John Hayes Jr. Born abt 1921-1922 Died in 1980
Michael was born in 1924 (Maybe 1923) Was definitely an Altar boy.
Francis was just younger maybe 1925.
If you have any information at all it may help us in our search so please don't consider anything not important.
Thank you for all your time and effort in advance!
Patricia Dick
On behalf of  Michael and Linda Hayes

Post Date: January 11, 2010

From: rosebud
Timeline: 60's_now
      The article from John C was quite intersting.  Thank you for sharing.  Your right Don depends on when you were there to what you may have experienced.  The 60's children seemed to already come from a background of abuse or neglect. Maybe this is why the people from this time are more sensitive to further abuse inflicted by the nuns.  In the nuns defense it must have been pretty hard to have patience with all these children, many already bearing emotional scares from past abuse by their own families.  When you think about it these women chose not to have children and now they must become parents to a slew of kids each with their own baggage and issues.  It doesn't excuse those that truly abused these children further but it may shed some light on the fact that their frustration level may have been quite high.  The nuns that could not take it and who themselves became abusive should have been removed from the system once it became clear that they were out of control.  Children need to be corrected when behaving badly or the behavior won't change but there is a huge difference between correction and abuse.
  As I said my time at Parmadale was mostly good and it was safer than the abusive home I came from.  We formed our own unique family there.  ALL families have a bit of dysfunctional aspects to them perfection is not found anywhere.  We can choose to focus on only the bad things that happened in our lives or move forward and make the time we have now the best it can be for us and those around us.

Post Date: January 11, 2010

From: don shearer
Timeline: present

        Thank you John C., R.M. and Rosebud for your responses.  Many of these postings are very interesting, to say the least.  I have empathy in my heart for many of these persons, and I hope they eventually, in their lives, find peace.  I hope to see you all again at the next Parmadale picnic. 


Post Date: January 12, 2010

From: Keyome
Timeline: 1978-79
      I remember Ryan's Hall cottage song.  I enjoyed Parmadale and have allot of good memories: LOL events.  I missed you too, Josi.

Post Date: January 13, 2010

From: Patricia Mullins
Timeline: 1980's
      I am so glad I came across this site I was the first child to be in the ITC unit when it was first built then a boy named Curtis came. I guess you could say I was the first girl in the new building and he was the first boy. I also remember Keisha Longo I think that was her name, I remember Mr. Alverez he was a staff member at the time. I also remember and would love to find COURTNEY BETH HARLLOW she was like my best friend there. I remmber having a picture taken of me and her I would love to see that now days lol. I have looked on myspace and facebook for her but never any luck. I was also in a few more cottages I was in cottage 4 and 5 I think I was in 5 the longest I remeber a girl named Shannon she had long blonde hair. I can see a lot of the staff member in my head but can't really place a name to them at this time. I was also in cottage 5 with a girl that was blind but can't remember her name. I remember going on the walks to Audry's store. I remeber them letting us stand outside of the cottage and smoke. I think another staff members name was Mrs. A. Is what we called her. I ran away with another girl one time there this might be crazy but I don't remember her name either! We were out smoking and just took off through the woods. We went to these guys house and I called my uncle from WV and ask him to come get us and told him the address of where we were well he didn't come get us. He called the police and the took us back to parmadale. well I am going to wrap this up now if I think of anything more to add I will come back and add it. If anyone thinks they remember me I would LOVE to hear from you!!!! Oh and sister Mary was the director in cottage 5 when I was there..  Thanks

Post Date: January 18, 2010

From: Raymell
Timeline: Not certain

        I used to know a resident of parmadale. I knew Yodi Robertson while serving in the navy. If anyone has contact info for her,please email me at

Post Date: February 3, 2010

Timeline: NOW

Post Date: February 5, 2010

From: John C
Timeline: now

Oh well, seems that those cottages which gave us all of those wonderful memories are gone now.

Post Date: February 18, 2010

With Permission from Don We are posting this prayer. For those who believe Parmadale was a blessing from God. We think this prayer is well written, fits the occasion and is past due.

Thought To Consider . . .


Lord as we turn to the Lenten season, let us pray for Parmadale Children's Village of Saint Vincent DePaul


      Bless the Sisters of Charity of Saint Augustine who started the village in 1925

      Bless the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland which has sponsored Parmadale since its beginning

      Bless the previous Director of Parmadale, Tom Woll - for his 38 years of service to youth

      Bless the current Director of Parmadale, Jeff Jeney - for his life's work in Christ's name

      Bless all of the staff that work or have worked at Parmadale

      Bless Faith Finley and her family at this time of transition and sorrow

      Bless all of the children that reside at Parmadale today

      Allow the Lenten season to be a time of healing and resurrection . . .

Many Blessings,

Don Davies

Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

Post Date: February 19, 2010

From: Laura
      The cottages are not down yet we need to fight to keep them up!! I don't know the steps but maybe the mayor of Parma?  How does a building get on a historical list?  They should not be allow to sell without putting it on the market for everyone to get a fair bid at buying the property!

Post Date: February 23, 2010

From: John C
Timeline: now
      Thanks for the info, Laura.

      It is surprising to hear that the cottages are still standing. I took that website at face value when it said "Parmadale’s original Tudor-style cottages were replaced by the Parmadale Institute, a 100,000 square foot residential treatment center specifically designed to serve and treat adolescents with the most intensive behavioral health needs." Evidentally "replaced" does not mean "replaced".

I can't quite visualize where this new "institute" is located with respect to the cottages. It looks like a huge facility, so I would have guessed that they would have needed to tear down the cottages to make room for it. Perhaps it is located in the area between the old Parmadale and State Road (which was mostly just woods and fields when I was there in the 70s).

I have mixed feelings about whether or not the cottages are torn down. It's not like my time there was pleasant, so I wouldn't exactly mourn their passing. On the other hand, Parmadale was an important part of my past and the physical destruction of the cottages would feel weird somehow - as if my past became less substantial.

Does anybody know what Parmadale plans to do with the buildings?

Post Date: February 25, 2010

From: kevin
Timeline: now

        Hey Mike Mileca,  This sounds like a job for you.  Are the buildings down?  Whats the plan? Can you use your "insider" info and find out what the REAL STORY is?  Kevin

Post Date: February 28, 2010

From: Bobby
Timeline: 1957-1958
      I recall Joe Ozeski.  I played football and basketball while I was there. We had a chance to get outside the gates on Saturdays when the team went to St. Ignatius to play BB. I was in Sister Mary Lourdes 8th grade class.  She had that paddle, with holes in it, move your hand, you got a bonus. My cottage mother was Sister Mary Ellen, I think it was cottage 10. Some of the names I recall are, Walt McCombs (QB), Glenn? Siberling, always talked about the NBA, Mcmullen, Tom (Michael Jordan)White, Ron Planisek? there are more, just can't recall them all. I wasn't behaving, my mother couldn't handle me.  I remember Mrs. Miller from Social Services visiting my school, Mt. Carmel, then taking me directly to Parmadale.  I needed some structure in my life, that is when it started.  I joined the football team and Joe Ozeski was like a father to me.  I eventually moved to Euclid, graduated, then spent 26 years in the Air Force; I loved it. I had the opportunity to go places and do things I would have never dreamed of doing! I currently with the U.S. Dept of State with the U.S. Mission in Sri Lanka.  I will retire again in July of this year. I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Bob Fioritto

Post Date: February 28, 2010

From: Laura
Timeline: 1978
      If, I remember right, that Fall, of 1978, I dressed up as a ballerina for Halloween, at the school dance. I think... And, not too sure, but there was a costume contest, and, I MIGHT have won, for most original costume. My memory is a little fuzzy these days. I wore, a blue body suit, blue tights, a pink tutu made by my neighbor back home, I didn't have ballet slippers, so, I improvised and used white flip flop slippers with a gold trim. and I was in, cottage 11. Sister Myra, was the first cottage parent I met. My sister, Carrie and I were there together. She 1 year, and myself, about 18 months.
I often wonder where I would be today, if I had not been in Parmadale...
Laura Scott (Wise)

Post Date: February 28, 2010

From: Bobby
Timeline: 1957-1958

        Anyone. I noticed the Alumni pictures from 2009 reunion.  The second row from top, last picture on the right, is that Coach Joe in the blue shirt.  Is he still with us?
Anyone recall George Lucas or John and Pat Murphy.  When was Rep. Kucinich at Parmadale?


Post Date: March 1, 2010

From: kevin nelson 72 to 78
Timeline: 2010
      If you look at google maps it looks like they just put new buildings out neer the front gate.

Post Date: March 5, 2010

From: MJM1
Timeline: 1966 - 1970
      Hi Kevin:
The Cottages, School, Convent, Gym,  Laundry and some other buldings are still around.
The only thing missing, from my point of view, are the Nuns in their gray habits.

I plan to be at the MotherHousefor Mass  on 032810.
I will ask round and see if anyone has some infromation to share.
Take care, Mike

Post Date: March 5, 2010

From: laura

        Hey John C; they put the new building by where the track/pool use to be over in that area.  You should come to the reunion to see.  We get to walk through a cottage (well, use to) every year.  You can see the new place from the outside and enjoy our culture and free food/prizes. It's a good time.

Post Date: March 7, 2010

From: Brian
Timeline: 81 - 83
      I have many memories of Parmadale. Some good and some bad. Most are good. The memories and people I met there have shaped my life and they still come to mind even after all these years. Mrs. Pryce was one of my favorite workers when I was in cottage 3. I think that was the first year that cottage was for the young boys. all the other cottages on that side was for the girls. Mrs. Pryce later became the schools principale when I had a second stay.
Walks to Audry's and trips to State road Park. Dances in the gym ,cookouts and field day. Bringing in those big brown food containers off the food truck and who can forget "BAT DAY"!
One of my fondest memories is  when Father Semnitor replaced Father Leahy (spellings may be wrong).  I was in the choir and saw Father Leahy alot during rehersal. He loved for us to sing his favorite Hymn "On Eagles Wings". When he left we surprised Father Laehy at his new parish for his first mass. We sang from the balcony "On eagles Wings" as he entered. He paused right away. turned around and saw us there singing for him. It was a very touching moment for both him and many of us.
Shortly after I made my first communion. I was in the first group Father Semnitor gave first comunion too.

Kids I remember are few but always wonder where they ended up.
Thomas Drake- One heck of an artist
Efrain Gutarize - Nickname Freeze Frame-
One of my best friends while there Pat McMillan
There was also a young lady from cottage 11 whos name I forget but she insisted on me calling her "Mouse". Sweetest girl I met while there. She was like a big sister to a lost little kid. Made so many long months barable just with her smile.

Post Date: March 8, 2010

From: Rosebud
Timeline: 60's
      Saw a big chocolate bunny today and it reminded me of a funny story.  When I was at Parmadale every Easter some company would donate chocolate bunnies for the kids.  Well someone in Sr. Mary James cottage took a bite out of one of the girls rabbits and she was all upset.  No one would fess up to doing it so Sr. Mary James had all the girls line up and each take a bite of the rabbit to compare teeth marks.  We were thrilled with that and we all took huge bites.  The quilty party was found I think it was a girl named Frances.  I can't remember if there was anything left of the bunny when we got done but we sure had fun finding the quilty party.

Post Date: March 12, 2010

Timeline: 1920's ?
        I'm working on a family tree and it ends at my biological father, Henry King.  He would be in his upper 80's by now. I'm not interested in contacting him, just wondering what his story is.  Contact me at

Post Date: March 24, 2010

From: Paul Mays
Timeline: 1972-1977
      Hi, folks, my name is Paul Mays, and I was at Parmadale from 72 to 77. I remember so much about that place, mostly good, some not so good. I'm looking for Kevin Nelson, his sister Michele, Rene and Denise Dedon, Linda Miller,.anyone who was there with us then...anyone remember Maurice Pruitt and his hair straightening sessions in the cottage 12 kitchen, my God, what a stench! Danny Demetshi and his sports pages...boy knew everything about everything when it came to sports...( for the person looking for Ronnie Phillips, he was killed earlier this year in Cleveland in what appears to be a car accident involving his stepson...GREAT GUY!!!!  Rest easy, brother! )State Rd Park and Audry's, all the parties there and in the woods behind Parmatown??? My God...looking back now, I think Parmadale was the best thing that could have happened to me then, though I didnt know it at the time....Hey, Michele, I remember JC Superstar, man, I miss you guys alot...remember Foriegners'...Feels like the First Time??? LMFAO...embarrassed the mess oughta both of us...any of you there with me and my brother Mike Mays...Hey, Caveman!!!! remember our late night raids from Michelles house to that Giant Eagle or whatever it was on, all that food...had to cure those munchies.....please find some way to contact me, too much time has gone by, and I miss some of you terribly....all the staff coming to Michelles house looking for me and Linda...feels like the 1st time...LMFAO!!!!!!

Paul 'Kelly' Mays

Post Date: March 29, 2010

      Paul, kevin is on facebook, Thiers a website on facebook with alot of people you may know.

Post Date: April 1, 2010

Timeline: Present
        To the person who posted the First Communion pictures of the class including "me" Harry Tillerman, Jimmy Amato, Jackie Masterson and to others who's faces I remember but can't read the names, Thank you.  If the pictures on either side of the First communion were also contributed by you then you are a mystery to me.  I do not have any pictures from that past.  I at one time had an album of my own pictures including the only ones I had of my parents.  One day I opened my locker and there at the floor of my locker was my album.  Every page had been torn and tossed like a salad.  Nothing was saved.  I left Parmadale without a single picture of my time spent there.  You have given me a bit of that past, again Thank you. 
Dan, if you feel this would not be going outside your role as a facilitator would you be kind enough to pass this little note along to the person who submitted those pictures.  Post this on the forum as well.  I would love to thank them personally and if it would be okay with them, a brief correspondence.  But beyond my wildest hopes I would love to know if they have any other pictures of that period.  The picture starting that row is me with my arm around Shea's shoulder.  A very special picture.  Shea died in a horrific accident in 1981.  Just when I thought I was done with this site, it calls me back again.
Kevin Rooney

Post Date: April 19, 2010

From: Sheilab
Timeline: 1962 - 1969

Hey Kevin Rooney,
      I would be the mystery submitter of the photos of you and Shea. You know me, I would be the sibling that is like a thorn in your side.  Do I have more pics? absolutely!!! However, I don't think you would approve their submission.

Post Date: April 30, 2010

From: sheilab
To Kevin R:

      I have recently moved to NH and was checking my inventory of stuff, and unfortunately, the pics and scrapbook that I have had forever (1981)has been placed in storage back in Cleveland. So I cannot post any more pics at this time. However, I will (hopefully) be making a road trip back home sometime this summer, and will try to find them and submit them for you, unless they "accidently" got put in the 13th file, if so, well. . .sorry.

Post Date: May 7, 2010

From: Paul N
Timeline: 1969
        What a great site. Lot's of memories spilled out on these pages.  I'll have to think of a few to write about later. -Paul Novosel

Post Date: May 25, 2010

From: Steve Spirko
Timeline: 60,s

        My wife just found this site and boy does it jog the memories. Renee if you read this I am sorry to hear about Bob we were close. I spent a lot of time with him at St. Anthony's. He reached out to me several years back but we never could hook up.

        Bob Stevenson, I remember you well. We were better at basketball in th eigth grade than foot ball. The starting five were Fred Ludwig, Willie Williams, Jim Keegan, Bob Stevenson and me Steve Spirko. As I remember it you were the center. That team was the best. I also was there the night we visited the girls cottage. As I remember it Renee had the keys to the dining room. I plan on posting more but for now my mind is racing. I looked at the pictures and one with the boys at the pool caught my attention. Th German Shepard dog was Gretta, trained by Bob Reed. That dog would have died for him. I'll post again after I had time to gather all my thoughts. These post brought back a lot of memories.

Post Date: May 28, 2010

From: Bob Stevenson
Timeline: 1967

      Hey Steve Spirko, Great to hear another voice from the class of "67". Especially a fellow trumpet player who also dodged many flying drumsticks. We did have the best record in that CYO basketball league (at least in my mind we did) and yes you have the starting five correct. Speaking of football do you remember the time Pat Dillon (full back) got tackled on a bees nest? Funniest thing I ever saw. I still remember Jims GTO. We had a geat time at the reunion, maybe we'll see you there. Hope all is well with you, take care.

Bob (still shooting foul shots underhanded) Stevenson

Post Date: June 1, 2010

From: Renee'
Timeline: 60's
        Well Hello Steve just read your post.  Being that this is Memorial Day I too took a trip down memory lane.  Thank you for your kind words about Bob.  It will be three years since he's been gone in a few months.  I still miss him so much,  He was my only blood family.  As I said before he loved animals and Greta remained his favorite.
   Yes that was me that had the keys!  Boy did we ever have some fun that night.  I think it was Diane Lewis that ratted us all out.(-: 
   Glad your wife found the site.  I spent many a night reading all the posts.  Are you in contact with anyone else?  Are you going to the reunion this year?
  Hope your life has treated you well.   Renee'

Post Date: June 1, 2010

From: mjmileca1
Timeline: 1966 - 1970

        Yesterday evening, 061010, I took a ride through Parmadale.
I have not had the opportunity to driven into the property in some years.
At first glance it appears just like it did in the 1960s.
The Convent/Administrative building is on the right however the Priest House on the hill is gone.  The school and Cottages, on the Girls side, appear well kept.
We drove past Cottage 12 and traveled on the Boys Side to see the Play Ground behind the Cottages.  In the 30 minutes we drove around there were no signs of any life or activity w/the exception of gangs of deer.
Cottage 20 is gone and the other Cottages appear to be in various stages of disrepair.
Windows are painted over, boarded up or in some cases missing.
The new buildings are located behind the Cottages on the Boys Side.
My perception is that there is very little or limited maintenance on the original buildings and landscaping. Weeds appear to be everywhere. As we were leaving the grounds all I could feel was sad.

Post Date: June 12, 2010

From: Laura Scott(Wise)
Timeline: 1978

      I remember Tara and Laura Martz. Paula. I hope you all remember my sister and I - Laura and Carrie Wise at that time. I think, the most fondest memory I'll always like is being in the 'Guys And Dolls' play. I was one of Adelaide's dancers in the play. My sister was part of the 'prohibition band(?)' I live in Las Vegas now. I have a 23 year old son and a 25 year old daughter. Two granddaughters, 3 and 7. Been living out here almost 10 years now. If anyone remembers me, here's me email:


Post Date: June 13, 2010

From: Renee'
Timeline: 60's
        Just thought I'd clarify something when I answered your post Steve.  I said we had some fun that night.  By we I meant the whole group of kids that raided the kitchen for goodies and then partied in the teachers lounge.:-)

Post Date: June 22, 2010

From: jeffrey clay / foley
Timeline: 80 - 82

        wow where do i start looking back parmadale was by far the best thing that could have ever happened to me thanks to the support i received from two people mr ralph joyce and mr john dunning they saw something in me that even i didnt know was there, every time i would get into trouble they would stick up for me and probably put their jobs on the line once or twice. to both of them i owe who i am now too.. mr ralph dedicated his life to saving lost children and putting them on the right road he still does it to this day. i remember all the dances,picnics,ball games and to all the losers who came up against cottage 8 thanks for all the free pizza .all my friends johnny sutton, dennis ellis,kevin boyer,kurt bauer,pat sorenson,jim underwood,rich studer,rick gibbs,pat joyce,jesse hatcher,paul zupancik,al walden,ray mcconville,monty stafford & the girls too tara kelly,cheryl batts,mary ann altfatter,kathy altfatter(hey),konnie stafford,kim wrobel,missy csepel,trish kilbane,gina mcconville. then there were the staff/teachers mr & mrs woll, ms rayokovich, mrs simon, mr schultz, fr seminitore ms patty/gym, mr ralph, mr dunning, mr rich, mr weir, mr sakal thanks to each and every one of you. to anyone or 704-506-2361

Post Date: July 5, 2010

From: jeffrey clay / foley
Timeline: 80 - 82

      someone post yearbook from 81

Post Date: July 5, 2010

From: All of us
Timeline: 1972
        I was at Parmadale from 1970-74.  That’s me, top row, third from the right, Bobby Delgarbino. I want to say hi to my 20 cottage brothers and all my sisters out there. I would like thank all the wonderful sisters, priests, teaches and staff you all touched my life and are memorable. You can reach me on Facebook.

Some memorable times;
See that teacher second row, 1st spot, I cannot remember his name but he once said to me "You should be a scientist" because I always asked why and how, always wanted to dig deeper. Well I became an engineer but I did some research and development work for the USAF developing a high response fuel valve even got my name on a patent or two.  Thanks for the advice!

Coach Joe taught me so much about sports, teamwork and how to be a man.  He even taught me to paint one summer.  I had been tasked to repaint the playground benches and fixtures and he taught me how to use a paint brush properly. A skill I have used hundreds of times. 

Forgive me but I forgot who taught us how to solder pipes. A valuable skill that I have used that skill so many times in my life. And guitar playing, and, and ......
Yes you all made a difference in my life and are remembered.  Thank you.

Post Date: July 8, 2010

From: Renee'
Timeline: 2010

        It's been three years today since my brother Robert Reed died.  We were both pretty much raised at Parmadale during the 60's.  Parmadale days were the best times of his life.  His struggles to fit into society haunted him.  At Parmadale he felt safe and he fit in with all the other kids.  I still miss hearing his voice.  Our running joke was when he called he always said "Hey Sis this is your brother (pause) Bob".  There was just the two of us so it was funny that after all our years together he still introduced who he was in case I forgot his voice!  Priceless!  I Miss You Bro and I Love You!  Till we meet again.

Post Date: July 16, 2010

From: Steve
Timeline: 60's

      Renee' I don't know what made me look at the post but something had been teeling me to do so for the past several days. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and I hope you made it through the day OK. My wife also knew Bob and we talk about him from time to time and some of the things we did when he was staying at Reynolds Hall. Most of the stories should not be put on this forum. I won't be making the reunion this year but hope to down the road. Keep your chin up.

Post Date: July 19, 2010

From: Renee'
Timeline: current
        Thank you Steve for your kind words.  What's your wife's name?  How did she know Bob?  Do you guys live in Ohio.  Are you in contact with anyone else from Parmadale?  I'd love to hear your stories at St. Anthony's with Bro.  Christine Z and I visited there one time and it was pretty funny.  Please Thank your wife for her thoughts and prayers.  Isn't this a great site.  Did you know that Dan Pugh started it.  Again Thank You Dan for starting it and keeping it going.

Post Date: July 22, 2010

From: Don Davies

        Betty Hum -(former Sr. DeMontfort) a longtime CSA and social worker at Parmadale; and a grand ol gal! see below; may she rest in peace~

HUM BETTY J. HUM, age 83, passed away July 21, 2010. Born in New Brighton, PA. Beloved daughter of Wayne and Ora Hum (both deceased). Graduate of Western Reserve University and Catholic University of America. She held various social work positions culminating her career as the Director of Social Services at Metropolitan General Hospital for 19 years. Friends are invited to gather for Memorial Services 2 p.m., Wednesday, July 28, in the Lyons Chapel, at Breckenridge Village. Contributions may be made to: Breckenridge Village Life Care Fund, 36855 Ridge Rd., Willoughby, 44094

Post Date: July 25, 2010

From: Jeff Slapak
Timeline: 1975-1982

      When I arrived in 1975,The nuns were still around.The school was open and MRS.Scancar was our fifth/six grade teacher.I remember going to class on the first floor,last classroom on the left, on the girls side of the village.  Margit Papp,Joe Hills.Alex Radikovich,and myself used to have a good time in school.Then there were the productions of several play's,including Oliver,Scrooge,the pajama game,Once upon a mattress.Mrs. Woll always pushed us to reach for perfection in our show,and as of this day I try to practice the principles that she taught us.Do any of you remember the singing group that Mrs,Woll put together to sing at picnic's and other social gatherings that the village used to have on many occasion's during the year?
I was in cottage eight at this time.Then Fr.Leahy opened up cottage 6 (Newly-Remodled)for residents that were going to be there for awhile.There was Ralph Joyce hitting fly balls to us with one arm,boy could he hit.Then there were the football games between cottages 6 and 8.Mr.Bell always Running his mouth on the field.I remember Dennis Ellis,as a good player.I have to go for now hope to see at reunion.can be reached at;

Post Date: July 25, 2010

From: Don Davies
Timeline: 1965 - 1968
        A giant has passed on. Sr DeMontfort toured four of the six Davies' children around Parmadale in September 1965 and arranged for us to be admitted the next day. God lived in her and worked through her. Just as he has with the person that took her place when she left Parmadale - Sr Mary Patricia.

Sister DeMontfort you fought the good fight for so many of us. You now rest in peace!

Post Date: July 29, 2010

From: Pamela Ryder-Miller
Timeline: 1969-1972

        I have visited this site several times and read all of the great posts and it has inspired me to post something of my own.  My three sisters and I were at Parmadale in 1969.  Nancy Ryder, my oldest sister, graduated 8th grade and moved down the hill to Carmalita Hall.  My younger 2 sisters, Susan Ryder and Laura Ryder, and I stayed in Parmadale until around 1972.  My sister, Laura, and I are in the picture posted by Bobby DelGarbino just a few weeks ago from the date of this post.  I am in the third row somewhere in the middle.  Tall with brown hair and not smiling at all!!!!  I wasn't a very happy child! Laura is just a little thing in the second row, second from the right.  Little white dress. Susan and Nancy are not in this picture.

I remember my stay there pretty clearly.  I remember Miss Barb, Mr. Reedy (spelling?), Sr. Catherine, Monsignor Ciolek, Miss Pat, and the faces of the people in this picture but not all of the names.

We had alot of different programs during the summer.  I remember going swimming, playing in the orchards, going to Paramatown Mall, and a slew of sporting events!  I have alot of positive memories fromt there.  I have never been closer to a group of people in my life as I was in Parmadale.  I was in the band.  I played saxophone.  I remeber doing a solo in the gym on the day this photo was taken.  I played What Do You Get When You Fall In Love.  I was scared to death, but I did it almost flawlessly!  I was also a cheerleader there.  Go Parmadale Panthers! 

Not all memories were good but I didn't spend alot of time dwelling on the negative.  I remember my closest friends.  Lenny Norton, Pam and Patty (Hoffman?), all of the Cintron's and Lantz's (Hello Bobby Lantz!)and our 8th grade class; Franny Miles, Kerry Kovarbasich, Lee Pechoke, Dennis Bohock, Robert Carey, Richard Fernandez, Bobby DelGarbino (who I had a little crush on back then), Ted ( who's last name escapes me....maybe it's Fransisco or something like that?  Sorry Ted)  Tony Miles, and other names pop into mind but I don't think I see them in this picture.  Dotty Zolner, Melanie (last name?) Elsie, Martha, Nora Clarke, Bridget Norton, Polly Norton, Tommy Norton, and a host of others whose names escape me now....

I didn't know what an impact you would all have on my life, but you did.  I hope and pray that you are all doing well and that the emotional scars have been washed over by life's good offerings like weddings, children, grandchildren, friends, and in gerneral, people who need you.

You can find me on Facebook.  I hope to hear from you someday......

Post Date: August 1, 2010

From: JG
Timeline: 1947-1952

      Just found this site.I relate very much to what George Simon and John Melbar have written and would like very much to connect with my old classmate,Johnny Melbar.Many years have passed and I'd like to talk to you.I also played fb against you in hs.Johnny,please e-mail me at things I am not prepared to disclose to the public.I feel the same way about some of "them".

Post Date: August 2, 2010

From: Robin Graham
Timeline: 1969 - 1976
        From Cottage 2 to Cottage 16. Hello all my fellow inmates. It's me Robin Graham, I found this page from when I was in ParmaDale. There were good days and bad ones. I still remember all my friends Tyrone "Big Head" Williams, all the Feeney brothers, Dave Gobal RIP brother, and for the one's I didn't like so well Thomas Kocan, cottage parent I remember you, you are still a nightmare in my life every day. It's so nice to go back and see so many people, there were alot of pictures but no names so it's hard to remember. All my team mates because we used to beat them down. For all the girls who used to get me in trouble, I'm sure you all know who you are, I hope everyone is well and doing good in their lives. If anyone would like to contact please feel free I can be reached at 724-425-6325. I am still the same old guy, just a little older and wiser. I plan on attending the reunion in August, so for any of my friends stop out I would love to see you guys. For all the times that I escaped, I am finally free. Does anyone have pictures of our basketball team. CYO champions. A little message for Mr. Woll, I know I drove you crazy, but I know you miss me. Just to let you know, life hasn't been that bad. Tell Miss Woll I said hello.
My email address is
Now I'm a priest (ha,ha)

Post Date: August 2, 2010

From: Kevin
Timeline: 1969

        To Pamela  Ryder-Miller
You knew Dotty May Z.   what became of her?

Post Date: August 3, 2010

From: Steve
Timeline: 60's


      My wife Rita and I live in Ohio. After leaving The Home (St Antony's) or Tony's Place as we called it we all hung around together for several years. I used to see Stan Liss and his wife. Stan and I were best freinds through Parmadale and St. Anthony's. I also ran unaround with his girl freind who later became his wife all through High School. Sadly to say as we got older we all kind of went our separate ways. I have two great kids, Steve and Jackie. I am always trying to get sympathy from them by telling them I was an orphan and lived at Parmadale:) but they don't fall for it. When I tell them some of the stories and activities we had they say we had it better then most of them. With the Pool, Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Band, and Camping trips I guess it does sound pretty good from an outsiders point of view. I don't see many people from Parmadale but I do occassionally run into some of the home boys from St. Anthony's. I see that Betty Hum (Sister DeMontford) Passed away. I kept in touch with her for a while when she worked at the hospital but after she retired we lost touch. She was very good to me at Parmadale, actually used to buy me cigarettes once in a while. It was her way of getting through to me. I new what she was doing but I also liked to smoke:) I have quite a long time ago. I hope to make it to a re-union some day, but not this year. I will let you know when so we can catch up.

Post Date: August 3, 2010

From: jg
Timeline: 1950-51

       Okay i'll relate a few things and let you form your own judgement.I'm really sorry to warn you this will not be a feel-good or pretty account.
We were released one day to go to the gym for bb,and my buddies and i loved gym and we always raced as fast as we could go .Only when i got there i had forgot my gym shoes,so had to return to the cottage to get them.I got to the cottage and to my locker for my shoes(in the basement where our lockers were),when the nun called down to ask why i was there so i told her-the shoes.Mind you,we were alone,no one else around.She ordered me upstairs and took me into a room,got her big paddle,ordered me to bend over the chair and proceeded to wail the daylights out of me,swinging with everything she had,sometimes missing and hitting my back or my arms,until the paddle broke into several pieces.She threw the pieces aside and came at me with both hands(by then i was standing)striking at me in a fury of blows with her fists,swinging with all her might,until she was completly exhausted and out of breath.By this time I was just numb and her hits were not affecting me at all and i just calmly looked at her.She got her breath and when she saw my face she went into a panic.She tried to act kind,got ice from kitchen and a towel and held them over my eyes,which were swollen and black.She was very shook up and scared when she realized what she had done----not concerned for me,but that she was in trouble.In a panic,she appealed to me to be quiet about this.For some reason(i guess because she was so scared)i told her not to worry i wouldn't tell.Then she was worried because visiting Sunday was in a few days.We both agreed to say I ran into a tree while running outside.Anyhow Sunday came and went and no visito for me so she was certainly relieved.
Why am I telling you this? I haven't told but a few people over all these years and now as i am getting on in age,some of those things are coming to the surface.I don't feel anger or anything. Maybe this is one of the things which caused me to drink heavily as an adult and to react in extreme violence whenever a fight presented itself.
But really i need to show the truth of how things were for some of us.I can go on about other events,like when a nun hit me in the back of the head with a hammer,bringing me to my knees,but i've said enough for now.
Oh Parmadale was a wonderful place in many ways and i feel fortunate that i was taken care of-fed,clothed,and schooled.We had some things that kids from normal backgrounds didn't have the opportunity to experience.i don't want to sound ungrateful.But truth be told,I carried many mental and emotional scars through my life from having been there.

Post Date: August 4, 2010

From: Pamela Ryder-Miller
Timeline: 1969-1972
From: Kevin
Timeline: 1969

        To Pamela  Ryder-Miller
You knew Dotty May Z.   what became of her?

Post Date: August 3, 2010

Kevin,  I am sorry to say that I do not know whatever became of Dotty.

Also, if anyone out there knows what happened to Jean Hupp, please post it here.  I remember when we all went camping and she was bound and determined to catch this giant frog in this pond and sure enough she did.  I remember her holding this frog, which she had named "King," while standing in the middle of the pond yelling, "I caught King!"   It's amazing to me how clear that vision is to me.  She was a little thing with poker-straight hair and little round glasses.  She would always smile and make me laugh!

Also, I want to apologize.  Pam and Patty, I beleive your last name is Maynard?  I misspoke and said Hoffman.  I do remember a lot of kids from Parmadale actually went to Lakewood High School. 

Kevin, maybe Dotty went there?  You can always contact the Alumni Association.  They would be able to tell you something, I'm sure.  Good luck with your search.

Post Date: August 6, 2010     

From: kevin

Dan, I said I wasn't  going to return but the story presented by "jg" is so compelling. 
jg  you've been the closet far too long.  Coming out to tell your story is the first step in what I discovered to be a long healing process, one that is never too late.  Congratulations !   There are so many still in the closet, harmed by what happened to them and too terrified and confused to know what to do about it.  Don't be afraid to try therapy, it worked for me.  You were a decade ahead of me but very little changed in that time.  Fortunately with the passage of time Parmadale has crumbled away and in its place a child helping institution.

Post Date: August 6, 2010

From: Martha Custer
Timeline: 195o Something
        It was the worst snowfall in Cleveland's history.  Snow up to our back sides and we had to stand outside in all this snow and sing the song If It Doesn't Snow on Christmas, how's Santa gonna get around to us!

Post Date: August 12, 2010

From: Talk2late
Timeline: 1968-1972


I just wanted to thank the alumni group that hosted the picnic yesterday.  It is the first time I attended and I appreciated your efforts in making this an event.

I didn't see anyone I knew from my years at Parmadale other than my siblings.  However I didn't make an effort to go to each table.  Maybe in the future there can be a way to group attendees by years of residence. 

After reading excerpts from the posting board and seeing the post from Pamela Ryder-Miller it just brought back lots of thoughts of former cottage mates and events that happened over the years. In fact, I was just telling my husband about Pamela's sister Suzie.  Suzie was in the same cottage as me under Sister Myra.  Still to this day, I wonder how is Suzie's voice ??  I'll never forget what some of those girls did to her and it has been almost 40 years !!

I'm not going to use this site to bash the institution or the insensitive adults that supervised the cottages but do confirm that there were problems and issues during the years of 1968-1972.  What is most unfortunate is that we as children had no one to protect us. 

Because of my experience at Parmadale, I find myself to be a very strong person who vowed not to let that part of my life bring me down as I didn't choose it.
Will I ever forget, no.  Will I ever forgive those who did terrible things, probably not.  Will I let it stop me from being happy, no.

Post Date: August 16, 2010

From: Renee'
Timeline: current.

        Hope the reunion went well for all.  Hey Steve took me awhile but glad to hear you and Rita have a good life with what sounds like a great couple of kids. Do you know if Marge and Stanely Liss are around?  I got a letter from Mary Lou she needs prayers right now for her and her son and their families.  Her son has cancer,very sad he has three kids.  He's young so hopefully he can conquer this. Anyone else from the day "May your lives be full of joy and many blessings.

Post Date: August 18, 2010

From: David Arthur Arbaugh
Timeline: 1953
        What a pleasant surprise to finally get in touch with the past...the youthful years of my life at Parmadale Orphanage.  I am David Arthur
Arbaugh, a graduate of 1953, and was a resident at St Anthony's Home for a few years.  Entered the Air Force in 1958 thru 1961.  I have changed my name
in 1962 to David Allen Jansen and settled in So. Calif. to the present.  I live in Menifee, Ca.  My career from 1961 was a Carpenter, a General
Contractor, and a Building Inspector, until I retired from Riverside County, Ca. in Mar. 2009.  I am now 69yrs.of age.

          My two brothers were in Parmadale too,  Douglas Leroy Arbaugh, graduate in 1954, and Russell Ray Arbaugh.  Don't know when he left.  Douglas past away
this year, January 7th 2010 due to cancer.  He was 67yrs.old  Haven't heard from Russell since 1967.  He was in the Army over in Germany, married with 2
children.  I have some pictures of when we were at Parmadale. I was in cottage 14, with Sister Anna Marie.  Doug was in cottage in 8, and can't
remember which cottage Russel was in.  So I 'll send them.  Please do keep in touch.  My e-mail address is ... or or   You will also find me on Facebook, David Jansen.  Click here for pictures Image 1 Image 2 Image 3

Post Date: August 24, 2010

From: martha custer
Timeline: 1949 - 1952

        Every year some people of means paid for the entire village to go to Euclid Beach Park and it didn't matter if you got so sick on the rides or not - You HAD to attend because some rich people paid for the tickets, lunch and whatever.  Believe me, I do NOT say thank you because they (Parmadale) knew what happen to me each & every year.

Post Date: September 1, 2010

From: Davidw34

        What can I remember? I can remember a staff member named (Edit Name removed) who still works there. This man really didn't care about how he did his job. I remember getting mad because he kept asking me questions that I had said no too. We were up in the bathroom and I just threw my soap in my cubby out of frustration, and he threw me on the ground and restrained me. Not only did he restrain me, he put his knees on my arms near my shoulders. I cried and told him it hurt. All he did was tell me to shut up and quit humping the floor. Since that time, I have had nerve damage in my right arm. Does he care? Hell no he doesn't. He needs to be punished and fired. A man like that doesn't need to be around kids. Anybody with similar problems can contact me at Maybe we can do something about your and mine situation.

David Whetzel

Post Date: September 6, 2010

From: shenkie
Timeline: 1951 - 1957
        I\was placed in parmadale age six loved beaten by by nuns best friends have dissapeard have nightmares and great dreams of friends charlie whall walter mc chomes russel arbaugh sister rose bignose beneghna did thy really exsistice i was never really happy there some times ashamed but i,m a survivor any one who remembers a beat up little kid thy called shenikie

Post Date: September 6, 2010

From: Pat Mahon
Timeline: 1964-1968-2010

        Anyone besides me take Virtus class? If so, what did you think of it?  Pat Mahon

Post Date: September 14, 2010

From: Debbie
Class of 74

After my grandmother passed away, I got some of her pictures.  Behind a picture of her parents was a small card.  It was Christian picture on one
side and then on the blank side she had written " Parmadale Orphanage 12-1-56".  The word orphanage was written with a different pen and in a much
shakier hand.  I think that a baby was given up by a family member.  If anyone has this birth date, I'd like to hear from you.
Best wishes to all,

Post Date: September 21, 2010

From: Eddie
Timeline: 1952-1966
        Hi all! wow what a nice thing to find this site Hay Patricia 1960-1964 Wow I mew Bonnie Gunya  she was the love of my life I still think of her all the time after all theses years and Madalyn Mcdonald Thanx for tne memories I can think of so maney more My email address is God bless you and all of us Oh I am Eddie Killinger well I was then I'm Eddie Martin now I live in florida and Las Vegas 6 mounths each xxxx Eddie

Post Date: September 27, 2010



Post Date: October 3, 2010

From: judy

i would like to post this to eddie martin if you are the man that was married to judy greene in 1968 please contact me at

Post Date: October 7, 2010

From: Joseph Kane
Timeline: 70 to 73
        The time I spent in cottage 12, I can rember working in the kitchen  with the staff,and Sister Norma, Mr. Larry.I do rember how many times I had to clean the basment floor, Riding down sled hill. Father Lambert. Playing in the band atteneding scout meetings,Playing basket ball in the lightweight team,and scroing my first two points in a game.

Post Date: October 11, 2010

From: Joseph Kane

Timeline: 1973

class photo 1973

Can anyone find yourself in the photo?  I still think about some of the good times, like on my first Halloween and the witch that came flying down from
the school roof on a wire to the dining hall( or as some called DH)  Dose anyone rember a Karen Cain  she was a cottage parent I think in 13

  Post Date: October 17, 2010

From: Bob Fioritto

        It couldn't attend the 2010 picnic because I'm currently posted in Sri Lanka with the State Department. I was in Sister Mary Ellen's cottage (10).  Did coach Joe "O" attend the picnic? Does anyone have a contact for him.

Bob Fioritto

Post Date: October 24, 2010

From: dre
Timeline: mar 19, 2010
          I remember making good friends there and i was sad when i had to leave them and i had tears in my eyes when i saw them waving as i was pulling off in the van on my way to court and that day i was released home to my mother     

Post Date: October 26, 2010

From: Carlene
192? - 193?

I am in need of help and did not know exactly where to turn and hopefully you can help me with my journey.
My dad, uncle and aunt were all put in Parmadale Orphanage in the late and early twenties. My grandmother had died during the Flu Epidemic in 1918 and
my  grandfather left the three children ages 6,4,2 on a corner street in Cleveland  and the Sisters of Charity took them in and sent them to Parmadale.
My dad, uncle and aunt never, ever spoke about this orphanage except once and never about his father. So my dads past is a mystery to all of us and I 
wrote to the Parmadale Orphanage and at that time it was with Christine L. Krosel and I did find out she had passed and so I don't know 
who took her place to write too.
I did find in the 1930 Census of Cuyahoga County, Ohio a list of the children there and found my dad's name and uncles as inmates. Raymond Simprech 
and Stanley Simprech.  Do you know of any way I can get their records as I know they are in the Archives which I was told is not opened to the  public. 
I believe records should be available as all are gone now and they  belong to our family history.
Is there any way you can help me with the records or who to write too about this?  You know to end as  an orphan is nothing but tragedy and I  am
doing our genealogy and need those records. They all were in the Orphanage  such a long time and those years are missing from my family history and  does
the Church no good in keeping them in the Archives away from the public  where family cannot get to them.  My family  had to stay there as they  had no
where else to go and all I want to do is copy records and not take  them.
Can you please, please in any way help me with this? I lived with my  dad my whole life and he never had any family, that is what is so sad to me. I 
need to find those missing years.
Thank you for taking time to read this and hope there is a way you can help me find those years. Any information will help.
Carlene Semprich (Correct spelling) Vettel
25 Oct 2010

Post Date: October 27, 2010

From: Bob Stevenson

To Eddie Killinger,
         I was in Parmadale and St. Anthonys with both Gary and Don. Played a lot of rough football with Gary and learned a lot of cool pool shots from Don. I remember that bad car accident you guys had. Gary was still playin ball in that body cast. Sounds like all is well with you. Take care.

Post Date: October 28, 2010

From: Tom S
Timeline: 2009
          I need to respond to Gary McCarthy's post on here. Anyone know how? Or know his email address? Tom S. 

Post Date: November 7, 2010

From: Tom Szabo
Timeline: 1965 or 6 to 1973
My brother Alex and I came to Parmadale in 1965 or 1966 and stayed until April 1973.
           I remember Sled Hill. It was somewhere between Cottages 16 and 18, or 18 and 20 and of course out in front of them across the street where woods were. We would be all bundled up in our winter coats, scarves, hats and gloves to keep us warm. We wore the boots too. Those buckle up, black rubber kind back then which went over your street shoes. I lived for these afternoons even though I cannot say I was really confident in my ability to get down the hill in one piece. Climbing back up was a for sure thing for me but not quite as exciting as the race downhill! Going up, you had to watch for the kids coming down! Going down I know my heart was pounding with the anticipation of getting down the hill in one piece. It went entirely too fast. There was Toboggan Hill as well. They were the same hill at the top but as you made your way down, sleds to the right and toboggans to the left. There were trees and scrub to divide the two areas. Back in the day, the nuns were dressed in their long habits and they kept a pretty good eye on us all from the top of the hill. Thanks to all those nuns who would supervise us. I cannot remember them wearing anything other than their habits and a shawl and maybe some gloves. They must have froze so we could have fun. Thank you sisters! I remember one kid who didn’t make it back up the hill on his own. Poor Bobby H. I cannot remember what all he broke but it was VERY serious. He was in the hospital cottage for what seemed like months after getting out of the real hospital somewhere. We had some of the most awesome sleds back then. I think a couple of the cottages got new, large, shiny silver and red sleds which could hold two, but were really meant for one. And there were those snow flying saucers too! Metal saucers with hand hold-on ties on each side and you could race those too! And you just hoped you would go down the hill facing forward because they were not as controllable as a sled. I loved the tobogganing too. You could pile on three or four kids and race three or four other kids in one. Really, sledding afternoons were probably the best memories of Parmadale as a child for me, though there were many good and bad memories.


Post Date: November 8, 2010

From: Tom Szabo

Gary McCarthy: Hey bro, get a hold of me through email at: I live in Jersey across from Philly now.

Others who knew me or my brother can reach me at the above email as well. I look forward to it! 

Post Date: November 11, 2010

From: Tom Szabo
This is First Holy Communion May 1968  The Bushman twins are the first two girls.I think the first boy's name  is Mark Miller  and I'm not sure who the second boy is.

Right after the ceremony standing in the hall showing off her dress is Cindy Humbert Behind here I'm not sure and then it's Olga Cintron.

So this is on the "girls" side of the school and you can see the cottages which were Connected. I'm not sure what numbers they were.

First girl is Olga Cintron, the second I believe is Kathleen Rowe in the green coat. In the yellow coat is Cindy Humbert. I think in the light blue coat is Barbara Evans.

Again this is May 1968.

Post Date: November 11, 2010

From: Kevin R.
Timeline: 1966 thru 1969

          I use these three years because I do not think that they let kids below Cottage 16 go out into the woods for the famous turkey hunt.  Ah yes, the turkey hunt.  As such I suppose I would have participated in at least 3.  During that entire time a special question stayed in my mind.  Did anybody ever catch an elusive turkey???  Does anybody know anyone who bagged and hauled out a turkey?????   Does anybody know someone who had at least one other witness to the sighting of a turkey???  In short, does anybody have any evidence there ever were any turkeys.  Don't get me wrong.  For three years I was enraptured by the hope that I might catch a turkey....that I, and I alone would know where a TURKEY would hide.......and I could catch him.  Great fun.  Ever stand within close proximity to a genuine wild turkey.  You won't like it.  But like I said, great fun.  PLEASE....PLEASE ANYBODY CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG



Post Date: November 24, 2010

From: AnitaLekutis
Thanksgiving 1965

          Yes, I know someone who got a turkey. I did! It was on Thanksgiving morning before Mass and before anyone had left to go home for visitation. They weren't wild turkeys at all. They were farm turkeys placed in the woods by the Kiwanis club. That morning, I heard some of the girls from cottage 9 gasping and giggling outside, just as I was coming out of the back door to go to Mass. I saw that they were all pointing and screeching at a very befuddled looking turkey. I, being the little scientist, went up to it, grabbed it by the neck and under the body and hauled it into the basement of our cottage. Then we all went to Mass. We all walked in whispering that we got a turkey! The boys didn't want to believe us, they were that mad that we had gotten one of "their" turkeys.
          It's a good thing Sr. Mary James wasn't in the cottage at the time, having already gone to chapel, ahead of us. She would never have let the darned thing into the house. But she found a man to chop off its head and she dressed it and cooked it special for us, I think. Either that or Sr. Venard cooked it and brought it over to Cottage 9 ready to go. I got blood samples from it for my microscope slide collection.

Post Date: November 30, 2010

From: Thomas Greene
Subject: Don Kenny
  Hello - this is a note from Tom & Jim Greene.  We visited with Don Kenny (coach & dentist) a couple of days ago. He is living at the Sandusky Veteran's Home, now. It sure would be nice if some of the alumni would visit or write to Don.   Here is his address:         Bernard Kenny    Ohio Veteran's Home    Nursing Home, Floor 2, North                                                                                                                          3416 Columbus  ave.     Sandusky, Ohio   44870-5598     (tele:  1-419-625-2454.     Thank you  & Happy Hollidays to all !!!         

Post Date: December 5, 2010

From: Joan Beutler

          About 6 of my aunts/uncles were raised at Parmadale, having been placed there in 1933/34 after their mother's death. My elderly aunt, a WAC veteran of
 WWII , is eager for any information about her brother Peter Torok pitching for  Parmadale in a baseball game vs. Boys Town, in 1937 or 1938.  Peter served  in the Marines and is now deceased.
Any information would delight her.

Post Date: December 20, 2010

From: Bob Stevenson
          Happy Holidays to all Parmadaleans. Enjoy the Season and remember the good times, there were a few. I'm glad to share this moment with you all. No one knows what we know or shares what we feel. Take care!!

Post Date:December 28, 2010

          My dad was in Parmadale (from the 1920 census.  His name was Martin Polaski.  Does anyone know him?

Post Date: January 9, 2011

From: Don Shearer
          Just a note to Carlene and Joan about their aunts/uncles in Parmadale.  It has been so many years, it is hard to remember the names of the boys in Parmadale who were there at the time I and my brothers were there.  As to your aunts, Parmadale was an all-boy orphanage back then, but our sisters were sent to St. Joseph Orphanage on the east side of Cleveland.  That is probably where your aunts were taken, also.  Good Luck in your searches.  It's nice to know someone has not forgotten those individuals.  Keep them forever in your hearts.

Don Shearer

Post Date: February 1, 2011

From: Eddie Rivera

Hello Fellow Parmadale Alumni,
 I was known as Eddie Rivera. Resided in Cottage 18 with Sister Ida and Marie Estelle between June 1955 and August 1958 . I graduated in June 1958. I have a picture of the 1958 Graduation Class and would be glad to email it to anyone who requests it. My email is in my Facebook Profile ,however ,I'm making it available here. You're welcome to request friends on Facebook. Norma Masuga; a former resident of Parmadale,in my 7th grade class;  and I have been kibitzing for weeks since I found her on facebook. It would be great to hear from anyone who remembers me. I was a trumpet in the first band and when I graduated I was first chair, trumpet. I am also in touch with Jim Malloy,class of 1957. Also from Cottage 18. Jim and I have been in touch with each other for 23 years.I"ve been living in Chicago since 1966. Hope everyone had a good life and continue to have a good life. Be well.

H. Edward Rivera (Ed)
The same copy above appears in a Facebook page opened by a Parmadale Alumni.
P.S. My brother Cel Rivera;City of Lorain Police Chief was in Parmadale as were other memebers of my family. They were at Parmadale from 1955 to 1960.

What you think, you feel - what you feel, you vibrate -
what you vibrate, you create! 
Wanted or Unwanted! Linda Fallucca
LIFE by Cynthia Occelli It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.
 Leonardo da Vinci 


Parmadale Alumni Class of 1958!152&type=5&Bpub=SDX.Photos&Bsrc=Photomail&authkey=oiOJGw1iegI%24

Post Date: February 3, 2011

From: greg y
Timeline: march 1979-8/79

          I believe I was the 1st African American social worker hired at Parmadale. I worked with some outstanding children. I attempted to start a football league in the summer of 1979 where we would play football against other institutions. The idea never took off although I vaguely remembering playing one robust flag football game with the kids. I instituted a program where I would regularly call parents in to give them progress reports on their kids. I think my cottage was number 5, my house parent's name was Gary. It was an ideal job, most of the kids went to school right there on campus. The area proved challenging for some of the black kids who went to school off campus. I was called names by passerbys in automobiles, a few times myself. Like I said, "my" kids were great. I only worked their for about six months then I relocated. Father Leahy was in charge of the place back then and the director was a man, I thought, of unbelievable character, Mr. Hannah.

Post Date: February 4, 2011

From: Diane Cipolla
Timeline: 1963 -1968

       I just found this site.  I've been reading all the stories.  I was in C11 with the infamous Sr. Myra ( that woman had a lot to answer for when she met her maker) and C13 with Sr. Patricia?  The class picture of us graduating in 1968, I am the 4th from the left first row.  My name then Diane Cipolla.  I found Marilyn several years ago on the survivors web site.  I remember so many of us... Dan, John, Bob, Renee, Barb, Carmen, Rita, Penny,Fifer... I was in the band too... made first chair alto sax and Bob was Drum major.  Best time were the St Patrick's day parades and for a elementary school we held our own against some pretty good high schools.  I remember having a huge crush on John Stevenson and if I remember we met up stairs where he would ring the church bell for my very first kiss...  I remember he was infatuated with Barb... she, Renee and I were best friends and a constant target for Sr. Myra.  For all the bad that happend to many of us at the hands of those that were suppose to take care of us, most of us turned out pretty damn good.  I had a very bad and abusive first marriage and later learned through years of therapy that I had been programmed to accept that as normal for me. I had 2 beautiful children with him, but left him when my girls were 3 1/2 and 2.  We struck out on our own and moved to Texas.  I met and married the love of my life in Houston and we were together for 26 years until his death in 2005.  My girls hate for me to talk about my years at PD, but I have tried to explain that is the place that molded me in my formative years.  I don't want to diminish the abuse we went through, and I know I never told anyone until I was in my 40's and had a break down.  But for all the bad we survived at the hands of the nuns, we kids did OK and we did have some great lay teachers.  I now have 2 beautiful grand daughters and another on the way.  I raised my girls on my own, with a lot of help from my 2nd husband and was able to give them both a great education and make them appreciate all things in life.  This is a great site.  Thanks for starting it.  Marilyn N. I am sorry I lost touch with you. My email is, feel free to send me a note...   Love to all....  Diane

Post Date: February 4, 2011

From: Mouse
Timeline: 83-84
To Brian

        Brian I was touched by the kind words you said about me, and shocked that you remembered me all these years later! I'm terrible with names but I have never forgotten you boys. I have a picture around here somewhere that I believe is you and Efrain. I hope that life has treated you well and that you are happy. Thank you so much for including me in your memories. And by the way...I'm still known as Mouse to this day! You can look me up on Facebook, my real name is Lisa Walsh Delaney.   

Post Date: February 4, 2011

From: Mouse
Timeline: 83-84

To Brian
PS I guess I should have included my email...I forget not everyone has Facebook.

Post Date: February 5, 2011

From: Shirley Meredith
Timeline: 1962-1964 ?

      I remember my mother being taken to the hospital in an ambulance and two Nuns from our church St. Edwards taking us to Parmadale. There was lots of protesting from the community of Parma because there would be a family of 6 Negro children coming to live at Parmadale. We were isolated form the cottages until things cooled down and lived in a type of clinic on Parmadale's grounds. During this time while living at the clinic, all six of the Meredith children got chickenpox.
My fondest memory was looking at Disney stories through a viewer,learning how to ice skate and eating Fritos with lots of oil on them. We were not allowed to go to the swimming pool because we were told it would cause trouble.I also remember going to the attic to write stories and poems.Who knows some of my stories my still be in the attic!
I can not remember the names of many people there because we were never told what happened to our mom and this caused us to blank out several things while at Parmadale. We thought she had died. I do remember the Bonner family the second time we had to stay at Parmadale and meet a wonderful friend from Puerto Rico.
My family and I have memory loss of those years because of the trauma we had to endure. If anyone can help me put the missing pieces of my life for those years back together,I would be forever grateful.My sisters are Anita,Diane,Joan and my brothers are Joseph and Howard.

We were finally reunited with our mother several months or years later. She had been getting cancer treatment while we were at Parmadale and was not able to care for us until she better better.
Thank God for Parmadale a place that cared for me and my family.

Post Date: February 5, 2011

From: Greg Olson
Timeline: 1967

        Diane Cipolla, I just read your post and realized that you said you were in the Houston area. From the dates, it looks like you've been in Houston since around 1979/80. That's around the time my wife and I moved to Houston. Are you still living here? If so, feel free to drop a line. You can reach me at I was in the Class of 1967 with Marilyn. She also connected with me through this site a couple of years ago. Glad to hear you're doing well and that you've raised two great girls. I wish you all the best.

Greg Olson
Class of 1967

Post Date: February 6, 2011

From: Renee
Timeline: 60's and Now

             Oh my word Diane C you don't know how glad I am to have read your post.  You have been someone that has stayed in my heart all these years because of all the abuse you went through at the hands of Sr.Myra.  I felt so bad for you during that time.  In my memories you took the worst brunt of Sr. Myra's rage. We were helpless to stop it although we tried.  We went to Sr.Therese and everyone else we could think stop the torture but got no where.  I am so happy to hear you found True Love and happiness.  Congratulations on your children and grandchildren.  They should be so proud of you. It is not easy to get over such a horrific past and you did.  What doesn't kill us makes us stronger and you are living proof.
 Isn't this site wonderful! I look in every now and then to see if anyone else has posted.  It is good to see how many old friends found their way through life.  We all share a special bond that is hard to explain.  It tickles the soul to see such names as Marilyn N., Anita,Dan, Bob S. Greg O. and Steve S. here and now you.  We share so many good memories(a few not so good ) knowing each other to me makes me feel like we  are family.
 One other thing I wanted to mention it was through living at Parmadale I learned that we are all of one race and that is the "human race".  To this day I give that gift as one of the greatest things I recieved while there.  We learned not to see color but heart and soul. We were all just kids trying to figure out how to get along with our new sisters and brothers.  It was us against the nuns.  And God bless us we gave them a run for their money.  Peace!  May you continue to be blessed.

Post Date: February 7, 2011

Timeline: 63 TO 69



Post Date: February 11, 2011

From: Diane Mattasolio
Timeline: 1963 -1968

        Dear Renee and Greg:  So glad to hear from both of you.  Renee, I've thought about you and Barb over the years quite a lot.  As far as Sr Myra - I still believe she paid her price when she passed.  We were just kids and none of us ever deserved what they all dished out.  So often I have some vivid nightmares and they scare the hell out of me... But I know they are only bad memories and I try very hard not to live back then.  Thanks for remembering me, I don't think any of us will ever really forget the people we grew up with.  I love this site and the facebook site. 

Greg I no longer live in Houston, I'm in McKinney, TX now north of Dallas.  However, I do have my oldest daughter living in  League City.  I'm hoping to get down there in the next month for her baby shower.  I'll try to send you an email.  Who knows...  Love Diane

Post Date: February 18, 2011

From: Glenn Kiesel
Timeline: 1939-1941

             These pictures were taken about reunion time 1939. The pictures came from the Cleveland
Pres at the stadium charoty game were the parmadale band won the trophy for the best band, shows the drum major plus officers of charity game in 1941. The graduation picture is of the Graduation Class of 1942.If you need othe information you can contact me,
Glenn Kiesel at 440-331-8882 in Rocky River

Click here to see Glenn's Pictures

Post Date: February 18, 2011

From: Konnie Stafford/Stevens
Timeline: 1976-1981

                                                  QUOTOS TO WHO DESIGNED THIS WEBSITE

Post Date: February 28, 2011

From: Fred Stafford
Timeline: 1975 -1976

        I was in the production while a resident during 1975-1976. I as wondering if there are any potographs or possibly afilm of our production. I was in both
vrsions in the first production I was in the bar room scene and the bell ringer when Nanci is killed by Bill Sykes. In the second production I was Mr. Brownlow.
My name is Fred Stafford my e mail is Looking forward to hearing from anyone that was in the production or if anyone knows where I might
obtain this.

Post Date: February 28, 2011

Timeline: 1963-1967


Post Date: March 3, 2011

From: wolfspirit
Timeline: 79-81

      I ran across this website and was reading some of the posts.... someone posted about the plays that were at Parmadale and I remembered I played the lead female in Pajama games while I was there, I sang in the choir because one of my roommates heard me singing a popluar song and said that I should sing in the choir  so I tried out and was aloud to join... I was a very angry child while I was there and seemed to always be loosing privledges.. I remember one house parent called ms CC .... I also remeber Father Laehy.... wow what a blast from the past anyone remember me My name is Tammy I am tall and dark headed...

Post Date: March 4, 2011

From: Debby G
Timeline: 1920

To: George W Simon

        You were an "inmate" at the same time as my father, Robert Lederle, also known at Parmadale as "Happy". He was there at birth in 1922 and spent the next 16 years there.  He used to tell us tales ... some not so nice, about the time spent there. He also would tell us about Christmas and how happy he was to get an orange. He grew up to be a fine man so I guess it couldn't have been all bad.
I'm just wondering if you might remember him at all. He was a very fun kind of guy - I'd love to know what he was like as a child. If there are any photos of Parmadale kids in the 20's or 30's that would be soooooo wonderful.
He passed away in 1996 and I've been searching for his family ever since. No luck. Say a prayer for me!
If anyone knows anything about Happy Lederle - please contact me at - I'd love hearing from you.
Debby G

Post Date: March 5, 2011

From: Pam Maynard
Timeline: to 1976

            Hello everyone. My name Is Pam Maynard what a nice surprise to find this sight and see so many name I recognize. I am in both pictures posted. Pam R. You have a great memory for names and to the person asking of Karen Kane she is married with a dozen or so kids.I saw her Deb Mcdonald Pat Masterson Donna Divensenzo at a little gathering.
Such wonderful memories of camp Isaac Joes...(spelling) Camping with Father Russ and swimming and playing softball. Gary Mcarthy Karen Kraznik...I remember you all, Michelle Nelson...I remember your crystal blue eyes. Oh them memories.Hope each and every one of you a wonderful happy healthy life.

Post Date: March 7, 2011

From: Tony Miles
Timeline: 1973

      To Joseph Kane: I am reffering to the Graduation picture of 1973 I remember a few people in that pic. back row from left is Pam Maynard 3rd fr/L is me Anthony Miles 4th is my brother Francis Miles 6th is Paul Cantwell 7th is Charles Schifbouer ( not sure that spelling is correct ) I also remember a few others like Mark Marsik Dawn Bolmyer. Not sure of the spelling of the last names.Can't remember all the names. Great pic. Thanks for posting it. I can be reached at 1967-1974

Post Date: March 8, 2011

From: SomeInfo
Timeline: Current

To: I am writing this to George Simon

         I just want to let you know a couple of things. Parmadale has alot of records{files} that are from YEARS ago that realy they do not have to keep more than 7-10 years if I remember correctly. Alot of the buldings there flood. Yes I think that if they are keeping records for that long of a time they should have taken better care of them,put them up where they wouldnt get wet! Also they do NOT give you your whole file. I don't know why but I am sure they have their reasons. I never lived at parmadale although I have worked there and have a Sibling who used to live there, I have tried to get the files because there are alot of unanswered questions that I have about my (our) childhood that I would like to have answers too. But unless my sibling signs the paper I will never get them. It makes me wonder if it would even be worth getting because I know that I will not get everything from the files that I want or need. Yes it is hard because sometimes "we" need things answered so we think, but I truly beleive that everything happends for a reason. We may not understand now or in years to come but some day it all comes together :) I hope that this has helped you a little bit. I love reading things that you all have written on here! Yes some of the stories are just sad but mostly I think pople have good memories of Parmadale. It is funny to hear people say thing like "Parmajail" because clients still call it that. Although now they are all locked buildings.
march 8th, 2011

Post Date: March 9, 2011

From: Mark Romaniuk
Timeline: 1963 - 1967

      I just found this website.  What a small world.  I lived in cottages 12 and 18 for one year each then in cottage 20 for 2 years.  I now live in North Ridgeville, Ohio.  My sisters Mary and Betty Romaniuk also lived at Parmadale in cottages 3 and 9.  My sister Betty passed away from breast cancer in January of 2008.   
I was in the band and played trumpet and remember marching practice on the school playground preparing us for the Saint Patrick’s Day parade.  I also played football, baseball, basketball and track and remember our coach Joe Olszewski always telling us that “every day was a picnic there for us, we had it made”.  I remember playing baseball on the boy’s playground.  There rarely were enough of us for 2 full teams so we usually played “double bases”, no first base or pitcher and everything to the right of second base was foul.  We would hit the ball out of our hand and run directly to second base.  Does anyone remember that?
     I dug through some of my old boxes and I still have my 7th and 8th grade notes from Mr. Bonza’s Religion and English classes and my 8th grade math book.  Does anyone remember “The Village Times”?  I found 3 editions of it including the Final Edition dated June 7, 1967 with Mr. Bonza’s hand written note on the 2nd page.   I also have the June 8, 1967 Award Night Program.  If anyone’s interested I’ll be glad to post this somewhere.  I think I have some pictures too but I’ll need to dig further for these.  Most of my memories of Parmadale are good ones, the not so good ones I try not to dwell on.  Over the years I’ve often thought about those I lived with at Parmadale and where they’re at now.  I hope everyone is doing well and wish everyone the best. 

Mark Romaniuk
Class of 1967

 Post Date: March 9, 2011

From: Tony Miles
Timeline: 1970

      I can't remember the exact year but does anybody remember lightning stick on I think C9 the night before we were to go to Euclid Beach ? My sis Theresa was in that cottage and my bro Francis and I were worried about her but not much damage was done. I may be wrong about the C no but I think it was 9.

Post Date: March 9, 2011

From: Gary McCarthy
Timeline: 1970 - 77

         Tony Miles and Pam Maynard - Hope you're both doing great!!  I've fared well.  Tony - you and Frannie gave me my tattoos!!  Stole the Indian ink from the crafts shop behind the gym and you and Frannie squared me away.  Tattoos were my initials and the "Sons of Darkess" logo.  LOL.  Finally got the tats covered up around '95  Was just talking about that the other week with Tom Szabo! Small world. 

Where are the graduation pictures you're talking about?  I couldn't find them.

Post Date: March 16, 2011

From: Anthony Miles
Timeline: to 1973

            I remember, I still have the dice Tom Kovach did on my arm. If you scroll up you will find the Graduation pic from 1973. You cant contact me at if you wish. Have a great St. Patrics day. Tony

Post Date: March 17, 2011

From: Maureen O'Neill-Laszlo
Timeline: Now
      Good afternoon.  I work at Regina Health Center in Richfield, Ohio.  Regina Health Center is also known as Mount Augustine, the Motherhouse of the
Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine (CSA).  As you probably know, Parmadale Children's Village was administered and staffed by the Sisters of Charity of
St. Augustine for many years.  I believe they still have a presence there. We hear from a few of our friends from Parmadale who are so grateful to the
nuns who cared for them during trying times.  Please let the alumni know that we are here.  The Sisters, many who are infirmed now, would love to
hear from them about their stories of being at Parmadale.

 Please let me know if there is another way I should communicate with the alumni.  Thank you.
Maureen O'Neill-Laszlo
Director of Development
Regina Health Center
5232 Broadview Road
Richfield, Ohio  44286


           A Ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System

Post Date: March 18, 2011

From: Don Shearer

         How great it was to see those photos from Glen Kiesel of the '41 band and the '42 graduating class.  Thanks a million, Mr. Keisel.  My older brother was in the band picture, but it's hard to pick him out.  The memories flow back.

Post Date: March 20, 2011

From: Mat Kufrin
Timeline: 79-80

Hello to anyone who reads this,

            During my stay Mr.Ralph was my Cottage 8 Parent-Guardian-Mentor-Friend,Thank You,Your a Great Person!! the memories I left there with are still with me 30+yrs later.
  Really sad to hear that Reggie Peeples passed (RIP Friend),He was the first upon my arrival to put his arm around me and welcome me in,Cool Dude!!,I always told my friends about him.
  The rest is Childhood History but not forgotten,you guy's-girl's i had associated with,played on the teams with,walked to the mall or Audrey's with,whatever it was,you were just like the neighborhood kids i grew up with.Awesome
  But my best memories are of Mr.Ralph,i know I disappointed him and I Apologize,he put his effort and time transforming me and Deserved better in return,and if he by chance reads this I am sure he agrees,but i want him to know that I know he cared and tried. 

Post Date: March 31, 2011

From: wah
Timeline: 1944


Post Date: April 8, 2011

From: Anne
Timeline: 1944 - 1950

         I believe Robert Considine was in Parmadale after his parents were killed.  Also his brother Richard.  I have been told by the Modern Parmadale that records are confidential and even though he is deceased and is my Dad, they won't even confirm if he was there.

I'm hoping someone who was there during this time frame will remember Robert and Richard,
Robert was about 14 in 1944 and Richard was 10.  Robert had blond hair and blue eyes, probably a skinny kid as he never got hefty.  He died in 2001 in California without ever telling us anything about his past.  I would like to talk to someone who knew him then.
TIA for any help

Post Date: April 14, 2011

From: Bob Stevenson
Timeline: 1967

        I am sorry Mark and Diane, I have written reponses to your posts but have not seen my answers show up yet. I don't know why but I hope this gets through. I remember Diane so nuch and Mark R, how many trips did we make to 4th creek. Why won't they ley me post... I don't know... I miss you guys, Great times in my memory....Take car... Bob

Post Date: April 19, 2011

From: Bob Stevenson
Timeline: 1967

     Diane C.
        It is so good to hear from you! It sounds like you've found a few rainbows through the clouds. I think John looks in on this site secretly from time to time, he'll really enjoy hearing of your crush on him. Yes the good old St. Patricks day Parade complete with lunch at the CAC. And we were always behind the horses. Of course being drum major I could at least dodge the piles those horses left in the road. If I remember clarinets were in the front row, good times. I went to a reunion and Don Davies (a name I'm sure you remember) brought a ton of pictures that survived. Marilyn and Anita had quite a few too. I saw a few of you.
        AHHHH! Band practise, it seems just about everybody pressed out their first awkward kiss after band practise. But the Belltower, I never!! Good one though.
Well I'm glad to hear your doing well, we'll all have to pick a year and make the reunion together. That would be a riot. Take care Diane and thanks for the memories.

Post Date: April 19, 2011

(Sorry Bob this should have been posted on February 18th but it was missed)

From: SuziQ 58
Timeline: 1944 - 1950

         It's not my story to tell, it's my father's, he never talked much about Parmadale, but we knew he had many memories of it, though we only know bad, I'm sure he may have had good. Does anyone remember Jimmy Cahill, he had a little brother there. I don't feel comfortable about telling you about any other family members. But both of them have passed away and I really would love to hear any stories you may have of them. Jimmy and his brother landed in Parmadale, after their mom and youngest brother died in 1944, and their dad was having trouble caring for them and their 3 other siblings. I do not think my father would mind my saying he never ate another pancake once he left there. Mom would make him french toast, but it was ok for us to have pancakes. If you remember any stories about my dad, I'd love to hear them. I have a pic of a group of young people at a big dinner that I would love to post but I must get permission from his living siblings first. I came acrossed this site, while researching my family tree, and thought it would be a great place to get pics to add to his story. Thank you for any help.

Post Date: April 27, 2011

From: Edmund P. Schelski
Timeline: 1943 - 1951

To: George Simon

         I guess I was your replacement. I came in right  after you left. To: John Melbar - I too was in cottage #8 for the full eight years. I remember your name but cannot picture you. I arrived at age 7 and left at age 15. My brother Frank was also there from 1941 - 1947?? The nuns I remember were: Sr. Mary Ellen,Sr. Gilbert, Sr. Gerard and Sr. Dorathea, all in cottage #8. Sr. Colletta - music band and choir. Sr. Ethyl-Rita @ Hospital - Doctor-Nurse. Sr. Saint George (not a Saint, but a piece of work)  Big Sr. Ann-Catherine, for 2nd grade. Sr. Virginia, 4th grade and Sr. Adele 8th grade. Little Sr. Norberta - Kindergarten, I think she was a midget. She went on to become the Mother Superior for the community of nuns in the 70's. Sr. Marie-Patrice and Sr. Patrice-Marie. One was the Mother Superior of the orphanage and the other was a teacher, but I don't recall which grade. I'm now age 75 and reside in Arizona. I also remember Sr. Gilbert and her wickedness but I ended up being her pet - so to speek. I learned at a tender age to respect and serve your masters. This served me well, however she sometimes turned on me. Some of the guys I remember are: Timothy Abraham, I ended up in a foster home with him but only stayed 6 months. George Douglas and Richard Vesley - why these names come to mind I don't recall. Carl and Robert Lewis - I ended up in another foster home with them from '52 to '57. James Farrell - he was an Alter-Boy and played in the Band, clarinet. I also played in the marching band, clarinet. The Farrell boy you mentioned in your post was Jim's younger brother- Terry. There were also twin-brothers, Frank and Christopher. I believe their last name was Incorvia - I'm not sure of the spelling. They were great artist. Frank was red hair, thin and had a firery temper. Christopher had black hair,big, robust and meek as a lamb. They would use color chaulk  to paint the classroom windows for the holidays. They would start at each end and work toward the middle. It was amazing to watch them -  it was so impressive. Well I'll leave for now and post some more later.  My e-mail is:


Post Date: April 29, 2011

From: Ski
Timeline: 1943 - 1951

     Before I post my personal expierences, I would like to complement the survivors from the 60's, 70's and 80's. In reading your posts I fine it heart warming that you had exposure to social activities outside the institution and that you developed interpersonal relations which helped you cope when you left Parmadale. While some of you experienced the same physical and mental abuse as some of did in the 40's and 50's, it only shows that the nuns perfected their art of intimidation. Several years ago, at behest of friends, I started writing my life story.This is a work in progress and hope to finish it before I die. Recently I came upon this web site. I'll always be greatful for being placed in PD, for as I learned years later that several of my siblings did not fare as well under my parents care- they died. So mine is not a story of victim-hood but one of gratitude. I was clothed, fed, housed,educated and my medical needs attened to. As in any institution, the masses have to be taken care of at the expense of the individual. So, the nuns applied a machiavellian way of control and subjugation so that you would be subserviant to the RULE. I learned at an early age how to service my masters (Nuns). What was the RULE? It was what ever they said it was at any given day, week or month. Not knowing the RULE was no excuse - you suffered the consequences if you broke the RULE. Now this was total control and dominance. I'll post more details at a later date, if I'm permitted.

Post Date: May 2, 2011

From: unknown
Timeline: 1952

         Took a train ride from downtown Cleveland and rode to Canton, Oh

Post Date: May 2, 2011

From: Anthony Miles
Timeline: 67 - 73

         As I have posted in the recent past, myself and 3 of my siblings were in PD in the 60's and 70's. I also had twin uncles that were there in th 20's. Don't know the exact date's but there name's are Dick and Bill Miles. Not sure how long they stayed there. If anyone remembers twins named Dick and Bill, it would be great to hear from you. I can be contacted at Thank you. Tony Miles

Post Date: May 3, 2011

From: Pjod
Timeline: 80 - 83

     My name is Patrick ODonnell and I was a resident at Parmadale in the early 80's.
My first memory is of Mrs Sinclair she was the first person I met when I got there before being placed in Cottage 18. I remember Ray McConville and his sister Gina, Dennis Ellis, Dave Feeny,Bob Bunner,Cheryl and Debbie Batts Cara Moose and few other people. I also remember having quite a rough spell of drugs and alcohol abuse and going to the "Treatment classes" they held on the grounds, I also remember getting sprayed by a skunk and going to serve Sunday mass and Fr.Leahy sending me back to the cottage...LOL...I also was sent to an inpatient treatment center and returning to Parmadale and entering cottage 8. Mr Ralph Mr Dunn Mr Meader were all very instrumental in helping me stay sober and getting all of us in that cottage to meetings. I was the first person to graduate from cottage 8 halfway house and out into the world I went....Unsuccessfully in the sobriety area but after a few yrs of hitting the bottle and drugs I managed to clean my life up and have been sober for almost 23yrs now. I often think about the days at Parmadale and the great times I had there. I also still have a few trophies from playing sports at Parmadale Flag football and summer olympics. Any one remember me? Contact me at
Glad I found this page!

Post Date: May 5, 2011

From: Mark Romaniuk
Timeline: 1967
         Bob Stevenson its so good to hear from you. I remember you well. We had a lot of good times together.  We made plenty of trips out to third & fourth creek.  I remember playing catch with you on the playground with a cork baseball but it was long ball catch as each of us were on opposite sides of the playground.

Post Date: May 5, 2011

From: Brian Hupp
Timeline: 66 - 70

TO: Pam Ryder-Miller,
    Jeannie (not Jean) Hupp is my sister. She is doing well and living quite happily. She has two grown daughters and two granddaughters. She also still LOVES frogs. No surprise to me she went into the water after one,we were from Geauga County(AKA the boonies). I hope you see this post and to all us survivors be well!

Post Date: May 22, 2011

From: Anne
Timeline: 1952

To Unknown:
       I remember that train which traveled through Cuyahoga Falls and Akron.  It was called "The Doodlebug" according to my grandmother.  We rode to Cleveland to shop once.

I am not an alumni but am still hoping to hear from someone who knew Robert and Richard Considine in the late 1940's.

Post Date: May 23, 2011

From: Pam
Timeline: 1969 - 72
Hi Brian!
           Thanks for the update on Jeannie!  Please tell her that I remember her, though I forgot to ask if she remembers me?  lol  Maybe we'll see each other at the next, me and Jeannie!  Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Post Date: May 27, 2011

From: Tom McCann
Timeline: 1961 1968


Post Date: June 2, 2011

From: Ed.Schelski
Timeline: 1943 - 1951

       WOW - 60 years ago today (June 4, 1951) I left Parmadale - never to look back or go back to that place. I learned a lot from the Nuns and wish to thank them for their endurance and putting up with me. What did I learn: #1-Self-control; #2-Self-confidence; #3- to be self-conscious of my surroundings; #4-self-determination; #5-Self-disipline; #6-Self-centeredness, and #7-Self-sufficiency.Do you see a pattern here. My oldest sister said she never encountered a more selfish person in her life. I guess that is what got me thru life. Another thing I learned was to never trust anyone. As a child we were not permitted to have or show emotions, ie, especially crying. You were not permitted to touch another boy - keep your hands to your self. Inter-personal relations were not tolerated,unless you were a "Jock"  someone in sports. Then you were considered "accomplished". Otherwise you were considered a "Nobody" - that was me. The  Sister kept telling me that since I had a mother and father, I didn't belong there. The place was for true orphans, therefore I was a "Nobody.My parents came to see me once in eight years and since they did't take me home, sister reminded me again that I was a "Nobody". After I left Parmadale I soon found out that there was "Nobody" out there for me, but me. I had to fend for myself. At age 17, I quit school and went I my own. At age 18 I got my G.E.D. and joined the navy - hospital corpman. When I came home I worked in Fairview Park Hospital for a short period and then worked for a Transpotation company. I took accounting courses in the evening at Cuyahoga Community College for two years and then continued in that job until I retired. I'll post more at a leter date, so farewell for now. Ed. Schelski

Post Date: June 5, 2011

From: Bakers Granddaugther
Timeline: 1930 thru 1960's

Hi all - loved reading all your stories - good and bad.  Question:  Does anyone remember a woman named Susan who worked in the cafteria?  She was a great baker and my grandmother and  I would love to hear from anyone who remembers anything about her.

Thank you.

Post Date: June 17, 2011

From: andrewdias
Timeline: 00 , 01

I remember knowing a girl in st augustine then moved to another i think 8 her name was angela thats all i know i wanna find her if you know anything my email is

Post Date: June 23, 2011

From: Bob Stevenson
Timeline: 1967

Hey Mark,
      It's great to hear from you. Sorry for the brief posts. Sometimes I look in while I'm traveling and I fire off a quick response with out proofreading. It must make Dan and Marilyn cringe. Yes I remember 2nd 3rd and 4th creek. We were unstoppable. I also remember those games of catch. I think those were the best of times.
The world has gotten a lot faster since then, nice to reflect on those simpler times when we could explore the endless woods of Parmadale. You were always a good friend and we never got lost!
      Hey do you remember the time we crawled out the window and climbed across the roof? We got to the chimney and thought it would be cool to throw some of those pebbles from the roof down to the living room. The only problem was that Dorthea was watching TV too! Man when we came back in the window she was waiting. My heart sank as she started in. But it was worth it, we had so much fun doing it. I still have a bald spot where she was pulling my hair. Those were the days, we were livin on the edge. Well I'm so happy to hear that you are doing OK. Hope we can meet up at a re-union some day. Take care my friend.
Bob Stevenson    

Post Date: June 29, 2011

From: LeeTaylor
Timeline: 84/85

I arrived at Parmadale via Carmalita Hall.. I was in Mr.Ralphs cottage. The cottage number escapes me, but it was the one on the end. I recall some names. Scott Schoonover, Charlie Diamond, Maurice, Rembrant, Dave, Ace. Michelle Carpenter, and from Carmalita, Michelle Dziak. I wish I could say I learned alot. The truth is, looking back its still a pretty hurtful time of my life. I have some good memories and made some real friends. Father Seminator baptized me, we won the talent show, and maybe I grew up a little.

Post Date: July 1, 2011

From: Anita Lekutis
Timeline: 1966

      When I graduated from Parmadale in 1966, I went to Catherine Horstmann Home for Girls in Cleveland's University Circle neighborhood. Many of the girls there were graduates of Parmadale. I'm starting a Facebook group for Catherine Horstmann Home Girls and their families. So if you were at CHH or maybe your sister or your girlfriend was, please join our FB group: "Catherine Horstmann Home Girls." It won't be anywhere near as big as the Parmadale group, we were a very small home. Somebody out there needs to start a St. Anthony's Home Facebook group, as well. IMHO. Do any St. Anthony's boys remember the dances at CHH?

Post Date: July 19, 2011

From: Ralph Winburn
Timeline: 76 - 80
      "Get off the sidewalk get off the grass the pioneer boys are coming past". I am 44 yrs old now and still remember the chants of the old camping trips. If you read a post from Michael Winburn and wonder if that is my big brother it is. That's what Parmadale did; they took me out of a runaway shelter when I was 11yrs old and placed me with my two older brothers, and repaired a broken family. For this I am eternally grateful. I would like to thank Mr T. Woll for a strong foundation, Mr. Bill Richards for teaching me how to shave, cut my fingernails, and an introduction to the world of martial arts. Sister Margret Mary and Father Layhe for my hand writing, and math skills. Special thanks to The Nights Of Columbus for the many years of summer fun and taking us to the local radio station to request and recieve any Christmas gift we asked for. Brother Tom for teaching me how to make hospital corners after my feet hit the floor, & now as a Nurse I make the best beds on the unit. Finally, I owe everything I am to the psych department for saving my mental wellness after mental and physical abuse at the hands of others. Because of the psych department I was able to go on and become a member of the New York City Fire Department, I have helped and saved thousands including my service on September 11, 2001. I now serve the state of Oklahoma as a EMT, and as a nurse. Every life I extend will be a direct result of the exsistance of Paramdale St. Anthony's home for boys and it's past and present staff members. Just know that all of you fine folks are still doing the right thing is motivation for me to continue to follow your lead. Long live Parmadale, and all praise be to God.

Post Date: July 26, 2011

From: kmwoodby
Timeline: 1941 - 47

      I grew up listening to my father's stories of Parmadale.  Some good stories, but mostly bad.  My father's name was Kenneth Talmon and he stayed in cottage #6.  He was very young, around 5 years old when he arrived.  He talks of his friends with last names of Dial and Gallucci.  If anyone can provide information and photos during that time period I would be forever thankful as I am researching my family genealogy and trying to fill in alot of blanks. Sincerely, Katherine (Talmon) Woodby.

Post Date: July 28, 2011

From: Pat Noble
Timeline: 1956 - 60

       My mother died in 1955  and as a result of this my twin brother Mike and my brother Frankie and my sister Jakki both younger than Mike and I were sent to Parmadale  Some of my memories are very vague  and some are like they happened yesterday.  Mike and I were put in cottage 18.  Sister Ida  was the nun in charge she was the toughest nun I had ever met. To this day I still remember all the beatings she would dish out.  I remember standing in line to get our daily clothes that we would have to wear to school. Mostly wool pants that would itch like crazy and absolutely no telling them you did not like their selection.  I vaguely remember some of the names  McCombs  Gallagher  Garcia  Reviera so many kids so many sad stories of why they were there. I do remeber the good times Mike and I had playing  sports  for coach Joe  what a great person  he  made quite an impression on Mike and I both.We always had great football teams  with are great looking uniforms  and beating up on a lot of teams in the CYO youth division  My Dad would never miss a game  sometimes he had to walk several miles just to see us play.  One year we lost to St. Philip and James 2-0.  Wehad so many trick plays  sneal huddle  rainbow pass and many more  we were like a minature NFL team.  In all I would say that the effects of us being there made us a lot tougher to deal with the years after leaving Parmadale  I myself went on to becoming a Professional Bowler  and running Medina Lanes  in Medina Ohio If anyone remembers us it would be nice to hear from you.  Post something on this forum.  It would be great to see how many people still remeber the old days.
Thank You
Pat Noble    

Post Date: July 28, 2011


Please accept these picturesto post to the Parmadale Alumni website.
The pictures are from 1976 when I was a part time Cottage Parent working
w/Sister Agnes(Rose) and Bob Hazinakis(other Cottage Parent) in the Boys
Cottage #3.

Michael J. Mileca

Post Date: July 26, 2011

From: Renee
Timeline: 60's

      Just curious if anyone from the class of 67 is making this years reunion?

Post Date: August 3, 2011

From: Dan Pugh
Timeline: 1965 - 67

      Renee, I already have my plane ticket so I know I will be there. I was hoping Mark R. would also show up.

Post Date: August 4, 2011

From: cindy Nigro-Kukich
Timeline: 82 - 87
       I have nothing but good to say about Parmadale. I of course hated it and everything it stood for while I was there. All I ever cared about was counting down the days until I was getting out of that place. Now looking back, parmadale saved my life! My parents were horrible and didnt deserve to have kids. To this day I still have nothing to do with them. I have made my own family with my husband and three children. I started off in cottage 11 stayed there 10 months and then got out , went home 6 weeks, and returned to parmadale until i was 18 and attended normandy high school. Ms. Ann deserves a million bucks for what I put her through.I miss her terribly and would do anything to just have 5 minutes to thank her for everything. She taught me self esteem, values, "how to clean toilets and baseboards". And most of all to believe in myself and respect.Cant tell you how many lies I told her and got caught at every one of them. There was a boy there, his name was ted Hasenstaub. Our time at the commons area used to be so special.and boy if I wanted that time with him, ms ann sure made me earn it.I met alot of people while residing there.After I graduated I became a hair dresser and just one year ago became a nurse. I can honestly say that parmadale will always hold a special place in my heart. I often think of mr. weiss, mr abraham, mr joce, father seminatore,ms theresa, ms norma, ms alayna.thank you all. Once in a while I drive thru there with my kids. Good memories. Mass used to chike me up, emotionally.If anyone remembers me, Im on facebook.

Post Date: August 6, 2011

From: Tara
Timeline: 1983 - 1985

      Hoping to find James (Jim) Smith...lost contact with him after he left Ohio for Louisiana.

Post Date: August 12, 2011

From: cindy Nigro-Kukich
Timeline: 83 - 87

      If anyone hears from Ms. ann vantroba, please email me, I have not seen or heard from her since one year after I left. I dont even know if she is still alive. I think of her often and would like 15 minutes with her just to thank her for everything. I miss her terribly. As I looked thr all the pictures from my time there, I wanted to cry. It brought back so  many memories. some bad such as me always getting grounded but alot of good. Parmadale was a big part of my life that I will hold onto forever.All I can say is Kudos for all the staff that put up with alot of kids in my time. They had their hands full!I have three of my own children and all I can say is OH MY WORD! poor ms. ann. she took so much of my shanangans. yet never layed a hand on me. What I wouldnt give to just give her a big hug. I have written her a number of times yet havent gotten anything back, she did however send me a beautiful ceramic litehouse 12 yrs ago when I got married but have not heard anything since.

Post Date: August12, 2011

From: Anita J Hanks

      Allow me please to be the first to nominate Mr. Robert Bonza, English and Religion teacher for 7th and 8th grades to the Hall of Fame.  Marilyn
Novosel and I both have his Home address. And if he needs a ticket/hotel to attend the program, I will personally pay his way and all his expenses.
I'd consider it a privilege. Please send me whatever nomination form is needed.
BTW, he's in Florida! I'm so excited and happy to have heard from him and found him after all these years.
Anita Lekutis Hanks

Post Date: August 25, 2011

From: Evelyn Montalvo
Timeline: 1971 - 1977


My name is Evelyn Montalvo, My five brothers and I were in Parmadale during the time period of 1971-1977.
I just checked out your alumni web site and would like to be added to the list. I can be contacted for any
notifications and updates at


Thank you.

Post Date: September 18, 2011

From: Ed. Schelski
Timeline: 1943 - 1951

      Dan Pugh: Can you or anyone else provide me with information about some of the pictures? PICTURES PAGE 1  Who is the nun with the bishop and the date.  2) Third row down, second picture  of Monkey Bars - date of picture.  Also Big Picture of kids around Christmas Tree - provide cottage number and date. The picture right below I know is Sr. Norberta - can anyone provide date?  You can e-mail this infor to me. Thanks Ed. Schelski

Post Date: September 20, 2011

From: Michael J. Mileca

     Re: Ed. Schelski
Sister Theresa Calley is the Sister with Monsignor Ivanko.  
For future reference Monsignors wear the raspberry color, Bishops wear red.
Bishops also wear a pectoral cross.
All the best,  Mike

Michael J. Mileca

Post Date: September 28, 2011

Subject : Memory Page Form Not working

It Has been brought to our attention that the Add a Memory Form was no longer working. I apologize for this problem and the problem has been corrected. I would like to Thank Michael J. Mileca for bringing this to my attention.

Post Date: October 3, 2011

From: Frank DeCarlo
Timeline: 58-61

      "Just a quick note my email address has change since my last entry in 2009 the new address is

Post Date: October 16, 2011

Timeline: 1962 - 1969

    Can't help checking in from time to time. I keep looking for or hoping to find out what happened to long lost friends from the class of 1969 Eddie Lenetti and Jackie Masterson. Did they have a shorter life than the rest of us or are they still out there somewhere. If you'll remember Jackie was the straight A student that was a star in all the sports. Eddie did not graduate with us. He got sprung by family before graduation. He was the adventurous one. He went on solo trips raiding the Kitchen at night. Later he introduced me. He and I were the ones that snuck a hamster into cottage 16 and kept it there feeding it as a pet for months. Funny how those memories make all the rest of it kind of fade. Peace from North Carolina

Post Date: October 25, 2011

Subject : gayle
Timeline: 1944

happy birthday 10-29-1944 from your brother roger .

Post Date: October 30, 2011

From: Karl Lewkowski
Timeline: 1948 - 1952

      I was in Cottage 10, at eight years old, Sister Mary Ellen. My brother was in the baby cottage at first then went to cottage 10. I got my butt kicked many,many times while at Parmadale, but I never had any bad feelings about it. I did a lot of crazy stuff, like running away, fetching arrows getting in late. Had to scrub basement floor on hands and knees. I know, since leaving in 1952 that my memories of Christmas is the first thing I think of every Christmas. I always thought I would rather have my kids go to Parmadale rather than a foster home. I have memories of being in the band and playing at the stadium when Ted Williams went in the Marines. Euclid Beach ! and fishing trips.

Post Date: November 18, 2011

From: Nancy Diem
Timeline: Any Photos of Parmadale from the 1930s?

    I'm completing a genealogical "book" for my dad, who with his brother, was placed in Parmadale around 1930. Has anyone submitted photos from that time period? Thanks for any help.
(I found the Website and comments fascinating, especially the negative ones. Very eye-opening. My dad only has good things to say about the place...)

Post Date: November 27, 2011

Subject : Steve Antal
Timeline: 47 to '54

"It's too bad we're taught the things the church teaches us. I remember at 7 yrs. old being taught by the nuns, that if I did certain things, I could go to this place called hell. I remember the fear I felt. I never felt it before. Then when they tell us we're born with sin, I felt ashamed of myself. I never felt that either. Then they tell us that there's this God that loves us, & is all forgiving. Yet we can go to this place called hell.
My head was screaming,,""WHAT""?? Talk about being confused!!
It took me 30 yrs. to get that screaming out of my head.
I went on a journey of searching for answers. Hopefully this may help some of you that are in pain, & don't know where to look for answers.
We all choose to be here. There is no such thing as life coming from no-where. When I realized I choose my experience in the orphanage, & everything that came with that experience. I WAS FREE. I took responsibility & didn't take it out on my dad anymore. I told my dad, ""I Love You & I know you did your best"". You should have seen the look in his eyes.
We choose certain lessons in life to learn. It's no different than going to college & picking certain courses. If you were beatin by a nun for no reason, like all of us were. Ask yourself, what is it I was to learn from that? Is it to learn forgivness?
Everything about what we're going to experience in our life, is encoded in our DNA, before we came here.
God does not punish us, & there is no such place as hell.
Sorry to dissapoint anyone.
So, go out & love yourself.
It's time we learned that.."

Post Date: December 2, 2011

From: searching
Timeline: 60's

      Russ Banner. Interested in hearing any information from those who had contact with him.

Post Date: December 6, 2011


From: Cheryl Batts
Timeline: 1980

    Hi I'm Cheryl Batts I spent five long years at Parmadale.Parmadale helped me in so many ways!I will always have fond memories of Parmadale.I don't think I would of fininshed school without the help of them and their staff!I often think of Miss Ann and Mr.Rush they helped me a great deal.Thanks for everything you've done for me in my past.Mr.Rush I'll always be greatful to you for helping me find my family.I went their not knowing my parents and you helped find them,I thank you and I will never forget you. I didn't not like it there when I was there but it sure made me the person I am today!I'll never forget our cottage meetings or our long Easter plays.All our long, long,practices!I will never forget the people I met along the way. The hardest time I had was being spelt up from my sister and watching friends you made over the years leave.Five years is a long time to watch friends and staff leave.But I made it and I am the person I am today because all the people and love I received there.I have so many pictures of friends I made over the years.Think of them over the years and wish them the best!Miss Ann I will always remember you and I thank you for everything you did for me and everything you gave up.I remember how you had a room up stairs you gave so much of yourself and I don't think I ever said"thank you for everthing" miss you and love you!You were tough on us but loved us and you wanted the best for us!I will never forget midnight mass.I had a special friend after leaving would come to the mass and I would look for that person every year!I remember Quail Hollow and all our pinics we use to go to at funace run.My the memories, sure I was a hand at times but they(staff )never hit me.The patients and the love that was their will never be forgotten!Thanks to the staff and a place I called home for five years of my life.Press on be strong and never forget the people who helped you along the way.

Post Date: December 12, 2011

Subject : Tonia Bauer
Timeline: 2/1989-9/1992?

    I remember going to Parmadale and being scared to death of what was going on. Christine Tomey was my case worker at the time and she made the transition so much better than it could have been. Wow, so many memories! I learned so much from the ladies in cottage 7. Ms. Elmore, Mrs. Daniels, Ms. Ansel, Mrs. Ivy-Evans, Ms. Bratton, Mr. Graves and Mr. Peeples.... the list goes on. I'll never forget people that I knew there as well...Shawnee, Rabiah, Colby, September, the beautiful Barbara that would sing to me at the top of the back stairs, Toie, Jessica, Hiekiem and so many others....I learned more from these girls than anyone I have known in my life. I went to live with a foster family after being in Parmadale and that was the best blessing I could have recieved. Without Parmadale, I believe I may have not survived- Thank you Parmadale

Post Date: December 12, 2011

From: Fernando
Timeline: 1952 -53

      Twelve boys came from Italy in the fall of 52. We spoke no English & were assigned some girl who spoke some Italian. Funny but I don't remember not knowing English after getting there. Thanks to this girl, who ever she was & others I may not remember for helping us communicate & get to know what to do. I remember one of the boy's in our group was named Mario. We had become best friends on our trip over. There were also two brothers but don't remember their names. If anyone has any info on that group of guys please let me know or post it here. I have read every entry in the Forum. I am sad to hear the pain in some & happy to feel the joy in others. I was forever grateful that the Catholic Charities program along with Parmadale was able to help us get here & get adopted. For those with the pain my prayers are with you. My email is

Post Date: December 16, 2011

Timeline: 1962 - 1969

    This is a response to "searching" who wrote in on December 6. I knew Russ Banner. He was my adult idol for a number of years. I always looked forward to the summers and hoped that I would end up in his tribe or what ever we called it. I ended up in his tribe on two summers. He went from being Mr. Russ to Mr. Muss to Fr. Russ while I was there. I remember his deep voice and the great way he played a guitar on camp-outs or when we would go out in the woods for a camp fire. I have heard tales and rumors of him abusing a child that I knew there. I don't believe it. I was there without family and protection of any kind. Both my parents died while I was there. I was a true orphan. I would have made a easy victim of a person who preyed on children but it never happened. I would like to tell anybody that says otherwise that I would stand by Father Russ. Am I wrong to say so? Has he been convicted? Did he confess and get defrocked? Can anybody tell me that?. I also remember fellow seminarians of his, Jerry Blake and Paul Schnider or Shindler all honorable men in my memory. Tell me I'm wrong.

Post Date: December 23, 2011

Subject : Dave Noveske
Timeline: 1961-1965?

    It is funny as you get older. Try to look back at your life and the people you knew and place you have been and lived. the early sixties were a troubled time in my life and for one reason or another much has been blocked out. Do have found memories of that period -- computer scans for isolated names in my memory are blurred at best or have been marginally successful. I do have found memories of Parmadale and later St. Anthony's. Staff names such as Sr Elizabeth, Fr Russel Banner, David Andrews and a girlfriend (likely my first) named Pat Hook. Can still visualize a photo of a field trip where we, my class mates) were pictured on the Parade magazine front cover -- wish I could find that picture. Well some of these folks have passed on, some have had trouble come into their lives and some I haven't just found. I am happy to report that successful in both business and my personal life. Have to think people and friends of this time help make that possible. If you knew me look me up.... am on Face Book or in the on-line white pages.

Post Date: December 30, 2011

From: Dave Noveske
Timeline: 1964

      Tells you how my memory is -- just uploaded what I believe is my grade school graduation class picture -- Class of 1964. I am top row second from right. Assume that places me there 61-64?

Click Here for Class Picture

Post Date: December 30, 2011

From: robert bowman
Timeline: 74 -79

    thanks for all the good memory. if anyone want to hit me up im at o dont be a stranger .lol. luv u guys

Post Date: January 3, 2012

Subject : robert bowman
Timeline: 74 -79

    love the photos so many memorys. has any one heard from donna brown. if u talk to humphery.tell him to hit me up.

Post Date: January 3, 2012

From: Karen Skrzypinski
Timeline: 1964 to 1970

      C ottage 11, with Sr. Myra. Then I moved to cottage 9 with Sr. Jeanette Carol. I loved summer program with Ms. Barb. Going camping at Camp Corday and Camp Cheerful. We built Pagodas and T.P.'s when we were Indians. We had scavenger hunts in the woods. We had dances,a baseball, basketball, volleyball team. Even a golf course. Mike Corrigan and I made the most holes in one that summer. I was in Schola and played in the band with Mr Hearns. I played the Saxaphone.I would of missed out of alot if I was not in Parmadale. Thank-You!! How can I get a hold of some of my old friends? I'd appreciate if you can let me know? Love, Karen Skrzypinski (Sudvary)"

Graduation class of Parmadale 1970"

Post Date: January 5, 2012

From: Karen Skrzypinski
Timeline: 1964 to 1970

    "Summer Camp with Ms. Barb. Building pagodas and T.P's. Our scavenger hunts at Camp CordiRunning away with Linda Lantz. lol....

thr sports teams."

Post Date: January 12, 2012

Subject : Karen Skrzypinski
Timeline: 1964 to 1970

    Having summer program with Ms. Barb.Building our own T.P's and Totum Poles.Goingcamping to camp Cheerful and camp Cordi.All the sports and going to Euclid Beach.Running away with Linda Lantz,lol.It was good memories. I had lots of fun and friends..Imiss Sr. Jeanette Carol and Sr. Norma.Sr, Myra was mean. Sorry. The stories in her cottage were true.Love you's

Post Date: January 12, 2012

From: Karen Skrzypinski
Timeline: 1964 to 1970


Post Date: January 13, 2012

From: Fred Stafford
Timeline: 1976

    I was in the play for the anniversary of Parmadale. Fr. John "Jack" Lehey(?) always came for inspection at the cottage on Sat. Morning or Friday nights if we were able to go off grounds for the weekend. I was in cottage 16 or 18 I can't remember. Brother Norbert was in our cottage. I was wondering if there are any still potographs or possibly if someone filmed the production. My granddaughter who is 11 wanted to see what her grandfather was like back then. My name is Fred Stafford my e mail address is Thanks for all the memories that I have of there and the people who helped me graduate High school from Parma Senior in June 1976. Some of the names I remember are Milton Lorenzo, Chris Todd, John Schmacher(?). Thank-you for you posts look forward to seeing more and getting info on the play

Post Date: January 15, 2012

Subject : Maureen Gallagher
Timeline: 1960-61

   I am now 61 and I can't believe I am writing about my experience at PD. So many years ago...but I just can't put some of those memories to rest. I was a very spirited child and Sr Martin was determined to break my spirit (I was in cottage 11). I swear she beat me just for looking at her...Sr Henry often took pity on me. I remember sitting on the "back steps" freezing late at night on the marble (cement?) surface for some mistake I made. I also remember when she put me outside in the snow in my pajamas at night and locked the door. I walked to the office but no one was there late at night. I walked back to cottage 9 where my sister Rosemary lived. She took me in and hid me for awhile. Sr Maureen (music teacher) and Sr. Luke (4th grade teacher) were both particularly abusive. I remember Sr Luke punching me in the face when I forgot my confirmation name when I was confirmed there...yes, right in front of the bishop...and he said and did nothing. That was truly a place of horrors for me. I also had two brothers there...Michael and David. I don't remeber their cottages. I remember that David was sent home after three months...he just couldn't take the abuse. I have never told my children or grandchildren about the extent of the abuse I suffered at PD...I'm afraid they would have nightmares.

Post Date: January 22, 2012

From: Anita Lekutis
Timeline: 1960-61 and 1964-66

      I remember you, Maureen Gallagher. I was in Cottage 11 with you, younger, in 3rd grade, when you were in 4th. I loved the way you looked like a little Irish pixie - and your cute name. I remember a few of the other girls in our cottage, Linda Urban, Norma Cuevas, Pat and Paulette Liss. I spent a lot of time in the hospital cottage, so you might not remember me, but I do remember that Sr. Martin only picked on a few girls. Thankfully, I wasn't one of them (too sickly, I guess). We have a Facebook group for Parmadale Orphanage Alumni - I bet you'd find some other friends there.

Post Date: January 24, 2012

From: Tim Vlahovski
Timeline: Late 70

   i went to parmadalemid mid to late 70 i know eric blankinship he was my roomy in st anthony

Post Date: February 16, 2012

Timeline: 1963-1969

  "Does anybody remember any birthday celebrations or events in their ""birthday honor"". Did that kind of thing occur in P-dale? I have no recollection. Help me out here. I currently work for the Post Office and will retire from there some time in the next 3 to 5 years. I got two cakes and multiple well wishes from fellow employees. Did Parmadale do the same for its children? I think we would remember such a thing. Kevin"

Post Date: February 26, 2012

From: Anita Lekutis
Timeline: 1960-61 and 1964-66

      "Kevin, about those birthday celebrations: I don't think we ever had routine celebrations of birthdays in Cottage 9. Most of the kids at Parmadale had birthdays with their families on Home Sundays. However, I do remember some birthdays, very well. In 1965 on my 13th birthday, my aunt had been convinced to take me for a home visit for Easter. (Don't know who did the convincing - certainly not I.) They brought me back early that Sunday and Sr. Mary James asked me what I had gotten for my birthday - I told her that my family had forgotten it. Not only that but we didn't even have Easter. So Sr. Mary James went into our kitchenette and baked me a birthday cake! She brought it out with candles and all for our evening snack time. It didn't even matter to me that I got no gifts except for a gag gift of a brick wrapped in aluminum foil from my best friend. (Children can be so cruel.) I never had another birthday party until I went to Catherine Horstmann Home where they always made our favorite dinner and a cake of our own request for our birthdays. But that was a much smaller place.
I used to give away my own things to my friends who were having birthdays because I never had any money. One year (1966)I shoplifted a Beatles ""Flip Your Wig"" game from Woolworth's at Parmatown to give to Chrissy Z for her birthday. How I got a board game out of the store without getting caught still baffles me. (^-^)"

Post Date: March 1, 2012

From: Ed. Schelski (SKI)
Timeline: 1943-1951

   To: Kevin - Re: Birthdays. During the war years thru 1945 everything was rashioned: Shoe Leather,Clothes, Sugar,Butter, Flour,eggs, water & electricity. Starting in 1946 each cottage had a Birthday celebration once per month. A large sheet cake cut into 40 pieces (40 boys in each cottage)The celebrants chose the day of the month to have the celebration. No cake during Lent and Advent. No Birthday Cards. You couldn't have boys sending boys cards - now could you? No presents either.Hope this info is helpful.

Post Date: March 6, 2012

Subject :Ed. Schelski
Timeline: 1943-1951

  Re: my previous post - my PHONICS was showing - the correct spelling is: RATIONED - sorry for the goof - don't pick on an old man.

Post Date: March 6, 2012

From: Robert Stevenson
Timeline: 1967

      "Dave Novesky, it's great to hear from you. There are only a few of us on this blog who are alumni of Parmadale, St Anthony,s and St Ed's. Your picture looks great and BTW isn't that a stunning shot of Mr. Ralph Joyce.
Glad to hear of your successes in life. Take care my friend.
Anita, you always were livin on the edge! But I'll bet Christine appreciated it.
Thanks for sharing

Post Date: March 8, 2012

From: Billy
Timeline: late 40's ????

   E Schelski, what cabin were you in? My dad was in 10

Post Date: March 13, 2012

Subject :Ed. Schelski
Timeline: 1943-1951

  To: Billy - I was in Cottage #8 Refer to my post dated: 4-29-11, 5-2-11 and 6-5-11.

Post Date: March 14, 2012

From: Karen Dore
Timeline: 1951-1956?

     I recently received a picture from my First Communion at Parmadale. One was with my brothers, Jack (John) and Matt (Butch). It struck me that on not one of those pictures was I or them smiling. I don't know why my younger brother, Tim, was not in any of the pictures. I wish I could remember more about the other children that were there but mostly I think about the mean nuns. One nice nun I remember was Sister Christopher. I can remember singing with Butch in productions, hiking in the woods around the area, receiving Halloween candy from the Parma residents and being beaten one time for not wanting to eat and I was in bed for a couple of days recuperating. I suspect there is probably no one out there who would remember us but it is a difficult place to forget.

Post Date: March 16, 2012

From: Frank Noble
Timeline: 1957-1959?

   I was in Parmadale after my mom passed away. My sister and two of my brothers were also there. I was the my memories are not great. I did have some very tough times while in Parmadale. I have a hearing impairment that was not recognized at the time and was subject to disciplinary punishments way too often. I was only 6 at the time? Fortunately, I didn't let the "bad" memories keep me from loving my GOD! I would like to reconnect with anyone from this time period...I think my nun's name was Sister Morrow? I really blocked a lot of my past out of my memories.

Post Date: March 19, 2012

From: Frank Noble
Timeline: 1957-1959?

   Hi...I was at Parmadale from above you know of anyone who was in sister Morrow's dorm? I believe that is her name...memories are not great of my time there/

Post Date: March 19, 2012

From: Kevin Rooney
Timeline: 1963 to 1969

     I urge everyone who visits this site...Everyone who's family has ever had a brush with Catholic Charities to search on Google or Yahoo for a story entitled "Adopted or Abducted". Its an exhaustive international research into the practice of forcing unwed mothers into relinquishing their newborn children for adoption. This may have happened to you or someone in your family. This event will become as big or bigger than the sexual abuse scandal. I do warn you, its a bit terrifying to read. And no its not about Catholic bashing. Many parties were involved. It just so happens that because of the Catholic moral position of unwed pregnancy they are at the forefront of the atrocities

Post Date: March 27, 2012

From: Bob May
Timeline: Aug 53 to Jul 57

   "Hello..I was assigned to cottage 10 when I arrived..I was 10 years old. Mom had died of cancer and their were no other alternatives. It was a hard transition at
first until I learned what I could..and could not get away from. Sr. Mary Ellen was the cottage nun. She was strict but fair. Some of the fellows I remember
are Steve McMullan..Paul Ranallo, and a girl named Penelope. She became my 1st ever girlfriend. I was an altar boy and cleaned the school halls and trophy
cases every Saturday in the summer. Since I had no visitors..the nuns put money on the books for me for this work. I also rang the Angelus bell at
noon and 6pm. Its sad to hear about kids that had such a rough time. My email address Would like to hear from
anyone who remembers me. God bless you all."

Post Date: April 10, 2012

From: Andy Nagy
Timeline: 58-62

     "Wow, after reading over the post i had some trepidations about saying anything. I arrived in Apr 58 per court order for my own safety. I have both good & bad memories from my 4 years there. I must have ran away 6-8 times and yes my welcome back was a rubber hose.I remember st Catherin 5th grade with her long wooden pointer, the blackboard must still have dents in it from my head being bounced off of it. lol, I remember Sr Raphael, she taught the alter boys if I remember and the choir till my voice changed, a few times she let me ring the church bell in the tower.. Yes the shell in downtown Cleveland was fun to sing at during Xmas. We sang at St John's Collage downtown during the holidays. I got my picture taken with Ed Bang think this was 1960 who wrote for the old Cleveland News it was the pink newspaper I had a black eye and was dressed in my choirboy outfit.. I was in cottage 12 my 1st yr, then cottage 16 with Sr Petra. My court social worked was Mr Bacho. He would play 20-25 games of chess at one time.
In March of 1960 I had a heart operation, Sr Petra visited me more then my own mom did(charity Hospital). I was gone from March 1960-July 1960.. I remember the St pats day parades in Cleveland, going to Indian games. Euclid Beach. FYI if you go to Humphreys web site they owned Euclid Beach and they have video tapes on their site. Mr Basel I think also taught wood working and pottery classes.

Did I get disciplined a lot yes I sure did, but Sr Petra encouraged me to read, she saw I loved to read. After my heart operation I couldn't play sports, but she would grab 2 mitts and a ball and we would go out side and play catch for like a hr at a time. In the fall we would toss the football around too. Did I disappoint her a lot yes, when I missed behaved. At night she would wake me up and we would go down to the kitchen and listen to the indian games till they ended no matter the time. Yes at times she would let us boys settle any internal disputes, she would go to her room and come back down later. I am not trying to defend her, but those are my memories of her. In early 62 we had a very bad boy there. One time he assaulted her and was beating her up. About 10 of us boys jumped him, so she could get away. Some of us went to get Mr Abraham's. The kid ran away and never returned. Some of the kids I remember are the McBride brothers, Jimmy Hawkins, Pat Hanrahan, yes we were friends. After I graduated i had the choice to go home or St Anthony s, Boy did I blow it. I should have went to St Anthony s. But I AM A SURVIVOR More at a later time. My email is"

Post Date: April 22, 2012

From: Barb Forgus
Timeline: Early 70's


   I guess as we get older we start to think of the past, the good and bad times. Although I was never in Parmadale, I married John Forgus, Class of 1968. My cousin, Ronald Brunn was briefly at Parmadale as a young teen. My mother's brother had died very young, and his children were placed there temporarily. That is how I was introduced to the boys at Parmadale. There was John Forgus, the Stevenson Brothers, the Schmack Bros, Jack Masterson, and a few more. These teens were in transition from Parmadale to St. Anthony's Home for Boys at the time. My father had started picking up my cousin Ron on Sundays from the "home" on Detroit Avenue. By the time I was sixteen, we would have 10-12 boys at our house for Sunday dinner. There, myself and 2 sisters with our friends and female cousins, all had a severe crush on Jack Masterson!!! ( I have recently seen him).

What I remember most is St. Anthony's and Reynolds Hall. Gary Zayas, who married Mary Lynn still visits my mom and was like a brother to me. When John and I married, the old man ( Fr. Leahy) surprised us and performed the ceremony at St. Augustines Church. We divorced many years ago, but have 2 wonderful sons together, Johnnie and Rich, that I could brag about forever. John and I are very good friends and see each other often, seeing we have 5 wonderful grandchildren.

When I first learned to drive, I would pick up the boys at St. Anthony's on Sunday at 1:00 pm. They would have to be back at 7pm. If we caught the train at Ridge and Denison, they would all be on restriction for the week. My Mom called the "old man" many Sundays, pleading their case, to no prevail!

I often like to jog my memory with thoughts of those times. I remember someone named Wally, though I do not remember his last name. He was at St. Anthony's and at Reynolds Hall in the early 70's.

I have been thinking alot about those days. Johnny Stevenson used to drop by my moms house, but it has been years. I have seen Jack Masterson over the years a number of times. He lives in the neighborhood I am sure.

I enjoyed the posts at Parmadale Golden Years and just wanted to share some memories. I will check back often.

Thanks, Barb Forgus

Post Date: April 24, 2012

From: Kevin Rooney
Timeline: 1969


Post Date: March 26, 2012

From: Peggi Sweeting
Timeline: 1960-62

   "To Maureen Gallagher, I just read your January 22, 2012 memory. I remember your name, along with the Liss sisters and Linda Urban and Norma Cuevas (she was nice). Your letter brought back such awful memories; I only hope that you've recovered and have had a better life. For nuns who were supposed to be God's handmaidens, they really have a lot to answer for. The only saving grace is the fact that a lot of them were only teenagers themselves; it's just that we considered them to be adults. It's no excuse, though.

On another note, someone had posted a memory last year about our class going on a boat on Lake Erie to film an episode of the tv show Route 66 in the summer of 1961. Well, that episode aired on TV last night! It's called Two On the House, and it's Episode 27 of Season 2. The original airing was April 20, 1962. It's also available for purchase for $25 from (the entire 2nd season), in case you'd like to have a copy for yourself. I found a photo on a Cleveland website that shows some of us going onto the boat (the Carol Diane). When I saw my 12-year-old self, I felt so strange. It really brought back memories. I sent the photo in via email to this site, so I hope it will be posted, but if not, here's a link:

I hope all of you have found peace and happiness in your post-Parmajail years. God bless you all."

Post Date: April 26, 2012

From: John A Cameron
Timeline: 1938-1947

A young man named Edward Wayne Edwards from Akron Ohio attended Parmadale from 1938-1946. His mother had shot herself when he was 5 and he had no father. He spent some years in Parmadale and then was sent to a work farm. Does anyone know where this work farm would have been? Does anyone remember Edward Wayne Edwards? He wrote a book later on in life called "Metamorphosis of a Criminal" Hart Publishing, 1972. The book touted himself as a reformed criminal. In 2009 he was arrested for 5 murders in Ohio and Wisconsin. I have attached him to a 1956 double murder in my hometown of Great Falls Montana. This is the only forum I have to ask if anyone has a picture of him from 1946. Edwards escaped Parmadale or was thrown out in late 1945. He went to Chicago then California and then was arrested in 1947 in Akron Ohio at his grandmas. in 1946 he was 13 but was very mature. I can be reached at

Post Date: April 27, 2012

From: Pam Maynard
Timeline: 70-76

"Hi my name is Pam Maynard. My friend Trudy Linetti who was in Parmadale the same time as I recently went back to Parmadale just to look around. What great memories. Karen Krasnick -Gary McCarthy and Kevin and Michelle Nelson I remember you all and am happy to hear you are doing well. I remember singing on the Gene Carol show with Debbie McDonald Chris Witchy then sister Pat Masterson Donna Divencenzo and Karen. They were all cottage parents. Will there be another reunion and when will they be tearing down the cottages? Take special care everyone.

Post Date: May 30, 2012

From: Angelina Reale
Timeline: 1969-1972

  I was in cottage 11. Our sister was Sister Myra.Back then we were sheltered from unpleasant things; I didn't even know there was a war going on!! I remember 1rst, & 2nd creeks, & alot of other fun times.

Post Date: June 11, 2012

From: Kevin Rooney
Timeline: 1962-1969

"Hello Pat Maynard,
I'm curious about your friend Trudy Linetti. Its too much of a coincidence that there be another Linetti at Parmadale and not be related to Eddie Linetti, could they be brother and sister or cousins. As kids we were great friends in Cottage 16. Got into a lot of trouble and had a lot of adventures. I've just wandered over the years what happened to Eddie. He left to go live with family before we graduated in 1969. Then after a few months he rode back in to Parmadale on a small motorcycle which we all thought was an amazing thing. Then, never heard from or saw him again. I went to live with family in Tennessee after graduation. Never went to St. Anthony's. Can you direct me to any further information on my old friend? Kevin"

Post Date: June 13, 2012

From: Alex Acs
Timeline: July 1961

I remember Mr Basily and Sister Raphael I was in cottage 16 and 20 I have many fond memorys of this wonderful place And most of all Joe Olseswky that wonderful man who inspired many young men forever.He will go down in Parmedale History as the greatest Man to be remembered

Post Date: June 18, 2012

From: Lindy Peterson
Timeline: 1923-1924

  Hello, I am looking for information regarding my family. I believe my mother and her three brothers were cared for back in 1923 or 1924, somewhere in that time frame. They lived there for six years, I believe she was twelve yrs.when their Father came for them. Her memories of her life while there were very sweet. She said that she cried when her Father came to get them. I am wondering if there is any information regarding these four children. As the oldest sibling of this part of our family, I would be thrilled to share it with the others. All the four have died and have left little history. Please check for any information. Their names are Louis Vargo, Father Louis Vargo, son Albert Va rgo, son - Steven Vargo, son -Madelyn Vargo, daughter. My Mother's name may have been spelled differently...........I'm not sure, for I have seen a couple of different versions. If you have any information to pass on to our family, we would be so grateful. My "E-Mail" address is: Thankyou for your time and attention. Sincerely, Lindy Peterson ps: they were born in Youngstown, Oh. 8433 East Camino Real Scottsdale, Arizona 85255

Post Date: July 1, 2012

From: Kerry Kovarbasich
Timeline: 1966 to 1973

I remember much and many people. If you wanna

Post Date: July 5, 2012

From: Renee'
Timeline: now

It's 12:19 on 7-13-2012. My brothers b-day is 12-19. So hard to believe he's been gone for five years today. RIP bro you deserve it. Love your little sis.

Post Date: July 13, 2012

From: Robert Kiefer
Timeline: 2005

  I would like to thank the cottage 18 staff of given my life back and teach me how to be a boyfriend and a brother and a son to my parents you guys will be in my memory I love you guys

Post Date: July 15, 2012

From: Ed. Schelski
Timeline: 1943 - 1951

Once again I need your help. Can you or some one provide the date of the picture. I guess I am grasping for straws. The fencing and tiles around the pool as well as the Life Gard Bench appear the same as when I was there. We had a Dog names "Rags" who roamed the campus, but did not belong to any one Cottage. One of the Nuns took care of him. He wasn't allowed in the pool area except the last day of swimming, which was the Alumni day - last Satuday and Sunday in August. At that time we called it Field Day. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Post Date: July 25, 2012

This crucifix was originally erected in a grassy space behind cottages 7 and 9 (the girls' side). It was recently moved to a lovely spot on the hill near where the priest's house used to stand. We are wondering if any alumni have any memories of when it was erected; was it put up at a special time in Parmadale's history?

If you are coming to the annual Parmadale Alumni picnic, you will be able to see it on the left side of the drive as you near the large parking lot in front of the Parmadale Institute/MPC where we hold the annual celebration. The detail on the body of Christ is really amazing. Take a few moments to view it up close.

Post Date: July 27, 2012

From: Donald Shearer
Timeline: 39 to '44

  This is to Ed Schelski. I remember Rags well. He was a wonderful dog. We all loved him. You are the first person to mention him. My younger brother and me were in Cottage 10, Sr. Vera; My older brother was in Cottage 8. Thanks for bringing up that memory.

Post Date: August 7, 2012

From: Donald W. Shearer
Timeline: 39 to'44

Just a note to Ms. Woodby. I read your post that you posted about a year ago. The Gallucci you're looking for is Carl Gallucci. There was more than one, brothers. Their mother was ill and they were placed in Parmadale for a while. I believe the Galluccis own an Italian food store on the East Side now. Never been there, but I hear it is great. Last time I saw Mr. Gallucci was at the Parmadale fifty-year reunion.

Post Date: August 13, 2012

From: Chris Eppolito
Timeline: 1930

hi....My grandfather was there in 1930/1931. Do you have any info as far back as that? His name was Salvatore "Sam" Ippolito (Eppolito)Thanks for your time!

Post Date: August 15, 2012

From: anonymous
Timeline: 2012

  Hi, i didn't go to this place but my grandma did and it's cool to see how it was back then,and my grandma was in cabin 3 does anyone know how to ask someone if they could show cabin 3 this year? because last year they showed cabin 4 and my grandma said that was a boys cabin,and it would be cool to see a girls cabin,and i want my grandma to go there and see something not just the gym,(just joking) and well i guess it would also bring back some good memory's and other girls would probably like to see the cabin they where in to.

Post Date: August 20, 2012

Timeline: 74 thru ? & 82

"Wow, Recognize a few people that have posted. Jeff Slapak told me about this site along with the allum get together today. Wish I could make it. Anyway, reading some messages really brought nack memories. From the dances to the plays to the horn from the food truck. The summer parties with night of columbus.The trips to cedar point or geauga lake, dont really remember. Than the contests for best landscaping outside your cottage. A lot of you really have great memories for remembering names. I wouldnt have untill you mentioned them. I drive through Parmadale every couple months and its just so sad to see now. Everything run down and no longer in use. What we used to take pride in now no one cares about. Like someone said it helped so many people and helped mold us to what we are today. It will never be the same there.
I was there, in and out in the seventies than finally left for good in 82. If anyone remembers me feel free to send a email. I would like to talk to Mindy and Tom Wall again if anyone kept in contact with them. Take care
Oh, ( ) - And on FB"

Post Date: August 20, 2012

From: Bob Bonza
Timeline: 8/22/2012

"It was my great pleasure to get to the picnic this year and to receive the Hall of Fame Award! Seeing so many of those who were at Parmadale when I was there was a real thrill. I want to truly thank all of you who voted for me and who made it possible for me to receive such a remembrance. I will treasure it always, and know that my picture will be at Parmadale even though I will not. Thanks again!

Bob Bonza"

Post Date: August 22, 2012

From: Artemus Conn
Timeline: 1945-1949

  "Am looking for Douglas Arbough. he took the surname of Jensen. if anyone can help me find him, would very much appreciated.
I had an identical twin brother there by the name of Arthur. I was known as Butch. my email address is
any info would be very helpful. thankyou "

Post Date: August 23, 2012

From: James Pinizzotto
Timeline: 1975+?

Hello, me my sister and brother were at parmadale 1975+? i am trying to find the exact timeline. Does anyone know where to get that info. Then maybe i can try to find pictures etc. My communion was may 16th, 1976. this is the only picture i have.

Post Date: August 26, 2012

From: rick miller
Timeline: early 70s

hello. Pardon the intrusion, but i was just wondering if bonnie gerard went to your school. And, if she is the same bonnie who used to go camping in loudenville, ohio in the early 70s. Debbie & randy used to hang out with us. Some of my fondest memories are of her & us. If she's a different bonnie, then sorry. But if same, would you tell her randy & i said hi. Thank you

Post Date: August 26, 2012

From: Renee'
Timeline: now

 " Wanted to congratulate Mr.Bonza. Couldn't make the reunion but wanted to let you know you were one of the postive memories from Parmadale!

Hope your life is full of blessings. Peace."

Post Date: August 30, 2012

From: Class Picture
Timeline: 1955

Class of 1955 is now posted on the Home page or click here to view.

Post Date: September 5, 2012

From: Jim Finn
Timeline: 1960

"not quite sure of the years i was there, but my name is Jim Finn. I remember Sister MaryEllen and Sister Xavier. I'm loooking for Joe Landrica (sic), who was my best friend at the time.

Post Date: September 15, 2012

From: Domenic Fontana
Timeline: 1925-1940

 Does anyone know anything about Domenic Fontana? I am his grandson and I am trying to find out information about him when he stayed here. Please feel free to email me at Thank you and God Bless, Jim

Post Date: September 27, 2012

Timeline: 1948 - 1965?

"I am writing in memory of my father Stephen Frederick and my uncle Douglas Frederick who both attended Parmadale. They were both very young, my dad an infant and uncle a toddler, when they were sent there, and they eventually went to Boys Town in Nebraska afterwards for highschool, then tours in Vietnam for both of them.

If anyone remembers either of them, I would love to hear from you.
I don't recall which cottages they were in, but I know they were never allowed to be in the same one. I think Stephen was in 13 at one point and Doug was in 9?

My dad regaled me with lots of stories about his time there, including the horrible abuse he and his brother both suffered at the hands of the nuns and fathers working there.

To all you survivors of that period, I hope you find peace.
My dad never did and carried the pain he suffered there until his death, but at least he got a loving family in the end to love him and care for him through it.

In love and light,
Theresa (Frederick) LaChapelle"

Post Date: October 22, 2012

From: Jackie Boyles
Timeline: 65-?

I have good and bad memories. I cant remember any of my friends names,but i do remember i had a cruch on Kerry Kovarbasich that name has been with me my whole life.I cant remember if i ever talked to him and I cant remember what he looks like.But he was my first cruch. Funny,that was the only thing i brought out of there,Oh yeah and God!!

Post Date: November 15, 2012

From: Kevin Rooney
Timeline: 1963-1969

Hey, Did anybody catch one of the turkeys today? Happy Thanksgiving gang.

Post Date: November 25, 2012

Timeline: 62-74


Post Date: November 29, 2012

From: Charles Stanley Anthony and Anthony William Semprich
Timeline: 1919-1930

"My father Charles (Stanley) and uncle Anthony William Semprich were put in Parmadale Orphange after their mother died in 1918 and their father abandoned them. I have been searching everywhere for any information on them at the Orphange and hoping someone will remember them. My father was there the longest and he never talked about living there nor any of his experiences in the Orphange.

Can anyone at all remember them, I need help! Those years are completely lost to my family. Please someone remember two little boys named Charlie and Andy and I do remember they knew Peter Lang called Pete. Hope this info will jog someone's memory.

Thank you and respectfully,
Carlene Semprich

Post Date: December 4, 2012

From: Anthony LaRICCIA
Timeline: m? yrs. 1938/39

"how vast the organization and regamented. it was. one Priest who was loveed by ""all"". four sports seasons that the cottages partisapated in against each
other, basketball,football, baseall, and volleyball. it was a grand time for a 10 ,11 yr.old who lost his MOM at birth."

Post Date: December 4, 2012

From: debbie gotwald
Timeline: not sure( 1940)

i was wondering if my dad and uncle were at this orphage, i know they were in one a few times i believe, thier names are wilbert and david buettner. any info would be greatly appriated, thank you so much debbie.

Post Date: December 11, 2012

From: Renee Dedon
Timeline: 1975-1978

Date above is approximate...I can't believe this site. My sister Denise sent me the post from Paul Mays...And I see Evelyn Montalvo posted~ who was my best friend ever and wow...her brother Sammy was the guy! My sister Denise was with her brother Henry....and Sister Myra...who could forget her? Cottage 11 ~ I remember Fridays when girls got to call guys to visit over and Saturdays where guys got to call girls or was it the other way around? I have fond memories of Parmadale...I will have to post later when I have more time. I didn't know there was a reunion. WIll there be one in 2013? I live across the country so I'm going to have to plan this. Perhaps my sister and I can go together.

Post Date: December 13, 2012

From: maria lillard
Timeline: 1980

i was in cottage 7 the youngest person there at the time my memory is cooking ah meal as one of my projects to move to the next level parmadale has taught me how to be ah women and i love them for that shout out to miss daniels i love u

Post Date: December 20, 2012

From: Renee Dedon
Timeline: 1975

Joey Hills....weren't you at Metzenbaum the same time i was there?

Post Date: December 24, 2012

From: Kevin Rooney
Timeline: 1962-1969



Post Date: December 25, 2012

From: Charles Ed Schiffbauer
Timeline: 1965 true 1973

Looking at this web site, brings back a lot of Memory. I don't know if anyone can recall who I am but looking at some of the names I do know some of the guys that have posted on here. I was very young when I came to Parmadale Boy's Home.I was first placed in cottage 8, I think. it was the 3rd cottage, down from cottage4 which was the hosp. cottage. Father Patrick, and Father Russ (Muss) Banner, were the Pasters, at the time I was in cottage for a while then was moved to cottage 12 There was Sister D.who was in charge, But she left the order of the Nuns to married the Gym Teacher. then there were a Sister named Sister Norma, who I liked very much, who I still to this day think about her from time to time.But she also left the order , but only after she had reached her goal of becoming a DR. whitch by the way she did.Sister Norma, made a huge inpact on my life and would love to tell her that if I knew where she might be to this day and if she is even still alive.She had this little dog named Bow, that I was put in charge of feeding and walking the little one. but when all of us boy's would take shower at night Sister Noma, would sit outside of the bathroom on her seat with her banjo and sing 'You are my Sunshine my only Sunshine' and I loved that song, so much that when my kids were young I too would sing them that song too.By the way, I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan and have a daughter that will be 25 next month and a son that just turned 23 back in Nov. and I just turned 55 yesterday and have 6 grandkids also. been a Security Officer, for over 20 years.I recall that Father Banner took about 14 of us boy's on a two week camping trip up to New York State Park.and that he had a baby blue pintoe that was so much fun. there was a boy named Mark with blond hair, that is in the 2nd row of the class of 1973 that I hung with. he and I had the same big brother family they lived in Lakewood Ohio and there name were the Loshing. if any one knows Mark or if anyone would likme to drop me a line who might rember me please do. love to here from someone from my past. GOD Bless Charles.

Post Date: December 29, 2012

From: jackg
Timeline: 1948-1952

To SuzieQ 58: I knew Jimmy Cahill very well,his locker was #37 mine was#36 and his younger brother David was #35.Jimmy was about 4 years older than David.And about 3 years older than me.We were in Cottage 20.The Cahills were very good looking Irish,David was so good looking that he was used by magazines in Cleveland as a model.He was angelic looking,though he was anything but! He later became a marine and was in the fracas in Lebanon around 1958.Jimmy was a very nice guy and he protected his little brother and me (sometimes) One day Jimmy broke his foot very badly when playing soccer he kicked at the ball missed and clobbered a log.I always felt safe when Jimmy was around.Hope this helps.If you want my e-mail I will give it to you.

Post Date: January 4, 2012

From: Mary Honeyfield
Timeline: 70-80

"Hey Caveman,
Ivan McBride is my brother!!! Parmadale was a very long time ago, but some of the best times I remember!!!!!!!!!!"

Post Date: January 17, 2013

From: Mary Honeyfield formerly McBride
Timeline: 70-80

I am trying to get in contact with Michelle Nelson. Please contact me at Thanks

Post Date: January 17, 2013

From: charles lebus
Timeline: 83 to 86

not much memories anymore but the onething i took from the time i was here was how to be a man if anyone remembers me you can reach me at oh ya i was in cottage 4 and worked in the kitchen

Post Date: January 20, 2012

From: Shirley Wilson (Wyatt)

Timeline: Dec. 1975- March 1977

Was in cottage 13 and remember Josi, Chris Sheske, Toni Dozier, and others that names are escaping me right now. Also remember some of the guys, Frank Vandette who I am in touch with, Jack Natale, Rick Lovejoy, Charlie Wolf, Mike Douglas, Dale Barnett and a lot of others. Always liked it when they would have cookouts for all of us and the girls would get to spend the day with the guys and also the dances they would have for us. I wish I would have stayed in touch with more of the people. Had fun at on grounds school and then when we graduated from there I went to Schaaf Jr. High. Learned a lot while I was there and enjoyed the girls that I was there with.

Post Date: January 29, 2013

From: Tommie Marolt aka (King Tut)
Timeline: 1972-1980's

First and foremost RIP Ron (lizard) Phillips you were like a brother to me and i do miss you! Wanna say whats up Big John Humprey also like a brother to me and protector from the outsiders who liked to make fun of the ppl from Parmajail! If anyone remembers me id love to hear from you !! My e-mail addy is

Post Date: February 11, 2013

From: Tara
Timeline: 1983-1985

I'm hoping to re-conne

ct with Jim Smith!

Post Date: February 16, 2013

From: Steve stenstrom

Timeline: 1968 to 1972

"Sister rose and father Russ banyon ..and one of my first friends tippy norton"

Post Date: February 25, 2013

From: Donald Shearer
Timeline: 39/44

Note to Anthony LaRiccia. Nice to see a post from someone who recalls the REAL Parmadale, as it truly was, not a juvenile detention center. The one priest was Father Gallagher, and, yes, he was loved by all of us. Thanks again, for writing.

Post Date: March 10, 2013

From: Hector Rivera
Timeline: 1955 - 1960

My memories during my years at Parmadale from age 2 to 7 were good ones. I remember being in cottage 5 then moved to cottage 12, Sister Myra took care of the cottage. I remember her being fair, good baker and showing me and the other children lots of caring and love. She taught us whats right and whats not acceptible behavior. She did disciplone but don"t ever recall her being mean. She also had a small monkey. My other brothers and sisters that were at Parmadale are: Cel Rivera, Nilda Rivera, Lil Rivera, and Bill Rivera. I've been to Parmadale to visit, the last time was 7 years ago. Dose anyone have photos from the years 1955 to 1960. I can be reached at : . Looking forward to hearing from anyone that was there during the years I was there.

Post Date: March 10, 2013

Timeline: 1963-1969

Happy St. Paddy's Day to all my fellow mates. So here is the question. I was in the band and marched in the years 67,68, and 69. March 17 fell on a Friday in 67, a Sunday in 68 and a Monday in 69. Did we march on the Sunday in 1968. My only clear and vivid memories of those downtown parades were my lips being frozen to the mouthpiece of my baritone and the fancy meal served in the Cleveland Athletic Club. A special hello to Carmen, I hope your new married life is bringing you all the joy you deserve.
All my best Kevin

Post Date: March 17, 2013

From: Marie Chevraux Totten
Timeline: till the 1970’s

My name is Marie Chevraux Totten and my Aunt Rose was a nun there till the 1970’s when she passed away I was wondering if you had any pictures or information on her that you could share. I remember her coming to visit us in Louisville when I was a young girl. My email is Thank you for any info

Post Date: March 26, 2013

From: Cynthia
Timeline: 1980's

Patricia Mullins! I remember you. I was Cyndi Greene back them. I remember a free others id you as well. Mrs Lois Cirbes (RIP) was amazing. Mr. Breckenridge as well. You are thinking of Shannon McCreery long blonde hair. She is well. If anyone wants to contact me and those takers I know call 330 990 2143. I was in the ITC and cottage 5 for a long time and a few trips. I hope to hear from you all soon. Thank you!

Post Date: March 29, 2013

From: Woodburns
Timeline: 1935-1940

"Reaching Bernard and Eugene Woodburn who were at Parmadale between 1935-1940 anyone remember them? If so write me at
I would like to hear of any memories.

Post Date: April 24, 2013

From: Eugend and Bernard Woodburn
Timeline: 1935-1940

My uncles were listed on the 1930-1940 Census as residents of Parmadale. Does anyone remember them? Write me at with any information. Also who has the Holy Communion, Confirmation and Graduation records from Parmadale?

Post Date: April 27, 2013

From: Jennifer Hampu
Timeline: 1958 - 1973

My mom was at Parmadale. She doesnt speak about being there but I would like to know about her life there. Her name is Margie Beran when she was there. If you have any info please email me

Post Date: April 29, 2013

From: Shirley Wyatt
Timeline: 75-'77

Does anyone have an on grounds year book from '75-'76? Would love to see some pics and have a copy if there is anyway to get one..

Post Date: May 11, 2013

From: Brian Hupp
Timeline: 65-70

TO STEVE STENSTROM: I was in cottage 6 with you and Tom Norton. Wonder if you remember me. We called you Stenny. I remember meeting your mom and thought she was very beautiful. I hope life has treated you better since those days and if I don't hear from you I wish you all the best!

Post Date: May 13, 2013

From: John Novosel
Timeline: 1964 - 69




Post Date: June 15, 2013

From: Mike Perry
Timeline: 1979-1983

I would like to thank all the good people that worked in cottage 8 for all the help and dedication hope to make it to the reunion. Mr dunning, Ralph Joyce, and all the rest of the staff, thank you.

Post Date: July 8, 2013

From: Mike Perry
Timeline: 1979-1983

hello all! hope everyone is doing good. find me on Facebook

Post Date: July 8, 2013

From:Kevin Rooney
Timeline: Class of 1969

"You know who you are. The Class of 1969. A monster year in the life of the Nation. A monster year in the life of Politics. A monster year for Rock. A monster year in the life of those of us who were set free from the coils of.... ""6753 State Road penitentiary"" Can each of us just check in. Just this once? Can we do a ""roll call"", just to let the others know we are still out there?

Kevin Rooney.....""Present"""

Post Date: July 14, 2013

From: Renee'
Timeline: 60's

" It's been six years bro since you've been gone. Don't know where else to post about how much I love and miss you. R.I.P. Robert Richard Reed Jr.from your little sis. He would have loved this site. He graduated in 1965 from Pd and went on to St. Anthony's and Boys town. We had our own dating service by mail. We matched up his friends from Boys Town Nebraska to my friends from Reform School in Pa. I don't think any of the relationships lasted. :-)

Post Date: July 17, 2013

From: Mary Jane Ruggles-Richter
Timeline:1955 or 1956 thru 1959

"I am so glad that I stumbled on this forum. I was known as Mary Jane Ruggles during my time at PD. I was in either cottage 11 or 13. I have blocked out so much of what happened there. They were not good years for me at all. I read that someone else has an aversion to bread pudding and rice pudding, as I do. I have never put any of that in my mouth since I left there. The memories that have come back to me are how we all had to line up to get clothes to wear...all clothing was communal. I remember having to scub the basement floor on our hands and knees with a scrub brush. I remember the nuns tried to break me of being left-handed...but, I won...I just refused to do my school

I really don't remember any of the kids in my cottage. However, I do remember the Hanrahan brothers...Bill and Jim, I think. I kept in touch with them until the late 60's....then lost all contact after then. Does anyone know these guys? Does anyone remember me? Contact me at, or on Facebook.

The abuse I suffered at PD still haunts me to this day. If it hadn't been for the wonderful foster parents I had in high school, I probably would have died many years ago. I was never able to reconcile with my mother before she passed away.

Thanks for letting me vent...
Mary Jane"

Post Date: August 7, 2013

From:one of sr.myra's victims
Timeline: A time of toturous memories

Went over to the Fb for Parmadale Alumni to my horror they have a picture of sr. myra sitting there smiling with a group of girls like she was some sort of a good person. How can they glorify some one so evil who caused so much pain to so many people. The stories of her abuse were not exaggerated but true she had so many victims. I know I was one and I know from first hand accounts of other girls she brutally tortured. They have a right to post what they want but from one of her victims that feels like a slap in the face with no regards to how much pain she caused. Just seeing her fake smile made me feel ill.

Post Date: August 18, 2013

From:One of Sr. Myra'a victims

I apologize for my previous post. Sr. Myra was an abusive tyrant at one point in time. Everyone has a right to their opinion. Maybe she actually really found God and changed her evil torturous ways. Everyone's memories are relevant so for those that remembered her as someone good I'm happy for you.

Post Date: September 2, 2013

From: Dawn
Timeline: 1970-1978

To sister Myra's victim. Never apologize for for something you have nothing to be sorry for. I too was one of her victims and would have been upset by the photo. It is very insensitive for them to display a photo of sister myra knowing what she did. I saw her after I left Parmadale and did not acknowledge her but she look over at me and said "why do you children only remember the bad at which I responded " because the bad was really bad." There seems to be some comments of good memories of children have about sister myra -that is good and that should not be taken away from her, but just because she did some good- doesn't erase away all the bad she did. With that being said I hope you have a happy life.

Post Date: September 23, 2013

From:one of sr.myra's victims
Timeline: 60's

Dear Dawn Thank You for your kind and thoughtful response. I am sorry to hear that you too were one of her victims. She very seldom comes to mind but when I saw the picture it all came roaring back. She was sadistic and evil when I knew her. What always bothered me is the people that knew about her abuse and had the power to do something did nothing. It's not like we didn't go to the authorities at Parmadale and tell them what was going on behind closed doors. They just chose to turn a blind eye to it all. I still have my belief in God but I left the Catholic Church and never looked back. My life now is happy but I must admit every now and then something like seeing that picture brings a moment of pain. It is fleeting but it still can get a reaction from me that is unexpected. I did find it insensitive to all of her victims. It's not like it's been a secret what she did to so many. Oh well back to reality of now. Be blessed. :-)

Post Date: September 29, 2013

From:Pyllis Sapio
Timeline: 72-74


I lived in cottage 11 with Sister Myra and they moved to Cottage 9 with Sister Pat. I have many good memories during that time. We went on TV on the Gene Carroll Show, played guitar in church. I even won the scholastic cup in 73. Never to be repeated:) My best friend there was Annette Roldan who later became my sister in law. I remember so many people there. Would love to see some post for that time.

Post Date: October 25, 2013

From: Ken K.
Timeline: 1980- 1981

It's been a while. Almost 33 years. I've had some time to think about what happened to me as a teenager. Since these memories keep coming up I can't stop thinking about those days. I was that heavy metal kid wearing my Judas Priest T-shirts and just refusing to go with the program until I realized that If you went with the program then things would be a lot easier for everyone involved.

Very strange that I can't remember friends and people from those days to well. I tried to pretend that it never happened and that's probably why..

I remember cottage 18? Joe Hills. I remember some staff. Mr. Ralph, Mr. Dunn, and Sister Joakim. That's about it.

It was hard getting out and going back into the real world and trying to explain to everyone in high school where I was and why i was gone.
Getting a job was very hard at the time and just surviving was hard. I got into trouble early but had ideas and goals that matter to this day.
I've struggled and worked very hard to get where I am today.
I think I am a good person. my character is good. Do I think that Parmadale helped me be the person I am today? I will say Yes! it's possible.
I now own my successful business that I've built from scratch and I'm very proud of. Hard work and determination has payed off.
I helped get the band Metallica famous and you can see my name on their Master of Puppets album sleeve among other great achievements.

I'd like to hear from anyone who knew me then. My email is
MY mother and I from 1981 My late brother visiting me.


Post Date: October 29, 2013

From: John Keegan
Timeline: 1963/1964

just found a picture of the graduating class of 1964 at parmadale. I am in the upper row 2nd from the left. you eventually leave parmadale but the place stays with you forever. it's hard to say how I feel at this moment. wow! those are faces I thought i'd never see again

Post Date: November 3, 2013

From: Cheryl
Timeline: 1968-71

"Tim Hatfield was my boyfriend
Debbie McCarthy best friend and Polly Norton
Having the boys from cottage 9 sneak over to our cottage and make out all night homemade tattoos in the lab . With Indian ink and learning how to smoke in the lav. Of course"

Post Date: November 21, 2013

From: Cheryl "stash"
Timeline:Late 60's early 70's

"The best juvi place I've been to first kiss to first loves thanks parmadale,are they puting the red food van up fore sale

Post Date: November 21, 2013

Timeline: LATE 60'S

"HEY CHERYL ""STASH"" You listed Dottie. Could that be Dottie Mae (May) Zonner??? My 8th Grade memory tells me she was the most beautiful girl to be dumped in Parmadale while I was there. Does anybody have any photo evidence to prove or refute my statement?????

Post Date: December 6, 2013

From: Patti Homler
Timeline: Summer1982

I remember being there in Davey cottage in 1982 while I was pregnant with my now oldest son. Was anyone else there or have pics from that time??

Post Date: January 6, 2014

From: Marilyn Novosel
Timeline:Wednesday January 15th 2014


Parmadale Institute, the residential treatment program at Parmadale, is closing effective March 14, 2014. Quoting from a press release: “Citing changes in the approach to serving children with behavioral health needs, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Cleveland announced today that it will shift the focus of its adolescent programming entirely toward community-based treatment. It will discontinue operating Parmadale Institute as a residential treatment facility for adolescents while continuing to provide mental health and other services for families, children, adolescents and adults and operate community-based programs for troubled youth from the Parmadale campus.”

Patrick Gareau, its President and CEO, assures the Parmadale Alumni Association that Catholic Charities will continue to support us  by providing a place for our annual reunion. Soon I will post news of our association's upcoming meetings.

Marilyn Novosel
Parmadale Alumni Association

Post Date: January 15, 2014

From: fred cottingham

"The best juvi place I've been to first kiss to first loves thanks parmadale,are they puting the red food van up fore sale

Post Date: January 16, 2014

From: jim smith
Timeline: 1983-1985

"HELLO everyone -- just found this site -- reading some of the stories -
must say i had an amazing time at paramadale will post more at a later date -

i started off in cottage 10 then i think i went to 18 -- few names i remeber and were friends with -- don archecki - john mc bride gary ollie - kelly fitzgerald - staff mr malone - mr bandsuch mr maulder -so so many of corse fr semitore fr lahey - teachers- ms price- german - reichart -- anyway same time frames ? please contact me -

Post Date: January 17, 2014

From: jim smith

pizzaman1971 and also tara brenston ( kelly) we have to know one another contact me

Post Date: January 17, 2014

From: Bruce Wieszalski
Timeline: 80's

I can remember a few things I was in cottage 18, I remember Dennis Ellis and Jeff Gorski. I remember always running away from parmajail. I remember the big rock out the back of cottage 18 were we could smoke. I remember the staff but not there names.if you remember me you can find me on facebook.

Post Date: January 19, 2014

From: Bobby Delgarbino
Timeline: 69-73

"I arrived at age 11 and spent four years at Parmadale. I was in the first group of kids to stay after 8th grade and attend 9th grade at Shiloh Jr. High.
I remember attempting a rebuild of an old Chevy Nova, I think it was parked at cottage 14 or 20. Mr. Mike was cottage parent. We were cleaning parts in gasoline and dumped the dirty gas into a pan of oil which I was holding in my outstretched arms. We had the bright idea to set if it would burn. WHOA yes it did! Blew up in my face and I jumped back spilling the flaming liquid on my right leg below the knee. My pants were ablaze, I panicked and ran toward the baseball diamond. It must have been a crazy sight seeing the human torch running bases.
Tommy Kovatch, ignoring the danger of being burned, tackled me and smothered the flaming leg. Thanks Tommy! You were a real hero that day.
Later that same day, after a visit to the hospital cottage, I was in a lot of pain laying in my dorm room bed when Tommy came in to see how I was and if he could do anything. I asked him to turn on the radio. He did
and the radio blared out the song ""Fire"" by Arthor Brown circa 1960s. What a riot. There I was screaming at Tommy to shut it off while we were both cracking up with laughter.
Thanks for the encouragement of pursuing mechanics by Mr. Mike, I had a succesfull career as a mechanic and later earned an Engineering degree where I designed motorcycles. But thats only part of the story................."

Post Date: January 24, 2014

From: Bobby Delgarbino

Oh by the way the burnt leg healed ok, a few scars remain, but I did miss the 9th grade baseball season at Shiloh Jr. High where I was going to be first string catcher for Ted Francioso, pitcher.

Bobby D

Post Date: January 24, 2014

From: Todd Hinkel
Timeline: 1976-78

" 37 years later and it seems like yesterday. No matter the circumstances, color, race, or ethnicity, we all became brothers and sisters the moment Parmadale St. Anthony's entered our lives. Having been born a 4th generation Ohio native. (Lakewood). My story begins in 1976 Vail , Colorado. Having gone thru a second divorce to my adoptive father and years of traveling from one state to another, looking to find work, happiness, and the availability to support two young boys. My mother, the ultimate standout women's liberal, with a passion for freedom, love, and spiritual engagement, found her happiness thru a variety of types of self medication. Alcohol being No.1. She was a harmless drinker, that had a hard time dealing with the responsibility of two teenagers during a time when women rights in America were just beginning to change. At 35 years young she planted us on top of the Colorado Rocky Mtns. Home, as I would later call it. We lived in a Apt. complex called the Wrong Side of the Tracks, for all the right reasons. My mother managed this 30 room, hippie complex/commune, and my brother and I had our own 1 rm. apts.
I had to take off the winter from school in order to eat, and pay for my place, that I was renting from the Wrong side of the tracks. I found a job at one of the local restaurants,became a highly praised dishwasher at Pepis, Gastoph Grandshammers Rest., in which later in life I would work again, only to be able to serve President Gerald Ford. A ski pass for the winter was also offered thru Pepis. A 14 year old kids paradise was starting to bloom.
The morning came on May 20, 1976. White Rabbit was blazing thru the head phones when I heard a thundering knock on my apt. door. I scrambled to remove the cassette of Jefferson Airplane out of my eight track, and damn near forgot to hide my bag of pot, and bong. I had become the product of the seventies movement from years of being around communes, campgrounds, and Haight an Ashbury types. The officer standing in front of me was huge and very direct. Son, your mother has died, and you are coming with me, pack your bags, now !!
4 months later, I am sitting in front of one intimidating, tall black man, by the name of Mr. Davis in a place called Parmadale, somewhere in Parma, Ohio. Now, who out there does not remember Mr. Davis in Cottage 12? With in two hrs. I was out the window, and hitchhiking back to Colorado, when Mr. Davis rolls up in his car and says to me, Get In the Car, Hinkel. Due you tell this man that is twice your size, and seriously penetrating eyes, no. Hell no, I got in the car, and that was the beginning to 2 years of some very odd, but great memories. I eventually went awol, and ran away to another state with a girlfriend from Normandy High.
I stay in contact with my long time brother Tommy Beranek, and upon talking to him I'll finish the story. He remembers names that I have long forgotten. Mr. Woll after dining. Bam. I keep my kitchen clean. Anyone, remember the Seed. Parmadale was paradise."

Post Date: Fedruary 2, 2014

From: Kimberly Ann Lewis
Timeline: 1979 1980


"People I remember Terri Jackson, Liz Taylor, Brenda Colbert, Irene Bester, Fitz, Joyce Blackwell, Sandy Blackwell, Reggie Peeple, Micheal Winburn and brother, Vicki Spencer Lee, Joe Hill, Tara Kelley, Shirley Schriber, her friend Helen, Jocelyn Holtzs, April and Bob Bunner, John Banks, Yodi, Jackie Hawkins Ms. Kim, Mr. McDaniel, Ms. C.C., Kim Wrobel,
The twins that was in cottage 11 I think that was the restricted cottage.

Jeff, John Sutton Kathy Stack, Duawayne, Ricky with the curly hair, Mr. And Mr. Woll, Father Leahy, George, Ms. Gosha, Patricia Munik, Some people like Kathy Stack use to call me Lil Lewis. That's all for now may GOD BLESS ALL.

Sorry to see that Parmadale is closing I have nothing but good memories even if back then I thought not, just being kids. WOW!! IF I could do that again I would. Skating, Parks, Pajama partys, Talent Show with Ms. Woll. Edgewater, cookouts, going to the store when I got on respect
I could never stay there I was always on, I just remember someone Lisa Kirkland, Tammy Mitchell. Spring cleaning, always cleaning had to work off them point.
IN THE BOOK, IN THE BOOK, They wrote every thing in the book, thank God for the computer. Before I forget my cottage did the pyramid and I was on top. Like always cottage 13 always won. Went to Valley Forge. It's still people in my mind that I remember
but not there name. Bless each one of you. RIP Reggie and Terri Jackson sister.

Post Date: March 13, 2014

From: Tina Soto

Does anyone post on here anymore?

Post Date: March 26, 2014

Timeline: 1953 til 1957



Post Date: April 13, 2014

From: Bob May
Timeline: 1953 Til 1957


Would very much like to hear from anyone who knew me during my stay at cottage 10...or the

class of 1957..I was an altar boy and rang the Angelus bells at noon and 6pm,,God bless youall.  even if we never met,,,we are kindred souls and share things the outsiders can't evenimagine..God bless each of you.

Post Date: April 13, 2014

From: Bob May
Timeline:1953 to 1957 name is Bob May..I was at Parmadale from 1953 - 1957..Lived in cottage 10...Sister

Mary Ellen was in charge of the cottage.  She was strict..but fair..I graduated in 1957 andthen went to St. Anthony's Home for Boys..
If anyone remembers me I would like to hear from them..
If anyone has a graduation picture for the class of 57..I would be grateful if I could purchasea copy..
To all the former residents of are in my prayers...I hope the hard work andbad experiences you may have experienced...have made you stronger to handle anythinglife throws at you....God bless each one of you..  Bob May

Post Date: April 15, 2014

From: Marlene and Michael Davis
Timeline: ? - 1962 (est.)

"Hello, I am seeking information, photos, anything related to my mother, Marlene Davis and her brother Michael Davis. She rarely spoke of her time in Parmadale and I believe they were placed in Parmadale after being removed from their home due to unfit parents. I have a class photo dated June 03, 1962, which appears to be an 8th or 9th grade graduation. All of the students are listed on the rear of the photo. I will scan and post the photo and the names. I appreciate any replies regarding my mother or uncle.

Post Date: June17, 2014

From: martha Custer
Timeline: 1949-1952

I was always good in sports and we had a day when the Jesuits came to the village to play B.B. against us. I hit a home run or won some contest and one of the Jesuit students gave me a pack of Dentyne gum. Naturally I didn't get the gum because I did something good like win a race or hit a ball far, I HAD TO DO something bad with the Jesuit students because Sister Ida gave me a "spanking, with that drum stick for my own good" and made me wash the basement floow and go without supper.

Post Date: July 17, 2014

From: Martha Custer

Arriving in Cottage #9, I was asked "if my grandmother fell off the roof".? I didn't have a grandmother because she died before I was born. How about "did you get your monthly"? Monthly what? How about did your Aunt Ida come for a visit? Who or what in the hell are you talking about? I was a very young, extremely shy, awkward and bashful and don't forget I was on the homely side or so the good sisters use to remind me of being a Custer bastard. Nice huh?

Post Date: July 17, 2014

From: sonya blackwell burton
Timeline: 1980-84

"Parmadale made sure that each and every child had a wonderful christmas.
Mid night mass walking over to the school paying homage to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."

Post Date: July 17, 2014

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